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Tell me that's a lie - A game in the form of a Villanelle

Say what you want to do and tell me why
I flip a coin to see if you succeed
Then disagree and tell me that's a lie

If heads you then exaggerate your deed
If tails explain your failure and your need
Say what you want to do and tell me why

I flip the coin and narrate by its lead
If tails you're caught but if it's heads you're freed
Then disagree and tell me that's a lie

And tell how bonds helped overcome your need
Or freedom found a way to make you bleed
Say what you want to do and tell me why

The coin again will say if you succeed
And I narrate the outcome of your deed


Stat Conversion - 1d100 to Powered by the Apocalypse

Here is my 1d100 to PbtA Stats conversion table...

1d100		AW10		 AW7
01-03	 = 	-2	 = 	-5
04-09	 = 	-1	 = 	-4
10-17	 = 	+0	 = 	-3
18-28	 = 	+1	 = 	-2
29-42	 = 	+2	 = 	-1
43-59	 = 	+3	 = 	+0
60-73	 = 	+4	 = 	+1
74-84	 = 	+5	 = 	+2
85-92	 = 	+6	 = 	+3
93-98	 = 	+7	 = 	+4
99-00	 = 	+8	 = 	+5


  • If you have a % skill score between 29 and 42 (inclusive), that translates to a +2 on 2d6 where 10 = success.

  • Pocket Things

    Pocket Things is a silly little storygame for people with pockets, and things in them.

    Guest appearances by Chuck Norris possible, but not guaranteed.

    Download PDF from RPGNOW


    Apocalypse World NPC Generator

    Random Apocalypse World NPC Generator (v2.1) by AsIf. Based on a script by Louis with additions by Philomorph. Names taken from the Apocalypse World character playbooks. [continued]

    Apocalypse: Vegas

    Fifty years after The Great Dying, life struggles on in the ruins of Las Vegas.







    DayTrippers - Opensource Game Development

    Join the DayTrippers G+ Community!

    In some sun-bleached barn outside Sacramento, CA c. 2099 a group of physicists, shady g-men, grad-students, tourists and an array of amateur explorers and nĂ¼-gonzo-revivalist writer-dudes gather around a collection of strange vehicles that resemble lunar landers. Each is painted a garish colour and prepped to "shift" along an angle of slippage into a crazy new plane of existence.


    Apocalypse World Trifold playbook Template

    Hey You! Want to create your own original character classes for the apocalypse?

    download the attached legal-sized "WORD" template for trifold Apocalypse World playbooks.


    The South Park Character Creator

    Come on down to south park, and be some friends of ours!
    Now you can create your own wacky original South Park character to play on the chat site... [continued]

    Roleplaying Games by Tod Foley

    Between 1985 and 1990, Tod Foley authored seven role-playing game systems and adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises of Charlottesville, Virginia. NOTE: Most of these games are out of print, and can be hard to find. Contact your local hobby supply store, check OR...
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