Games Workshop To Release Captain Centos

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 May 2016 - 8:00am
Games Workshop has been working on opening up new shops around. They’re celebrating the opening of their 100th. That’s a lot of places to go get your minis-gaming on. To celebrate, they’re letting people pick up a special miniature, Captain Centos, at North American locations this weekend. Nothing special to do. Just go to a […]
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Sooper Drupal Themes: Beta: Revolutionary (Free) Drupal Installation Tool. SooperThemes Rebranding. Glazed & Carbide .10 Releases

Planet Drupal - 23 May 2016 - 7:25am

Introducing Zero-Touch Drupal Product Provisioning

2 years ago I started working on a Drupal CMS distribution that makes it less painful to launch a fully configured Drupal website. Today we're proudly launching what I think is the best CMS installation experience you've ever seen. Pantheon and Acquia cloud might be great tools for people like me who work with Drupal on a daily basis, but there is a huge community of people who need something more simple. Our goal was for users to install a fully configured and themed Drupal website, with fully configured CMS components and demo content without requiring any user interaction.

Our Deployment tool currently does the following completely on auto-pilot:

  1. Runs tests to see if the receiving server ready for installation
  2. Generates a custom build of our Glazed CMS installation profile with the CMS components you need
  3. Uploads the files straight from to your server
  4. Uses Drush to go through the entire installation on your server
  5. Installs demo content

Looking For Drupal Hosting Partners

From a wider perspective, I see this kind of service as an answer for the Open Web to the streamlined experiences provided by companies like Wix and SquareSpace. The walled garden alternatives for small businesses. In that light want to integrate with as many great Drupal hosting providers as possible. The first Hosting partner I integrated is A2hosting, because they provide SSH and Drush automatically to all users. I'm looking for other hosting providers who offer this, if you know of, or are such a company please let me know in the comments.

Our service launched in beta but theoritically this should work fine on an Drupal/Drush capable server. It doesn't matter if you run Apache with MySLQ or nginx with PostgreSQL, our software has only the following server requirements:

  • Drupal capable stack
  • Drush
  • Rsync
  • SSH with password authentication
Looking For Testers

This means you can try it out right now on your VPS development server, all you need to provide is an empty web directory and database. If you're trying this and can't get it to work on your Drupal/Drush capable server please let me know in the comments. We did a lot of testing but the variety of server configurations is so vast that I'm sure we can improve our software's compatibility. Just to be clear, you don't need to be a subscriber or even registered on to use this. As a guest user you cannot choose the premium themes in the form but you can install any configuration of our CMS distribution with the Glazed Free theme.

It has been an adventure developing this new deployment tool. If you are excited too please test it and let me know what you think!

In Other News: SooperThemes Rebranding. Glazed 2.4.10 and Carbide Builder 1.0.10 Released

This week I've also updated the SooperThemes logo. For the past year the website has reflected what our new product was: Completely new and finding out where it wants to go. Now the logo more reflects the values of simplicity, open source and friendliness. These are the values I want to embed in our products. The logo is much simpler than the old one. The openings in the O are for open source. And the last detail is the Happy e's. This little touch of Dutch Design is a tilted back lower case e, it was invented by Heineken and reminds of a laughing head.

Today you can also download the latest patch-level release of Glazed theme and Carbide Builder. These releases contain no new features, only bug fixes. See the Glazed CHANGELOG and Carbide CHANGELOG. We've also updated the YouTube background library and put a usage example in the bottom of the Sections and Backgrounds demo page. Enjoy!

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Wyrd Monday Preview Posted

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 May 2016 - 7:00am
Getting this one out there early this morning. We’ve got your next Monday Preview from Wyrd as they look at the Masters from the upcoming book, Ripples of Fate. This time around it’s Reva. Reva is a Resurrectionist. As you can see from her card, she’s melee-centered. Being on a horse, she’s got good speed. […]
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Warlord Games Taking Pre-orders For The Battle for Xilos Supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 May 2016 - 6:00am
Warlord Games has begun taking orders for their first-ever expansion supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares. It’s called The Battle For Xilos and it brings a lot of new material for the game. From scenarios, to army lists, to creating characters of your own, to a campaign system. That little fella up there is […]
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Background rotate

New Drupal Modules - 23 May 2016 - 4:59am

Add an interface to upload multiple background images to be changed with a set interval.

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Devel Snippet

New Drupal Modules - 23 May 2016 - 2:42am

The Devel Snippet module allows to save code snippets inputted on the Execute PHP Code (provided by the Devel module) to database for further execution.

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Author Pane Popup

New Drupal Modules - 23 May 2016 - 2:35am

Shows author information in a tooltip manner. Integrates with Stylish jQuery Tooltips. You can use various qTip style instances for author pane popup.

