Smartphone app performs better than traditional exam in cardiac assessment

Virtual Reality - Science Daily - 3 April 2018 - 5:50am
A smartphone application using the phone's camera function performed better than traditional physical examination to assess blood flow in a wrist artery for patients undergoing coronary angiography, according to a randomized trial.
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Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion Review

Gnome Stew - 3 April 2018 - 5:00am
Depending on who you talk to, recent Star Wars media has produced some mass market offerings that have firmly embraced the type of story near and dear to the heart of many longtime Star Wars roleplaying fans. Both Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One show Rebel operatives fighting against the Galactic Empire in stories that […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design Patching Drupal without server access

Planet Drupal - 3 April 2018 - 4:35am
Patching Drupal without server access James Williams 3rd Apr 2018

If you don't have access to the file system on the server for a Drupal site, when a security issue like Drupalgeddon2 comes along, you are entitled to panic! Many sites are run by a combination of teams, so sometimes you really don't have control over the server... but that might even mean there is another way to apply fixes. If you've been tasked with updating such a site (I was!), it's worth checking if the server has been misconfigured in such a way to actually allow you to patch Drupal, via Drupal!

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Categories: Drupal Fixing Drupal, really quickly

Planet Drupal - 3 April 2018 - 4:30am
Fixing Drupal, really quickly James Williams 3rd Apr 2018

Drupalgeddon2 happened! We got all but two of our projects updated within an hour, with those remaining trickier two fully patched another hour later. The key was planning the right process using the right tools. We actually use these tools for regular deployments every day, but speed was essential for this security update.

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Lucius Digital: Mini Drupal module 'Clean maintenance' released

Planet Drupal - 3 April 2018 - 3:47am
Last week we had to update all Drupal websites that we manage because of a high risk security release. We saw too late that some (older) sites didn't have a proper maintenance page.
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Drupal Real time Communication

New Drupal Modules - 3 April 2018 - 3:04am
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Views exposed filters blocks

New Drupal Modules - 3 April 2018 - 3:02am

Provides a block type which renders views display exposed filters separately from the view.
It's like Views Block Exposed Filter Blocks module but works for all types of view display plugins (for example for eva view displays which was what I needed) and solves the problem "the other way around".

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Content Export CSV

New Drupal Modules - 3 April 2018 - 2:55am
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New Drupal Modules - 3 April 2018 - 2:16am

Extra tokens


* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* Using the module
* Author


Core module taxonomy does not provide relative url token for taxonomy term, this module adds it.
If you want node's url to display the nesting of related terms, this will needed when building breadcrumbs with
module easy_breadcrumbs simply install extra_tokens and configure pathauto


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Zivtech: How to Prevent Your Drupal Site from Getting Hacked: Part 2

Planet Drupal - 3 April 2018 - 2:00am

In part one of this post, I went over how Drupal Security Advisories, SSL/TLS certificates, and thorough user account security help lay the foundation for keeping your Drupal site secure. In part two, we’ll take a look at user roles and permissions, input filters and text formats, and third party libraries.

User Roles and Permissions

To keep your site secure, always make sure that your user roles and permissions are configured properly. Depending on the modules installed and third party integrations, there could be additional permissions and/or roles to configure to ensure the site is still secure after installing a particular module. It’s important to read the full module README and/or module documentation to verify that all configuration options and permissions have been set up securely. In many cases, modules with very important security related permissions will either set them to a sane default configuration, or put up a notice on the modules page within the admin UI. Some will do both. Some will do neither, so that’s why you need to be aware. 

For each module you enable, there can be optional or required permissions that need to be configured. This is one of the easiest things to overlook as a Drupal beginner, so keep an eye on which modules you’re enabling, and if you have permissions set for all your roles before launching the site. 

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Field Based Search

New Drupal Modules - 3 April 2018 - 12:58am

Field Based Search Module provides a configuration form through which a user can select fields that will be indexed for search.

