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Interactive Worlds & Immersive Obsessions

As If Productions is an interactive design and development studio specializing in internet-based sites, services, content, games, events and environments.

Founded in 1991 by game designer & programmer Tod Foley, AIP has developed immersive websites, interactive virtual worlds, roleplaying games, CD-ROMs, viral marketing campaigns and live promotional events for clients including Comedy Central, Sony/Epic Records, 20th Century Fox Films, Times-Mirror Magazines, Revelations Entertainment, Walt Disney Records, Electric Communities, The WELL, and The Electronic Cafe International. No matter what type of interactive system you have in mind, we're here to bring it to life - from design and development to webhosting and support.

Websites & Online Environments

Dynamic Database-Driven Websites using PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, ActionScript, PERL, XML/RSS, AJAX/DHTML and hybrid-language approaches. Custom Content Management Systems, Blogs, Magazines, Catalogs, Directories, Intranets, Widgets, Advertising Systems, Interactive Games and Object-Oriented Environments.

Custom Software Design & Programming

Custom Drupal Modules, automated webserver applications, standalone desktop applications and client-server systems for Windows and UNIX/Linux.

Open-Source Script Modification

Visual Redesigns, System Integration, Database Modifications, Function Tweaks and Custom Features for Drupal, OSCommerce, WordPress, PHPNuke, and other open-source systems.

WordPress-to-Drupal Migration

Experts in site conversions from the popular WordPress blogging software to the more robust Drupal Content Management Framework.

Games, Events & Contests

Consulting, design, programming and production services for interactive games, events, gameshows, performances and contests featuring live online players/participants.

Axis CMS

A lightweight customizable and affordable CMS for small businesses, allowing budget-conscious business owners to gain dynamic control of their websites without spending an arm and a leg.


Hosting packages for all types of websites, from personal presence sites to large automated systems equipped for secure e-commerce. All packages include 24 hour tech support and comprehensive website control panel.

"This is the game that moves as you play."- John Doe


The As If Collective is a network of roleplayers, gamers, GMs, game designers, artists and neophiles interested in exploring and contributing to experimental applications of narrative engineering. Every month I do 2-4 Releases: each is a minigame, a subsystem, an adventure, a table/chart, a form/sheet, or a web-based tool which will be of interest to Roleplayers, Storygamers and Interactive Fictioneers. As a member of the Collective, you get early access to all of these works in both draft and final form, with the added knowledge that you helped make them happen.
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