  1. Copy author_pane_popup directory to your modules directory.
  2. Enable the module at module configuration page.
  3. Configure Author Pane Popup in admin/config/author_pane_popup/settings page.
  1. Show content author information as a tooltip.
  2. Integrates with Stylish jQuery Tooltips.
  1. Author Pane

    Author Pane is a block of information about a given user, like those typically found on a forum post, but can be used in other places as well. From core, it collects the user picture, name, join date, online status, contact link, and profile information.

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Progressive Web App (PWA)

New Drupal Modules - 23 May 2016 - 1:51am
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Roll20CON: Guests, Games, and Getting the Hang of Roll20

Gnome Stew - 23 May 2016 - 12:00am

Roll20, a popular browser-based virtual tabletop for online RPG play, is having its first convention Friday, June 3rd, called Roll20CON. It will be 24 hours of delicious online gaming action, with concurrent panels and games being streamed on Twitch with great guests. Viewers will have several opportunities to donate to CyberSmile, an organization that works to support victims of cyberbullying, but the entire event (and as usual, use of Roll20) is free! Even better, starting on Friday, May 27th, Roll20 is opening up its Plus-level Subscription features to anyone setting up a game for Roll20CON through the end of the convention: midnight Pacific Time, June 3rd. Let me tell you a little about the convention details and using Roll20 to run, find, and play games.

Roll20CON Panels and Guests

First off, for those wanting to just sit back and enjoy some entertainment, Roll20CON is streaming a bunch of games and panels with fabulous guests, like this year’s Gen Con Industry Insider Jessica Price and Guest of Honor Michael Pondsmith, as well as Roll20’s usual Twitch gamemaster guru, Adam Koebel. There are a bunch of great game designers attending, like Luke Crane of Burning Wheel, Kira Magrann of the cyber-witchy games in the amazing new zine Resistor, and Chris Perkins of Dungeons & Dragons. I can’t do justice to the accolades of all these people, so do scroll through their short bios.

There are three Roll20 specific panels: API Tips & Tricks (a Pro-level subscription feature that’s quite powerful), Advanced Roll20 and LFG (not quite sure what this will dive into), and GMing on Roll20, which sounds exciting. Playing online with a virtual tabletop is palpably different than an in-person game, though that difference can manifest both in challenges to overcome and in perks to the storytelling experience. I’m sure these experienced GMs will have some great advice. If you want advice of this nature before the con, check out Gnome John Fredericks’ advice on The Online Tabletop: Preparing for Your First Session.

Even if you’re not on the Roll20 bandwagon, the panels Being a Marketplace Creator and Publishing in the Digital Age should be really interesting, especially given these new DriveThruRPG-powered community content publishing options for Dungeons & Dragons, the Cypher System, Cortex Plus, and Mongoose’s Traveller.

Roll20CON Registration: Signing up as a player

As of writing this, I found 69 Roll20CON games that are currently looking for players! There are diverse RPGs, such as Numenera, Fate, Mouse Guard, Epyllion, Pathfinder, and more, in addition to board games like Arkham Horror and a card game, Shadowrun Crossfire! More will certainly be added (cough, including my own), so keep checking back.

Roll20CON Registration: Creating your own game

If you’d like to run a game for Roll20CON, and thereby get free access to those sweet, sweet, Roll20 Pro features, simply log in and Start a New Game. Make sure the Roll20CON 2016 box is checked to be listed in their lineup. Here you can give your game a name, add tags, and below you can assign the game a character sheet template for the game system you’ll be using. Over on the right, you can also choose to run a module, like several adventures from Rite publishing and Monte Cook Games, or pick a set of ready-made tools for certain games, like the Quiet Year or the free Strange RPG Starter Pack.

Once you hit Create Game, you’ll be taken to the main campaign editor interface, where you can create pregens, handouts, tokens, put up images for maps, roll dice, and all that good stuff. However, if you want to edit your game settings, go back to the main Roll20 site, hover over Games and click My Games, and click on your recently created game’s title. From here, you set the date and time of your game, the game system you’ll be using (if it’s an established one), and give the game a description.

To assemble players for your game, you can either play with people you know via the Invite Players on the right, which allows you to invite folks via email or by sending them the game link, or list your game in Looking for Players. The Looking for Players entry requires you to have a date set (specifically June 3rd for Roll20CON entries), and will let you specify things like the primary language of the game, the required number of players, whether the game is friendly to new players, and whether it contains mature content. Be sure to give it an enticing pitch!

Getting Comfortable with Roll20

Roll20 has a lot of available features, but it’s a tool that you should feel free to use as deeply or shallowly as you like. I’ve played Fate games where the feature we used the most was the dice roller in the sidebar and the map area just for taking notes that everyone could see. On the other side, I’ve played in some games that really make use of the tokens, macros, dynamic lighting, and more, to great effect! It’s up to you.

