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Chromatic: CHROMATIC at MidCamp and DrupalCamp NOLA

Planet Drupal - 18 March 2015 - 9:38am

We have two team members slated to speak at two different Drupal Camps in March!

Gus Childs will be delivering a talk at MidCamp in Chicago titled, "Need a Better Way to Organize Your Features? Go Ask Alice." It’s based on a blog post of ours and he’ll cover Features best practices and how to stay sane while using them on your bigger projects.

Mark Dorison will be speaking at DrupalCamp NOLA on 3/28. His talk, "Spend More Time Surfing: Simplifying Your Code (and Life) With Entityfieldquery & EntityMetadataWrapper" will cover methods you can use right now to work with entities in Drupal 7.

If you’re attending either of these camps, be sure to say “hello” to Gus, Mark, or any other CHROMATIC team member that might be floating around. You just might land yourself a CHROMATIC t-shirt!

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Wellnet Blog: Weekly Module Review - #4 MEFIBS – More Exposed Forms In Blocks!

Planet Drupal - 18 March 2015 - 9:10am

Today we’ll analyze the module MEFIBS (More Exposed Forms In Blocks).
Lately I often lighted on having the need to insert some exposed filters in more blocks, staying on the same view!

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Drupal core announcements: Drupal core updates for March 18th, 2015

Planet Drupal - 18 March 2015 - 8:12am
What's new with Drupal 8?

Since the last Drupal Core Update, the Drupal community has reduced the number of D8 critical issues to 45, and managed to keep the number of critical issues on one pagesince we hit 50 criticals on March 6th! We've also changed the behavior of the "admin role" setting so that any user with the "admin role" passes all permission checks automatically (like the superuser); added HTML5-lib to core so that HTML5 can be parsed properly; and fixed a bug preventing all PHPUnit tests from running.

Also, after a few months of work, the Technical Working Group, Software Working Group, Security Working Group, and frequent project application reviewers presented their proposed changes to the project application review process. They're looking for your feedback, so please read their proposal and leave your thoughts!

Some other highlights of the month were:

How can I help get Drupal 8 done?

See Help get Drupal 8 released! for updated information on the current state of the release and more information on how you can help.

We're also looking for more contributors to help compile these posts. Contact mparker17 if you'd like to help!

Drupal 8 In Real Life

Voting in the Drupal Association's 2015 At-Large Board Elections ends Friday, so this is your last chance to make your voice heard! Anyone with a account that was created before the time nominations opened (January 31, 2015), and who has logged in at least once in the past year is allowed to vote, even if they are not a member of the Drupal Association!

Some other events happening in the coming weeks are:

Whew! That's a wrap!

Do you follow Drupal Planet with devotion, or keep a close eye on the Drupal event calendar, or git pull origin 8.0.x every morning without fail before your coffee? We're looking for more contributors to help compile these posts. You could either take a few hours once every six weeks or so to put together a whole post, or help with one section more regularly. If you'd like to volunteer for helping to draft these posts, please follow the steps here!

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DrupalCon News: Three Reasons to Send Your Team to DrupalCon

Planet Drupal - 18 March 2015 - 7:34am

It can be difficult to decide whether to send representatives of your organization to DrupalCon. You may find yourself asking questions like, what's the ROI? What’s the value of being there in person? Is it really worth the money? There are tremendous benefits, measurable and immeasurable, to sending your employees to DrupalCon. Here are three reasons why going is a win-win for both your employees and your organization.

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New Drupal Modules - 18 March 2015 - 7:00am
About Signifyd

Signifyd protects your online store with enterprise grade fraud technology.

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Drupal governance announcements: Proposal: Changes to the project application review process

Planet Drupal - 18 March 2015 - 5:43am

For the past few months, members of the Technical Working Group, Software Working Group, Security Working Group, and frequent project application reviewers have been working on proposed changes to the project application review process.

The proposed changes have been posted for public review.

If you have any comments or questions, please add them to the issue. This proposal is open for feedback until the end of March. We will then incorporate the feedback and start working on implementing these changes.

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Dadventures: The Great Owlid Hunt

Gnome Stew - 18 March 2015 - 12:21am

It’s time for another short adventure. This one has an old-school feel with a lazily named hybrid monster, the owlid (part owl, part squid). It’s a mix of combat and social encounters for your group and is also a classically styled shaggy-dog story, cementing it firmly in dadventure territory.

Background: A small village bordering heavy woodland holds an annual hunt to thin out the dangerous owlid population. This year the infestation is exceptionally bad so they have sent out the call for aid.

