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interactive fiction

Tell me that's a lie - A game in the form of a Villanelle

Say what you want to do and tell me why
I flip a coin to see if you succeed
Then disagree and tell me that's a lie

If heads you then exaggerate your deed
If tails explain your failure and your need
Say what you want to do and tell me why

I flip the coin and narrate by its lead
If tails you're caught but if it's heads you're freed
Then disagree and tell me that's a lie

And tell how bonds helped overcome your need
Or freedom found a way to make you bleed
Say what you want to do and tell me why

The coin again will say if you succeed
And I narrate the outcome of your deed


Pocket Things

Pocket Things is a silly little storygame for people with pockets, and things in them.

Guest appearances by Chuck Norris possible, but not guaranteed.

Download PDF from RPGNOW


Apocalypse World NPC Generator

Random Apocalypse World NPC Generator (v2.1) by AsIf. Based on a script by Louis with additions by Philomorph. Names taken from the Apocalypse World character playbooks. [continued]

Watch the World Die

WATCH THE WORLD DIE is a collaborative narrative game allowing any number of players to create their own custom apocalypse. There are no winners, and everybody loses. Get ready to ruin everything.


The South Park Character Creator

Come on down to south park, and be some friends of ours!
Now you can create your own wacky original South Park character to play on the chat site... [continued]

The World of South Park

The World of South Park (aka "The South Park Palace") came online in 1997 as part of the Comedy Central website, launching simultaneously with the television debut of the soon-to-be hit series. Beginning with a mere 30 sets and a fanbase of zero, the award-winning site grew over the next three years to include over 200 graphical locations from America's favorite Colorado mountain town.


Roleplaying Games by Tod Foley

Between 1985 and 1990, Tod Foley authored seven role-playing game systems and adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises of Charlottesville, Virginia. NOTE: Most of these games are out of print, and can be hard to find. Contact your local hobby supply store, check OR...

Alaska, Louisiana

Website design, Palace design, Original Music, PERL, Javascript and media processing for this interactive narrative demo produced by MWG Productions. Original art by Damon Williams. Full multimedia experience requires RealPlayer.

The State of IF

A Report on the Production of
Ghosts In The Machine

The circle is still chanting softly as the CyberGoddess faces Darwin down. She turns to address the participants: "All those who find the defendant Darwin Krayne innocent as plead, say Aye" (participants respond); "And all who find the defendant guilty of crimes against humanity say Aye" (participants respond).

(The strength of the two responses will be compared to determine Darwin's sentence.)

- from Ghosts in the Machine

Interactive Fiction ("IF") is the currently popular term for any form of nonlinear scripted entertainment, from Role-Playing Games and MUDS to multimedia CD-ROM environmental simulations. A fledgling devotion somewhere between art and science, IF Design relies upon a sort of relativistic thinking which is a fairly recent addition to the artist's toolkit -- an ability to expand one's view of what was once perceived as only a narrow dimension of functionality, and to envision processes in terms of fields and possible relationships, rather than lines and discrete data.



Live Action Role Playing Games in a Theater Setting

AIP's Hypertheater Group specializes in the design and production of Live Interactive Fiction Events derived from a combination of theatrical presentations and LARPs (Live Action Role-Plays). These unique "theater-games" are designed and run by Tod Foley and the AIP staff, along with a growing network of affiliated independent artists and producers.

The AIP system of interactive fiction development is based upon more than fifteen years of research in game design and playtesting for all media. Bringing together a wide variety of specialized talents from the fields of Film and Stage Production, Computer Programming, Screenwriting, Graphic Design, Performance Art and Business Development, AIP has created a new hybrid vehicle for the development of interactive fictional worlds.

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