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Drupal core announcements: Recording from July 17th 2015 Drupal 8 critical issues discussion

Planet Drupal - 17 July 2015 - 6:18am

This was our 8th critical issues discussion meeting to be publicly recorded in a row. (See all prior recordings). Here is the recording of the meeting video and chat from today in the hope that it helps more than just those who were on the meeting:

If you also have significant time to work on critical issues in Drupal 8 and we did not include you, let me know as soon as possible.

The meeting log is as follows (all times are CEST real time at the meeting):

[11:11am] jibran:
[11:11am] Druplicon: => Ensure token replacements have cacheability + attachments metadata and that it is bubbled in any case [#2525910] => 149 comments, 22 IRC mentions
[11:12am] alexpott:, is the issue dawehner is talking about
[11:12am] Druplicon: => Ensure token replacements have cacheability + attachments metadata and that it is bubbled in any case [#2525910] => 149 comments, 23 IRC mentions
[11:12am] Druplicon: => Update guzzle, goutte and mink-goutte-driver to the latest release [#2493911] => 140 comments, 6 IRC mentions
[11:13am] dawehner: GaborHojtsy++
[11:13am] dawehner: GaborHojtsy++
[11:13am] alexpott: is the config overrides
[11:13am] Druplicon: => Config overrides should provide cacheability metadata [#2524082] => 110 comments, 32 IRC mentions
[11:13am] Druplicon: => Config overrides should provide cacheability metadata [#2524082] => 110 comments, 33 IRC mentions
[11:14am] GaborHojtsy:
[11:14am] Druplicon: => Local Tasks, Actions, and Contextual links should use a TranslationWrapper to encapsulate safe translatable strings from YAML files [#2338081] => 62 comments, 16 IRC mentions
[11:14am] jibran:
[11:14am] Druplicon: => Update guzzle, goutte and mink-goutte-driver to the latest release [#2493911] => 140 comments, 7 IRC mentions
[11:15am] WimLeers:
[11:15am] Druplicon: => Ensure token replacements have cacheability + attachments metadata and that it is bubbled in any case [#2525910] => 149 comments, 24 IRC mentions
[11:15am] WimLeers:
[11:15am] Druplicon: => Unrouted URLs break toolbar but are hidden by caching [#2532490] => 31 comments, 8 IRC mentions
[11:17am] WimLeers:
[11:17am] Druplicon: => Convert page elements (local tasks, actions) into blocks [#507488] => 280 comments, 57 IRC mentions
[11:22am] WimLeers: plach's issue:
[11:22am] Druplicon: => URL generation does not bubble cache contexts [#2351015] => 300 comments, 57 IRC mentions
[11:23am] Fabianx-screen: shows 997 majors and 376 added in the last year.
[11:24am] jibran:
[11:24am] Druplicon: => Information disclosure/open redirect vulnerability via blocks that contain a form [#2504141] => 66 comments, 12 IRC mentions
[11:28am] dawehner:
[11:29am] dawehner:
[11:29am] jibran:
[11:29am] Druplicon: => Update guzzle, goutte and mink-goutte-driver to the latest release [#2493911] => 140 comments, 8 IRC mentions
[11:29am] Druplicon: => Update guzzle, goutte and mink-goutte-driver to the latest release [#2493911] => 140 comments, 9 IRC mentions
[11:37am] dawehner:
[11:37am] Druplicon: => Provide an upgrade path for #2354889 (block context manager) [#2528178] => 45 comments, 9 IRC mentions
[11:38am] dawehner:
[11:38am] Druplicon: => Provide an upgrade path for #2354889 (block context manager) [#2528178] => 45 comments, 10 IRC mentions
[11:43am] jibran:
[11:43am] Druplicon: => Replace CacheablePluginInterface with CacheableDependencyInterface [#2464427] => 94 comments, 9 IRC mentions
[12:14pm] dawehner:
[12:14pm] Druplicon: => Local Tasks, Actions, and Contextual links should use a TranslationWrapper to encapsulate safe translatable strings from YAML files [#2338081] => 62 comments, 17 IRC mentions

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Internet Gaming Disorder and Internet Addiction Disorder are not the same thing

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 17 July 2015 - 3:59am

Psychologist Mark Griffiths: "The gaming studies field needs conceptual clarity but as demonstrated, the DSM-5 itself is both misleading and misguided when it comes to the issue of IGD." ...

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Organize Files

New Drupal Modules - 17 July 2015 - 3:10am


This module provides the functionality of moving files related to a content type from one directory to another directory with the possibility of adding 301 redirects from old destination to the new one. The module will keep the mapping of files with the node in-tact.

Why I came up with the idea of this module?

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Filing The Serial Numbers Off

Gnome Stew - 17 July 2015 - 3:00am

I love movies, comics, and books, and it never fails that as I am consuming them, my mind grabs on to parts and tries to drag them into the campaign I am running. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and that is true, but what is also true is that putting something anachronistic into your game breaks immersion. So how do you take that awesome think you just saw and get into your game, without jarring your players?

Today’s Topic…

This article is inspired by Christopher R. on G+, who asked me about…

Retooling popular media into your game. A recent TV show, movie, favorite book—heck, even a news report! Take the things you love and incorporate it into your game.