Owlid: Who knows where owlid come from? Probably a mad wizard. That’s always a safe bet. Owlid look primarily like large owls, standing approximately two feet tall. However, instead of an owl’s talons, owlid have a nest of tentacles. They breed quickly and are highly aggressive, hunting in packs, dive bombing prey and gripping with their tentacles while biting repeatedly. Packs of owlid are even unafraid to attack large creatures and men. Owlid tend to over-populate, hunt the local wildlife thin, eat up all the plant life and then starve en masse, only to repeat the cycle in a few years. Though a dangerous pest, owlid can be a food source, especially their tough but delicious tentacles.

Setup: The adventure starts when the PCs are asked to join in a hunt to thin the growing ranks of owlid, a dangerous local creature. There’s unlikely to be a lot of money in it, but there will be prestige and there are whispers that this year’s infestation may be due to the presence of a rare “Owlid Queen”, a worthy test of their mettle.

The Hunt Begins: Before the hunt begins, hunters gather at the town, sharing stories of past hunts and making boasts of their prowess and performance this year. This year some of the oldest hunters share their stories and trophies of an owlid queen, an owlid of prodigious size they hunted in their youth, claiming that this year’s infestation is proof a new queen stalks the forest. PCs should be encouraged to participate both at storytelling and boasting, may ask for advice from veterans as to the best places and ways to hunt owlid, and may even buy charms to bring success in the hunt.

Hunting: The next morning before dawn, the hunt begins. Hunters venture into the forest in groups to hunt owlid. The party may fight as many packs of owlid as they wish. When interest wanes, move on to:

A Deafening Screech: As the PCs finish off a pack of owlid or wander through the forest, they hear a deafening screech that could only be an owlid queen! Pursuing the monster is easy, but call for some rolls. On failure a few owlid will harass the party as they travel, slowing them down. With bad enough rolls, another group of hunters may get to the queen first (though to keep things simple any groups that get to the queen first are slain by the queen and her minions). Once the party catches up to the queen, she and her minions attack!

A Youth with Bravado: As the PCs make their way back to town, carcass of the queen in tow, they are stopped, still in the forest, by a young hunter. He insists that they give him the body and allow him to take credit for the kill. He is the best hunter in the village and insists that it is his right to have slain the owlid queen, a right the PCs stole from him.  If the party declines and the hunter feels they have been sufficiently weakened from fighting owlid he may attack them, though he will flee if he is badly injured. Otherwise he leaves. If they do give up the queen, he is still rude as he takes the corpse and leaves.

Hunters’ Feast: After the hunt, the town is a buzz of activity, preparing and preserving the bounty for the upcoming year. That night there is a large feast for all hunters, during which there is much drinking, storytelling and merriment. During this event one of several things may occur:

  • If the young hunter attacked the party and was killed, but no attempt was made to hide this fact, then a late arrival to the feast has found the body, clutching several of the queen’s huge feathers. The PCs will have to explain the young man’s death though this requires only a small success given his past behavior and reputation.
  • If the young hunter failed to get the queen from the PCs but still lives, he will crash the feast after everyone is well drunk and accuse them of stealing the queen from HIM. Again only a minor success is necessary for the party to defend themselves.
  • If the PCs gave the young hunter the queen, he quickly becomes drunk and obnoxious at the feast, boasting of his own prowess and making a big to-do over the fact that the town brought in clearly unnecessary outsiders to help instead of trusting that he would succeed. The party may ignore this behavior or set the record straight. This is a harder social challenge however. After all the young hunter DID return with the queen.

If the PCs are accused of murder or theft, they will be asked to immediately leave town. Otherwise once it is finished cooking, they are treated to as much of a local delicacy as they can eat. This delicious food is known as: owlamari.

Future Ideas: It’s possible that bits of the owlid queen, being a powerful magical beast, are useful to wizards, alchemists, or in the production of magic items. Owlid ink might be good for scrolls, feathers might be useful for cloaks that muffle sound. Preserved, the queen’s eye might make a crystal ball of sorts.

If the PCs were driven out of town, they’ve gained a minor enemy and a bit of infamy. If the young hunter was disgraced he may become a thorn in their side at a later time.

If the PCs were successful however, they may find the village calls for their aid again, or that others who hear about their deed ask them to complete similar tasks. In addition, ambitious up and coming owlid hunters may seek out the PCs for advice and training.

The “owlamari” groaner works just as well with cows with tentacles. From them you get “cowlamari” (also what you get when you carve up high ranking cthulhu cultists).

