Assault Publishing Releases Shadows in the Void Space Combat Game Rules

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 12:00pm
In space, no one can hear you scream. … But as far as I’m concerned, lasers still go “pew, pew, pew” and ships explode in fireballs. That’s just how I like it. If you’re a fan of space combat between squadrons of fighters, you might want to check out Shadows in the Void. It’s the […]
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Midweek Snippets

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 11:00am
We’re already halfway through the week. Having Monday off certainly helps with that. But as we continue our way through the week, I know I could still use a bit of a pick-me-up. So I’m going to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have: RPG Player Kits Up On Kickstarter, […]
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Xeno Media: Xeno Media's Michael Porter to present "Automating Putting Jenkins To Work For You" at Drupal Camp St. Louis, Saturday, Sept. 23

Planet Drupal - 6 September 2017 - 10:28am

Xeno Media lead developer Michael Porter was selected to present Automating Putting Jenkins To Work For You at Drupal Camp St. Louis, Saturday, Sept. 23. Michael is a seasoned speaker and an expert on automation and testing.

Michael will explain how can we use the power of Continuous Integration (CI) servers for offloading some of the repetitive tasks developers and software maintainers need to do on a daily basis. Running core and module updates, unit tests and reporting can be automated and communicated using tools he will outline in this presentation.

We chose Jenkins as a Continuous Integration Server because it is:

  • Well documented
  • Open Source
  • Widely Used
  • Extensible

In this session, Michael will demonstrate how to use Jenkins to automate:

  • DB backups
  • A multibranch Stage/Testing Server
  • Behat tests
  • Coding standards tests
  • reports

The fourth annual Drupal Camp St. Louis is going to be held September 22nd and 23rd at the University of Missouri - St. Louis.  Learn more at

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Scrooge the Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 10:00am
Charles Dickens has penned some of the most well-known stories of all time. His characters have really become a part of our everyday lives. And now they can be part of your gaming nights, too. Scrooge the Board Game, which is up on Kickstarter now, lets you play as one of Dickens’ characters and beat […]
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Steamforged Previews Ploughman For Farmer’s Guild

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 9:00am
Still rather new to the Guild Ball pitch, the Farmer’s Guild has an interesting dynamic of planters and reapers on their team. Planters set out harvest tokens that can later be used by the reapers for some sort of bonus. There’s a lot that goes into building a Farmer’s team, looking to create a balance […]
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Okta API Integration

New Drupal Modules - 6 September 2017 - 8:04am
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D&D Extra Life 2017 Coming This November

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 8:00am
I think we can all agree that gaming is fun and good. Well, what can be even more fun and good? Gaming for a cause, of course! Wizards of the Coast certainly thinks so, and that’s why they are participating in the Extra Life charity event to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. And you […]
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PAX West Panel 2017: The Do’s and Don’ts of VR - by Josh Chang Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:14am
What are the things you should do and don’t do when making VR applications? Find out about the do’s don’ts of VR!
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Lessons From Suzy Cube: Reinforcing Behaviours, A Look at Two Levels - by Louis-Nicolas Dozois Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:13am
In this installment we compare two boss levels and how one succeeds at teaching the player the use of the level's key power-up while the other fails and why.
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The Wacky World of Wiz 'n' Liz, a Sega Genesis Gem - by Zack Wood Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:12am
Wiz 'n' Liz was developed by Raising Hell/Bizarre Creations and released for Sega Genesis in 1993. This post analyzes how the little-known game creates a whimsical world of wizards, witches and wabbits through its rules, visuals, text, sound and controls.
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Let’s Dance: Pattern Recognition in Games - by Sicheng Hu Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:11am
There are two stages in pattern recognition: training and matching. Considering the interactivity of games, I prefer to add one more stage into this process – feedback.
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We Happy Few's AAA Uphill Battle - by Josh Bycer Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:06am
The recent announcement of We Happy Few's change in scope has left fans puzzled, and gives us another discussion regarding the perception of AAA design.
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Securing your controllers at an event - by Roy Van Bijsterveldt Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:05am
Securing your controllers is something lots of event-visiting developers are struggling with. When we wanted to showcase Team Racing League at Gamescom, no one really had a proper solution. We decided t some tools and create our own security system.
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The Red Stare VR - Fun "Sales" Facts - by Elroy Gopal Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:04am
Fun statistics about releasing The Red Stare VR on Steam as a student team.
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Z-Man Games Announces Pandemic: Rising Tide

