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Drupalize.Me: Creating Block Types with Bean

Planet Drupal - 10 March 2015 - 5:13am

Whether you're a Drupal beginner or veteran module developer, one thing everyone understands about Drupal is the core block system is very limiting. There are lots of modules out there that attempt to make blocks more robust. Heck, site builders have even used Views as a complete block replacement. There is one module that makes blocks a ton more useful and that is the Bean module (Block Entities Aren't Nodes). The Bean module replaces a lot of modules we used in the past to give blocks more power and function. Drupal 8 even works just like the Bean module out of the box. Instead of using Views or making nodes blocks, Bean gives us fieldable block types.

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InternetDevels: Drupal modules for social networks integration Part 2

Planet Drupal - 10 March 2015 - 1:43am

In our previous blog post we have presented a list of 7 popular and useful Drupal modules for integration with social networks. After that we've received some queries like "Are there some other modules of such kind?". Thus we've decided to make up a new list!

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