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Web Dev:

The personal webpage of artist, animator, writer and educator David Watkinson, creator of and animator for FOX Television. The site features an "infinite scroll" on the homepage with a custom theme designed by David Watkinson, and implemented in Drupal by Tod Foley.

Web Dev:

Fictioneers are designers, facilitators and explorers of collaborative fictional spaces, otherwise known as "Roleplaying Games" and "Storygames". is a directory of the games they play, and conversations about the things they do. come join us and share your experience.

Web Dev: Draconic Magazine

Draconic is a new online magazine dedicated to the roleplaying OSR (Old School Renaissance) and the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, featuring articles by Venger Satanis and other regular contributors. The site also supports photogalleries, Youtube videos and MP3 audio uploads for podcasts. Publisher Korth'thalis wanted a site that was well organized, easy to administer, and looked bad-ass. With Drupal 7 and a custom theme, we delivered.

Web Dev: The Ninja Baker

Kim Watkinson, "The Ninja Baker", aims to build a culinary bridge between the East and the West through baking, blogging and book writing. The Ninja Baker website runs on Drupal 7, and features several automated systems and scripts to keep the content dynamic, and to share culinary ideas and techniques with fellow cooking aficionados via social networks.

Web Dev: Winchester Community Garden

a neighborhood garden where an organized group of neighbors, youths and local residents come together to grow food, flowers and edible plants to be distributed among group members and patrons of the Winchester Cultural Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The garden also serves to educate the community about desert gardening, sustainability, and healthy eating.

This Drupal 7 site features photogalleries, forums, and a custom event calendar.

Web Dev:

The purpose of is to help scientists and non-scientists discuss physics and consciousness in the context of theories that explain research results in both of these fields. The site both archives the monthly meetings held by the All Reality Study Group in Santa Monica, CA, and serves as an online companion for the topics discussed at those meetings.


Web Dev: Structural Focus - REDUX

In 2014 The portfolio site of the architectural engineering firm StructuralFocus was migrated to a Drupal 7 framework. The Drupal infrastructure allowed us to add a variety of new features, and improved the site's performance speed immensely.

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