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 7:00am
Floods. They’re a problem that’s been facing humanity essentially since the first group of huts were set too close to a rising stream. In The Netherlands, there’s a whole series of levees, reservoirs, and pumping stations that keeps the country dry. Well, when those start to fail, simply sticking your finger in the dam won’t […]
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Nextide Blog: Maestro D8 Concepts Part 2: The Workflow Engine's Internals

Planet Drupal - 6 September 2017 - 6:54am
Maestro D8 Concepts Part 2: The Workflow Engine's Internals randy Wed, 09/06/2017 - 09:54

The Maestro Engine is the mechanism responsible for executing a workflow template by assigning tasks to actors, executing tasks for the engine and providing all of the other logic and glue functionality to run a workflow.  The maestro module is the core module in the Maestro ecosystem and is the module that houses the template, variable, assignment, queue and process schema.  The maestro module also provides the Maestro API for which developers can interact with the engine to do things such as setting/getting process variables, start processes, move the queue along among many other things.

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Commerce Multistore

New Drupal Modules - 6 September 2017 - 6:41am


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Vardot: A Preview of DrupalCon 2017 in Vienna

Planet Drupal - 6 September 2017 - 6:01am
A Preview of DrupalCon 2017 in Vienna Dmitrii Susloparov Wed, 09/06/2017 - 16:01

DrupalCon Vienna must be music to the ears of Drupal developers. Every year, Drupal developers flock to DrupalCon to collaborate, network, and learn in a beautiful urban European or North American location, with the objectives of supporting the Drupal community and furthering their Drupal careers. Year 2017 will be no exception. The popular annual European version of the event will be held in Vienna, the grand Austrian capital, September 26-29, 2017. Vardot, a long-time contributor in the Drupal community and sponsor of DrupalCon Vienna will be there.


Why you should attend DrupalCon Vienna

There are many reasons for attending DrupalCon Vienna. If you are new to Drupal 8, you definitely want to come to soak up all things Drupal 8 this year. In fact, Drupal developers have 132 reasons to attend DrupalCon Vienna, one per accepted conference session. The excellent sessions rank high in most developers’ checklist. For the 2017 conference, a whopping total of over 500 session proposals were submitted. Acceptance standards were most rigorous, and only 132 sessions, or 26%, were accepted for DrupalCon Vienna. Attendees will not be disappointed by the quality of the carefully pre-selected sessions.


The accepted sessions together make up 108 hours of quality learning opportunities for attendees. To help you find the sessions that interest you the most, the sessions are classified into 13 tracks, covering the entire spectrum of topics of interest to the Drupal community. The top 4 tracks with the most submitted session proposals in DrupalCon Vienna are: Being Human, Coding and Development, Business, and Site Building.


Being human

While 3 of the 4 above mentioned session tracks are reasonably self-explanatory, the Being Human track perhaps needs some explanation. This track covers the human dynamics in a Drupal project and community. Speakers are encouraged to share personal anecdotes to illustrate principles of maintaining a healthy community and project. Leadership, mentorship, gender gap, work-life balance are all key ideas in the Being Human track.


Specifically, three of the sessions in this track draw my attention. Two are related to promoting diversity in the Drupal workspace, and to a large context, the Drupal community. The Debugging the Gender Gap session addresses the current gender imbalance in the Drupal industry, and suggests some solutions to correct the situation. The From a Single Fighter to a Team Player session makes an effort to bridge gaps of a different kind, namely, cultural and language gaps. The speaker relates back to his personal experience as a visible minority in the European tech industry. To paraphrase him, how a job is done is more important than doing a perfect job.


Drupal is different (and better) than a lot of other open-source projects because of its vision and commitment to be an open and inclusive community. These sessions are steps toward fulfilling that vision.


Coding and Development

DrupalCon marks almost 2 years since the release of Drupal 8. So, it is not surprising that DrupalCon Vienna sessions, including the Coding and Development track, are almost exclusively Drupal-8-centric. If you are still in the process of migrating to Drupal 8, it is not too late. Migrate Everything into Drupal 8 and Doctor, Will My Drupal 7 Commerce Site Survive the Upgrade? are 2 sessions that you should not miss.