So lets dive in with a quick story about the…

The Intergalactic Kumite

The year is 1988 and I am in high school. I am running Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (my personal favorite flavor of Palladium). I have just gone to the movies where I saw a young Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux fight off Chong Li to win the Kumite and save the honor of his friend Ray Jackson. My brain is afire with images of martial arts fights, and I go home to write my next TMNT Adventure.

Later that week my players’ characters, all mutant animals living in NYC, are suddenly transported into space by the Triceratons to compete in the Intergalactic Kumite aboard an orbital arena filled with the galaxy’s best fighters. Because we are 16 and we are drinking more Mountain Dew and Jolt than should be allowed, the session is awesome! I take this as a sign and begin to rip off everything I can get my hands on for the next few years.

At first it seems ok, but soon the players are wise to my tricks and they start betting if they are going to see a Predator in an upcoming game, or will they be participants on the Running Man. It starts to sound like I was not original… and they are not wrong.

How then can I incorporate the things that catch my eye in popular media, and not look like I am just ripping everything off?

Filing Off The Serial Numbers

Taking things from other media and using them in your game is not bad; its perfectly fine. My mistake with the Intergalactic Kumite was that it was anachronistic; out of place to the campaign I was running. It became jarring to the players, causing them to break immersion, as they (and not their characters) recognized the source and had feelings for the elements I was incorporating into my story.

To better use some of those elements, we need to strip off the trappings of the media they come from and layer them with the trappings of the campaign which we are running. In essence, cloak the good stuff we liked with our setting, so that the players will accept the element, and not be knocked out of immersion.

In order to do that, here is an easy process:

Step 1: Determine WHAT is appealing

Sometimes you are going to find a single item or setting that appeals to you; like the Noisy Cricket from MiB. Other times, your attraction is going to be more broad like enjoying everything about Mad Max: Fury Road. In those cases where your focus is more broad, you need to focus in on individual elements. So pick one, you can always come back and do more later.

Example: Lets take that Van Damme classic Bloodsport. Sure we could just want to make a bad guy as awesome as Chong Li, but let’s stick with the Kumite itself. What is it? It’s an underground fighting competition where the best fighters around the world are invited to compete.

Step 2: Determine WHY it is appealing

Now that we have something to strip down, we need to deconstruct this awesome thing you have selected. You need to figure out why this element appeals to you. What tropes is it playing upon? What feelings do you associate with it? You need to get to the story elements that this thing contains.

Example: The Kumite. What was it that I liked so much about it? First, I liked that it was underground. I like to have a hidden world in my games, often a criminal world, that is hidden from the normals. Second, it has a wide variety of fighters and styles. Third, it’s a competition to see who is best.

Step 3: Translate it to your setting

Now that we know what we like about the element, we need to re-skin it with trappings from the setting of your game. Look at the things you identified and translate them into your world. If there are things that are not direct translations, then build them from other parts of your world so that they fit. The goal is to make that thing seem like a natural part of your campaign world.

Example: We have: an underground fight, with varied fighters, and a competition to see who is best. Our world is that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles So, we make the fight in an abandoned subway tunnel under the city (Underground). In this fight, which we will call the Best of the Beasts, mutant animals from around the world travel secretly to compete in hand-to-hand combat (Varied Fighters), and the winner gains the title The Beast (Who is Best).

Selling It

After you have constructed your newly dressed element, you need to get it into play. Don’t do anything special when you bring the element into play, just describe it like any other element. If all goes well, no one will say anything about it, and you can continue play.

When you unveil your new creation, don’t be upset if some of your players catch on to what you did. Some people are excellent at pattern matching and will match up the tropes back to the original in an instant. Don’t dwell on it, and if you want to create some doubt, just say something like, “Oh. I guess it is kind of like that.”

If you are concerned about getting caught incorporating elements by your players, avoid using current movies and other media, sick to older things, and even better stick to more obscure things. The more obscure something is the less dressing you have to do to make it original. I once used the main plot from Babel-17 with nearly no dressing, because I was sure that none of my friends were familiar with the book.

Steal and Conceal

Using elements from popular media is a common activity in RPG’s, and it can add flavor to your game, although care is needed. If the element is too obvious, it can be jarring and disrupt the game, but if you take a little care and strip down those elements and re-dress them with trappings of your campaign, you can introduce your favorite elements smoothly.

What elements from your favorite media have you incorporated into your games? What ones worked well? What ones were disrupting? What element have you recently seen in movies or TV that you are dying to get into a game?

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OSTraining: Can't Find the "Install new module" Link in Drupal?

Planet Drupal - 16 July 2015 - 4:54pm

When developers install Drupal modules, they rely on Drush or version control to manage their work.

However, most ordinary Drupal users do everything through the admin interface. They install modules via the "Install new modules" link.

Sometimes that link goes missing. If you can't find your "Install new modules" link, here are four possible solutions.

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DrupalCon News: Meet the Local Community!

Planet Drupal - 16 July 2015 - 9:42am

The European DrupalCon in 2015 will take place in the beautiful city of Barcelona, one of the most visited and explored Spanish and European destinations for visitors from all around the world. But beyond the touristic appeal, Spain and Barcelona are the houses of very active and healthy Drupal communities.

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Entity Reference Gallery Formatter

New Drupal Modules - 16 July 2015 - 9:12am

Entity Reference Gallery Formatter provides a field formatter for displaying referenced entities as galleries.

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