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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed: Lurk the Bog Trog

RPGNet - 18 March 2015 - 12:00am
A look at the bog trog.
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MAGFest 2015: A Retrospective - by ALEXANDER BRANDON Blogs - 17 March 2015 - 10:54pm
Fans of game music aren't a niche. They're as mainstream as it gets. And MAGFest is their mecca. Read on to hear a smidgen of what it's all about.
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Does Nintendo’s U-turn mean the bubble is primed to pop? - by Nicholas Lovell Blogs - 17 March 2015 - 10:54pm
Nintendo was the last holdout against the rise of mobile and tablet gaming. Now it has capitulated. Does that signal the imminent bursting of a smart device gaming bubble?
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GNU Terry Pratchett Headers

New Drupal Modules - 17 March 2015 - 9:13pm

From discussion on both of these two threads. This module creates a simple X-Clacks-Overhead header with contents 'GNU Terry Pratchett' for Drupal sites.

In Pratchett’s “Going Postal”, workers who die in the line of duty have their names transmitted up and down the Discworld’s telegraph system as a tribute.


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PreviousNext: To Alter or Dispatch: Drupal 8 Events versus Alter Hooks

Planet Drupal - 17 March 2015 - 2:46pm

Drupal 8 comes with two extension points for module developers to allow other modules to interact with their code.

The trusty alter hook, the linchpin of Drupal versions past is still there - allowing other modules to interact and intervene in the behaviour of your module.

But there is a new kid on the block, the event system.

So as a module developer how do you decide whether to use the alter system or the event system.

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Drupal PSR Cache

New Drupal Modules - 17 March 2015 - 2:39pm

Drupal PSR Cache - more docs is coming

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Drupal Association News: Calling all Community Organizers

Planet Drupal - 17 March 2015 - 1:39pm

Do you plan meet-ups, camps, sprints, or trainings for your local community?  The Drupal Association is creating a new Community Organizer Newsletter, so be sure to sign up on your profile. Read on to find out more!

This past January, I celebrated my one-year anniversary of employment at the Drupal Association. I came to the Association from a community management background, working with multiple stakeholders in a distributed community; the role as Community Outreach Coordinator itself appealed to me because I knew the Association serves a strong, active, and connected community. I thought that the community aspect of my job would be nothing I hadn’t encountered before, as I knew I’d be working with very similar community models.  What I did not know at the time was the astonishing amount of effort that our volunteers put in to better their local communities and therefore enhance a global community.

Over the past year, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit several camps, attend and participate in planning DrupalCons, sit in on Community Summits, and have countless interactions with volunteers from around the world.  One thing that has resonated with me as I started to connect to volunteers globally is that many community organizers often ask similar questions about other communities and volunteers.  What are others doing for camps? What are others doing for hosting a sprint? Do others struggle to get people to meetups? How do we engage new leadership? Does the Drupal Association have resources to support our local community groups and user groups?

The frequency with which I have encountered these questions got me thinking: how do we highlight the efforts of our volunteers and share best practices with everyone.  After all, we’re open source, and sharing is how we do things. We’re a do-ocracy! After a lot of thought, I realized that the best way to accomplish this task will have to be collaborative. 

I’ll be working with our talented staff at the Association and volunteers to create a quarterly Drupal Community Organizers Newsletter full of tips, tricks, and news for anyone who runs, organizes, or wants to help grow their local community. The best part is that this newsletter will be mostly curated content from you all, our organizers! Who better to help others than our troops in the trenches? I’ll be including blogs, upcoming camps and sprints, best practices, highlights from communities, volunteer recognition and more information. 

I anticipate that we will release the first issue in the beginning of April, at the start of this year’s Second Quarter. As part of this effort, I need your help. Would you like to receive the newsletter? Sign up HERE , and contact me HERE if you have content (or know of content) that would be great to share with our community organizers. Know other community organizers? Spread the word and get them on the list! Let’s work together to share and support each other in our global Drupal Community.

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Mediacurrent: Mediacurrent Dropcast: Episode 2

Planet Drupal - 17 March 2015 - 1:17pm

No Bob this week but we soldier on in this week's episode.

Your browser does not support the audio element.
Episode 2 Audio Download Link


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VM(doh): Drupal Module Marconi Renamed to Openstack Queues

Planet Drupal - 17 March 2015 - 1:08pm

When originally building the Marconi module, I did not realize that Openstack project names change. Most recently, the name of the queue project in Openstack was renamed to Zaqar. To avoid further renaming issues, I have renamed the Drupal module to Openstack Queues.