One huge benefit of attending DrupalCon Vienna is to learn the latest practical development tips and techniques. Drupal developers will pick up valuable debugging knowledge from the Wait, there’s more! - Advanced debugging tactics session. I also like 2 other sessions on testing. Improved development process with better QA approach will frame a good overall mindset on testing, while Testing small to medium size client projects with Behat will drill into a specific test tool.



Unless you are a pure Drupal hobbyist, sooner or later, you will have to figure out how to make your Drupal business viable. Pinpointing star sessions in the Business track is difficult because it depends on where you are in the life cycle of a Drupal business.


If you are an entrepreneur about to start a new Drupal venture, I’d recommend Co-operative Drupal: Growth & Sustainability through Worker Ownership. Here, you are challenged to make every employee an owner of the company. The coop ownership model is still very much a novelty in the Drupal industry. However, the speaker will argue for its merits, and share personal success stories.


If your objective is to grow your existing Drupal business, then sales and marketing is perhaps your focus in this track. You can weigh whether accessibility is an applicable value that you can sell to your clients, as suggested by the Accessibility as a Business Proposition session. You can also learn valuable lessons on how to build a sales team from the session entitled Is Selling Drupal an Art or a Science?


Last but not least, if you are running a well-established Drupal business and pondering on the next step, then How to go from one to seven companies around the world and how to run them is a must-attend for you. The speakers will present the challenges of diversifying a successful company and how they met the challenges head on.


Site building

Decoupled Drupal (aka headless Drupal) has the potential to effect a paradigm shift in how websites are built. Essentially, the idea is to separate content (the Drupal CMS backend) from the display frontend. The Site Building track in DrupalCon Vienna includes 2 sessions which feature the headless architecture: Decoupled site building: Drupal's next challenge, and

Headless, stateless, DB-less: how is transforming digital production with Drupal, NodeJS and These sessions not only introduce the possibilities and implications of such an architecture, but also point to some working examples. Site builders not familiar with the idea should definitely attend at least 1 of the sessions.


Other tracks (and sprints too)

Kudos to DrupalCon Vienna for the breadth of topics covered. Besides the above 4 tracks, developers will also be attracted to the Core Conversations, DevOps, Front End, Performance and Scaling, PHP, and Symfony tracks. And, if you want to step temporarily away from the programming side of Drupal, you will be stimulated by the Project Management, Drupal Showcase, and Horizons tracks.


While the formal sessions are great, you may want to add some activities that are more participatory in nature. DrupalCon Vienna has planned for that as well. Besides the formal sessions, there are also Birds of a Feather (aka BoF) sessions and Sprints.


BoFs are informal gatherings during DrupalCon Vienna on a specific Drupal topic, but without a pre-planned agenda. This allows attendees to collaborate and share their ideas freely and organically on a target topic. BoFs are fun and their outcome often unpredictable. In contrast, Sprints are hands-on sessions to tackle specific focused tasks for the Drupal project. Example activities include bug squashing, specifying a new feature, refactoring a small module, etc. Both BoFs and Sprints are very popular among attendees and can fill up quickly.


Have fun

DrupalCon Vienna offers more than just sessions. You can sprinkle DrupalCon Vienna with social events in order to network with fellow Drupal community members. And what better backdrop to befriend them than Vienna, a city of music, art, culture, and fine cuisine.


Fellow developers, when you attend DrupalCon Vienna this coming September, drink up on coffee because you are going to need it with so many good activities for your enjoyment and career development. And if you bump into someone from Vardot at the coffee lineup between sessions, don't forget to say hello - we’re always happy to see drupalists around.


And what sessions of DrupalCon Vienna are you planning to attend? Which ones are the most attractive for you and why? Share with us your opinion in the comment section below. See you soon in Austria!

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Fantasy Flight Games Previews Outland Scouts for Runewars

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 6:00am
Armies are big, unwieldy sorts of things. They don’t exactly turn on a dime, either, so you’d better know where you’re headed and what’s coming up by sending out scouting parties. The last thing you want is for your entire army to be surprised by what’s ahead and getting destroyed because of it. This holds […]
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Deluxe Marketing Suite

New Drupal Modules - 6 September 2017 - 5:28am
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