Ares Games Taking Pre-orders for Limited Edition of Warriors of Middle-Earth

Tabletop Gaming News - 8 August 2017 - 12:00pm
For those that are fans of Warriors of Middle-Earth, this is probably a story you’ve been waiting for. Ares Games has started taking pre-orders for their very limited-edition run of the game. If you want to get your name on the list to get one, now’s your chance. From the announcement: As announced last week, […]
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Podcast Roundup

Tabletop Gaming News - 8 August 2017 - 11:00am
Yesterday seemed to go by quick. Being busy will do that. And there’s very little time of year that I’m busier than the weeks leading up to Gen Con. So, while everything I’m doing is revolving around gaming right now (even moreso than usual), there’s still some room for more, such as gaming podcasts. This […]
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Now's the time to pitch your best Programming talks for GDC 2018

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 8 August 2017 - 10:12am

Hey devs! GDC officials seek great submissions of interesting, cutting-edge Programming talks for the GDC 2018 Main Conference, from now through August 17th! ...

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Ninja Division Posts Gen Con Plans

Tabletop Gaming News - 8 August 2017 - 10:00am
If you’d not heard, Gen Con is next week. Yeah, I know, right?! Anyway, Ninja Division has posted up their plans. And it’s quite a lot. They’ve got new product. They’ve got a painting contest. They’re going to have special guests at their booth. It’s a ton of stuff. Check it out. From the announcement: […]
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Elevated Third: Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000 ft View

Planet Drupal - 8 August 2017 - 9:56am
Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000 ft View Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000 ft View Andy Mead Tue, 08/08/2017 - 10:56

Continued from Setting the Stage: Hosting a Decoupled Drupal Site...

With numerous ski resorts, several Camp Woodward destinations around the country, and roughly 50 unique events hosted each year, the content demands of POWDR’s portfolio are significant. Managing the volume and variety of this content is a challenge in itself - and managing it across disparate systems with different processes and siloed data makes it much harder. With that in mind, POWDR set out to unify the technology driving their digital presence using a new platform powered by Drupal 8.

The Requirements

The platform needed to serve two seemingly different goals: flexibility allowing for different designs on the frontend and a uniform data model on the backend for maintaining content. To meet these needs, POWDR opted for a decoupled approach, using the backend system as a data API that’s consumed by individual frontends that can be styled however necessary, and at times, completely differently.

The Responsibilities

With our partners Hoorooh Digitial and Acquia providing the frontend and hosting solutions respectively, our job at Elevated Third was to design and build the data layer at the platform’s center. As Drupal experts, we knew Drupal 8 had the right tools for this job. Our solution used a combination of Drupal 8’s REST API, Views, the Paragraphs module, and some custom modules to provide the right amount of flexibility and maintainability for POWDR’s needs.

An Initial Architectural Consideration

When building a solution like this, the first decision will revolve around structuring the technology powering it. Currently, there are a couple architectural options in the decoupled application landscape.

The first option consists of running two servers: one for the frontend application(s) and one for the backend data API. In this scenario, the frontends are responsible for all the routing and the backend simply provides a JSON endpoint that communicates with the frontends.

The second option consists of storing the frontend applications as compiled assets on the same server as the backend. In this scenario, the backend will respond to initial incoming requests and route them to the proper frontend application which takes over from there.

There’s not a right or a wrong choice here. And any decision will depend on the combination of hosting options, technical expertise, and development team’s appetite for complexity. We chose the second option. And after some fiddling with HTTP requests and Apache proxying, the POWDR platform has been performing excellently.

To Be Continued...

In the next entry of this blog series, my project partner Joe Flores will detail some of specific Drupal technologies and techniques we used to power POWDR.

Thanks for reading!

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Acquia Developer Center Blog: Decoupled Drupal: A 10,000-foot View

Planet Drupal - 8 August 2017 - 9:40am

A few weeks ago, we began a blog series about a decoupled Drupal project we worked on with Elevated Third and Hoorooh.

The project was for Powdr Resorts, one of the largest ski operators in North America.

The first installment was A Deep Dive into a Decoupled Drupal 8 Project.

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DrupalCon News: Drupalcon Takeaways - Enzo

Planet Drupal - 8 August 2017 - 9:19am

Oh! Hey there, my name is Piyush Jain and as a new staff member at the Drupal Association I wanted to learn what the community likes so much about DrupalCon.

This week, I spoke with Eduardo Garcia (-enzo-), a Drupal Console core maintainer. Eduardo has been part of the Drupal community for 9.5 years, and has attended 6 DrupalCons.

