Gaia Online

"Gaia Online is more than just an online hangout. It's a world populated with millions of people gathering to chat, play games, watch movies, and show off their creativity through customized avatars, profiles, and journals." The online world of Gaia includes chat, journals, shops, profiles, forums, arenas, and a wide variety of special live events. Thanks to Danny for the tip!

Gaia Interactive, Inc


thousands of people LIVE for gaia. once in a while, the site will have real life meet ups, or will give out free tickets to premiers to certain movies, if you show up at a certain place at a certain time. lots of people who spend their time there spend MOST of their free time there, because there's so much to do... chatting, games, forums, there's even an MMORPG they just made called "zOMG". it's crazy, but awesome, at the same time...

i've been a member on and off since the place was more of an anime directory, like in late 2oo3. watching gaia expand kind of makes me proud.