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Character Class: Railroading

RPGNet - 3 April 2018 - 12:00am
Recognising the railroad.
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ADCI Solutions: Let's talk about Leadership and Marketing at DrupalCon

Planet Drupal - 2 April 2018 - 7:15pm

The ADCI Solutions team is ready to set off to DrupalCon Nashville. Meet us there! This time we bring up the topics of leadership and marketing of Drupal. We'd love to see you at the session and BoF! Let’s gather and chat!


Find more details here. 


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Jacob Rockowitz: Drupal is the worst Content Management System except for all those other solutions

Planet Drupal - 2 April 2018 - 3:03pm

Recently I read Why is Drupal now the second most-hated platform behind SharePoint? followed by the predictable Reddit discussion trashing Drupal. Every time I read someone's negative, yet reasonable, criticism of Drupal, I can't help but rephrase Winston Churchill's famous quote about democracy in the context of Drupal and Open Source.

Churchill's defense of democracy came at a time when the notion of democracy was under a direct threat. Drupal and Open Source are not imperil in the same way, but the lesson Drupal and Open Source can learn from history is that it is essential to recognize, respond, and adapt to potential threats. Ignoring problems is the worst thing anyone can do.

Introspection and discussion is a significant part of our process to improve and affect change within Drupal. I am looking forward to Owen Lansbury's DrupalCon Nashville presentation called Have We Reached Peak Drupal?. I have seen a preview of his presentation and it puts Drupal’s current state into perspective while also looking at its future. If you want to learn more about the discussion around "peak drupal" you should also check out Dave Hall's blog post, "Drupal, We Need To Talk."

While building and maintaining the Webform module for Drupal 8, I have thought a lot about the future of Drupal and the Webform module.

How do we increase Drupal's adoption?

I no longer feel adoption is a Drupal 8 specific issue but rather it’s a...Read More

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Fantasy Flight Previews the Investigators of Sanctum of Twilight

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 April 2018 - 3:00pm
It seems that Arkham just can’t catch a break. If it’s not ancient horrors looking to rend the living world asunder, it’s a local group trying to influence things. In this case, though, the local group is the Order of the Silver Twilight, a very wealthy and powerful club. This is going to be a […]
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A Zika vaccine could virtually eliminate prenatal infections, model shows

Virtual Reality - Science Daily - 2 April 2018 - 2:10pm
A Zika vaccine could have a substantial effect on mitigating and preventing future Zika virus outbreaks. Through a combination of direct protection and indirect reduction of transmissions, virtual elimination is achievable, even with imperfect vaccine efficacy and coverage, according to a new computer model.
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Wyrd Previews The Obsidian Gate

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 April 2018 - 2:00pm
Wyrd is kind enough to make your Mondays just a bit better by regularly having previews up on their site. In this case, they’re giving us a look inside a new Penny Dreadful adventure they’ve been working on for Through the Breach. It’s called The Obsidian Gate. From the post: Happy Monday Wyrdos! This Monday […]
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Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War Now Available

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 April 2018 - 1:00pm
Thanos is collecting together the Infinity Stones in an attempt to gain the power of a god. Of course, the heroes want to keep that from happening. That’s what you’ll be doing in Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War from USAopoly. Players must work together against the great purple one. Will they manage to keep him […]
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Niantic settles Pokemon Go class action lawsuit for $1.5M

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 2 April 2018 - 12:52pm

Niantic has reportedly settled a class action lawsuit over last year's botched Pokemon Go Fest event with a payout of just over $1.5 million. ...

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Z-Man Games Announces Fae

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 April 2018 - 12:00pm
Z-Man has announced that they’re going to be taking the 2003 game Clans and update the look of it and release it as Fae. Players will be in control of groups of druids, wandering around a mysterious enchanted forest. As they find each-other through the mist and trees, they’ll form larger and larger groups. Once […]
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