Openstack Zaqar provides a queuing service similar to Amazon SQS for Openstack-based providers. It is currently known to be running in production at Rackspace. This site as well as several sites that we host currently use the Openstack Queues module.

The Openstack Queues module allows Drupal to use Openstack Zaqar as a queue backend.

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Commerce Guys: The Revolution in eCommerce

Planet Drupal - 17 March 2015 - 10:53am

You know It's coming - you can feel it, hear it, and see it - the low but powerful rumbling of change - the next big wave of innovation in ecommerce.

Buying and selling online has become second nature and a core part of our lives - yet there is fundamental change underway in how people are thinking about ecommerce and how transactions of all kinds should be woven into the fabric of an engaging online user experience.

Content Sells

The importance of content in creating online experiences that drive people to buy is becoming increasingly important to online merchants and brands. Is there any doubt that this next wave of innovation will in part be centered around a more fluid content driven commerce experience?

Companies who are using a traditional catalog based ecommerce solution are realizing the importance of content to online revenue growth and that simply integrating their ecommerce solution with a separate CMS solution is ultimately not a great solution and creates unnecessary complexity. As a result, many companies with mature online revenue channels are beginning to define their next generation systems.

Ingredients of a Revolution

Fundamental change and a common vision are key ingredients for any Revolution. Mix in a large and growing community of stakeholders who all stand to benefit from this change and you begin to see momentum shift.

But it all starts with needs that are not being met.

Talk to anyone who has been using or delivering ecommerce solutions over the past view years and you will hear a discontent with their current system and in general the future of ecommerce.

What is the source of this discontent and what do they want their ecommerce solution to do that it isn't doing now? Here is what we hear.

  • My current ecommerce solution doesn't provide me with powerful enough CMS functionality to deliver the type of experience that I need to attract and keep users on my site.
  • I have too many systems to manage and maintain - one for content, one for online transactions, one for orders, fulfillment, and inventory and it's hard to integrate them and expensive to support - and even harder to create a unified experience for my users.
  • I need to be much more agile and timely in adapting to changes in the market and responding to the changing behavior of my customers. My technology needs to support this iterative approach that is critical for my business.
  • Technology is way too complex so I really would like a service that insulates me from the complexities of technology so that I can focus on my business - BUT - I don't want to sacrifice flexibility and control over the functionality my business needs and I CAN'T be locked into a single vendor who doesn't have my interests in mind.
  • I need ecommerce functionality that is more modular - rather than an all-in-one solution that resides in a large and separate codebase - so that I have greater flexibility in how and where commerce exists on my site.
Drupal + Drupal Commerce

While Drupal + Drupal Commerce won't solve all of your problems, it will address many of these fundamental challenges, and it will solve them far better than most ecommerce solutions today.

Why? Because it is built, supported, and extended on a massive scale by the largest open source community to address the needs of users just like you.

Join the Revolution

Want to be part of this change? Join us for the first Commerce Revolution on Monday afternoon, May 11 right before the start of DrupalCon Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity to learn, engage, and hear how customers, integrators, and agencies are addressing the shifing needs in ecommerce with Drupal + Drupal Commerce. This is an exclusive, invitation only event. If you would like to receive more information when we officially announce the Commerce Revolution on March 30, please let us know by completing the form below.

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SooperThemes Basic Elements

New Drupal Modules - 17 March 2015 - 9:20am

STBE is a library of attractive looking HTML elements and integrates with various modules help content creators and designers use these elements in websites. The module was built as part of the Drupal CMS Powerstart distribution.

The module integrates with the Drupal Shortcode API as well as with the Drag and Drop Azexo Composer.

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New Drupal Modules - 17 March 2015 - 8:06am

Integrates Drupal and Smartcoin, a brazilian payment gateway.

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Drupalize.Me: Dependency Injection with Traits in Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - 17 March 2015 - 6:04am

Part of learning Drupal’s API is learning about “what’s in the pantry.” In Drupal 8, that pantry is configured quite a bit differently than before. Instead of getting the whole warehouse of Drupal functions on every page load, functions—well, now methods—are contained in objects which are defined by classes. Most, if not all, of these classes, which exist in their own PHP files, can be extended and many of them are specifically designed to be extended. These extensible classes are the pantries. They contain properties and methods that we can just use in the classes that extend them. When we extend these classes, we need to make sure we peek inside to see what’s available before we go elsewhere for something that might already be in the cupboard.

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