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Dust USA Posts Gen Con Releases

Tabletop Gaming News - 8 August 2017 - 9:00am
WWII continues on. Each side is looking to find that one advantage that will finally bring the conflict to an end. However, a new faction is joining the fray. The Popular Liberation Army out of China is hitting the battlefield. This is certainly a new thing that commanders of the other forces will have to […]
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MD Systems blog: Meet Primer - our Drupal 8 solution for all kinds of organizations

Planet Drupal - 8 August 2017 - 8:26am
We created a Drupal 8 distribution that will give you many powerful features and a great website for less than 5000 CHF. Order it now and go live with your website in a few weeks!
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Jacob Rockowitz: Promoting paid services within the Drupal community

Planet Drupal - 8 August 2017 - 8:12am

Drupal: Getting Paid to Do What I Love

I’ve been planning and working toward this moment for long time. The latest Webform feature is not for the community, it is for me. This new feature, which I’m calling "Promotions," provides me with compensation to do what I love: collaborate and build free software that is used by 1000's of websites.

Getting paid to write open source software is a known challenge. I’ve been exploring many options and researching how other open source projects promote and charge for add-ons, support, and additional services.

Promise: Free of Charge

Please understand I have no intention of ever charging for add-ons. That said, if people in the Drupal community started sponsoring features, I’d be completely on board. Is offering paid support a viable option? I’m not sure. I think promoting additional services is a proven approach. Many companies provide SaaS solutions and hosting services for Drupal. I’ve spent the past year learning how to promote myself via my website, blog posts, and presentations at conferences. Promoting myself in all these ways led me to recognize that my best opportunity lies directly within the Webform module's user experience.

Research: Promotional Banner

Ninja Forms for Wordpress has an amazing user experience. When installing Ninja Forms, there is a "Ninja banner" which promotes the plugin's latest features. I have never seen a Drupal module display a promotional banner or ​callout within the actual module. Project pages rarely contain promotional callouts. Banners and splash screens are part of the typical software experience. I realized I needed to sell the Drupal community on having a promotional banner within the Webform module's user experience.

Challenge: Selling...Read More

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Enchanters Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 8 August 2017 - 8:00am
I wish I knew, like… every language. Just think of all the cool games that would open up! For example, I don’t know Polish. As such, I can’t currently play Zaklinacze. However, my uni-linqual self will soon be able to give it a shot, as it’s being translated to English as Enchanters. The fantasy card-drafting […]
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Nextide Blog: Decoupled Drupal and Ember

Planet Drupal - 8 August 2017 - 7:51am
Decoupled Drupal and Ember blaine Tue, 08/08/2017 - 10:51

This is the first in a series of articles that will document lessons learned while exploring using Ember as a decoupled client with Drupal.

You will need to have Ember CLI installed and a local Drupal 8 (local development assumed). This initial series of articles is based on Ember 2.14 and Drupal 8.3.5 but my initial development was over 6 months ago with earlier versions of both Ember so this should work if you have an earlier ember 2.11 or so installed.

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Video: 6 terrible trailer tips from our NEO Scavenger trailer - by M. Joshua Cauller Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 7:09am
NEO Scavenger mobile trailer may be the trailer I’m most proud of producing. That said, most advice I’d offer from the project is terrible! Seriously, it’s awful.
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'Rage' - Development Postmortem - by James R Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 7:08am
This is a development postmortem for my 80s style beat 'em up game "Rage".
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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Heavy Crossbowmen For Runewars

Tabletop Gaming News - 8 August 2017 - 7:00am
In the fantasy battles all across Terrinoth, you might not want your opponent, with their swords and spears, to get all that close to you. Those things can hurt! As such, it’s not a bad idea to reach out and attack at a distance. That’s what the Heavy Crossbowmen are here to do, and they’re […]
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games are not art. - by Thais Weiller Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 6:51am
For the two past decades, people from all walks of this big industry we call games have been wondering "are games art?". These questions are commonly followed by a resounding self-answered "yes".  I politely disagree.  Read it if you want to know wh
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The 3 Considerations Behind Crafting Physical Goods - by Josh Bycer Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 6:49am
Physical Goods are a popular option for kickstarter and developers with their own online store. Today's post looks at the there key details you must think about when deciding to create a physical item.
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Different types of Tutorials - by Ahmed Khalifa Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 6:47am
This blog post is the background section from our paper “Press Space To Fire”: Automatic Video Game Tutorial Generation. The background of the paper talks about the history of tutorials and their different types.
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Death to Flashy - by Ben Vinson Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 6:45am
This is the story of a large-scale project with the best possible outcome being that users don't notice any changes, and the worst possible outcome of everything breaking horribly. This, my friends, is the story of Kongregate's Death to Flashy initiative.
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Why moderate features add meaning to your game? - by Ludovic Servat Blogs - 8 August 2017 - 6:45am
Obvious and forgotten key concepts to create meaningful game features
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