Luckily, Roll20 has a lot of great documentation and video guides on their website. I first recommend checking out the short Getting Started guides, which come as videos with transcripts! There’s a Getting Started for GMs and one for Players. For GMs wanting to dive a bit deeper, play around with the Roll20 Crash Course, which contains information on dice rolling, map making, character sheet and token management, music playing, deck building, and voice software options (you can use Roll20’s built in software or launch Roll20’s app from within a Google Hangout, which can be a little finicky these days).

Roll20 Plus-level Subscription Features

For Roll20CON, you’ll have access to Plus-level subscription features between May 27th and the end of the con. This includes a higher upload cap for uploading higher-quality images for tokens and maps (like this guy who scanned a bunch of his own hand-drawn art into Roll20 maps and tokens), tablet support, external access to character sheets and handouts, the ability to move documents across campaigns, and Dynamic Lighting.

With Dynamic Lighting, you set the players’ tokens with a certain light radius and set up a map with walls/barriers of some sort. As player tokens move around the map, on their individual screens certain elements will be hidden until their light source reveals them. Jason Levine ran a D&D 5e Roll20 campaign for me that made excellent use of this feature – the tension of exploration was quite heightened, especially with the differences between what individual players can see until they’re all through a doorway.

Although some of the really powerful features, like Roll20 API, are still restricted to Pro subscribers, there’s no better time to check out what the Plus level features have to offer! Subscribers help Roll20 keep developing cool new features, and keep Roll20 afloat for people to use at the base level for free.

Are you running any Roll20CON games? Do you have any of the subscription features already, and have advice/opinions? Any advice for running games using virtual tabletops? 

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Fuzzy Thinking: Ah-Choo!

RPGNet - 23 May 2016 - 12:00am
Fuzzy sneezes.
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Game Engines: Past, Present and Future (part 2) - by Kevin Normann Blogs - 22 May 2016 - 11:05pm
A look at coming "cloud based" game development methods compared to traditional development from the perspective of one veteran video game developer. This article is intended to be informative to non-developers as well as developers.
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5 VR Gaming Marketing Essentials To Get Right - by Aidan Minter Blogs - 22 May 2016 - 11:05pm
With the arrival of VR, this blog post looks at the 5 fundamental aspects of marketing and promotion which are essential if your product is to succeed.
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Virtuoso Performance: Global migration sprint day - Monday May 23

Planet Drupal - 22 May 2016 - 9:47am
Global migration sprint day - Monday May 23

As I wrote in my last blog post, I'd like to try doing regular sprint days for Drupal 8 migration. These will be a bit more informal than than a conference sprint - basically, a day when anyone interested in helping move the migration system from its experimental status to a fully supported subsystem of Drupal core can show up in #drupal-migrate, or just pick a relevant issue and start working on it. Our theme for at least the first of these sprints is migrate-critical issues - these are issues for the migration system which would be marked critical if the system were full supported, and thus our highest priority to address. Some issues need code written, some need tests written, some could use code review and/or manual testing, and some need discussion around the best approaches - there are multiple ways to help out.

If you're interested in contributing to the sprint, on Monday May 23:

  1. Check the triaged list of issues - if you find one you'd like to work on, add your username under "Who's working on it". The fact that someone is doing work on a given issue doesn't mean you can't help too - virtually any issue without a stable patch could use input and suggestions, and any issue with a patch could use review and manual testing.
  2. Join #drupal-migrate on IRC. Get help selecting an issue to work on, coordinate with others on a given issue, ask general migration questions (or answer them!), ...
  3. If writing or testing code for a given issue, pay attention to which Drupal core version the issue is filed against (generally it'll be 8.1.x for bug fixes, and 8.2.x for new work) and be sure you pull the correct core branch to work against.

I expect to be available in #drupal-migrate for most of the time from around 9am to (at least) 6pm U.S. Central time (minus a lunch break). You can expect to find other people with migration expertise there at most times, of course.

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Transactional PHP

New Drupal Modules - 22 May 2016 - 5:46am
  1. Apply the core patch bundled with this module.
  2. Update autoload with dependencies:
    %> composer drupal-update


Using the default database connection

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PDF To Webform

New Drupal Modules - 21 May 2016 - 11:28pm
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Did You See Predator Last Night?: A Review of Lost Patrol by Games Workshop

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2016 - 11:01am
Games Workshop has been rolling out the specialist games one after the other lately. Since the announcement that they were going to be expanding that range, we’ve had Betrayal at Calth, which was Marines vs. Marines. Then there was Deathwatch: Overkill, which gave us Marines vs. Tyranids. And now we have Lost Patrol: Death in […]
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Review Roundup

Tabletop Gaming News - 21 May 2016 - 11:00am
It’s another Saturday. Through an odd turn of events, I’m in the office. So Monday and Tuesday I was home because I was sick. Now it’s Saturday and I’m in the office because my internet is broken at home (overnight storm fried my modem). But all is well. Things are getting done. Anyway, as for […]
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New Drupal Modules - 21 May 2016 - 10:48am

This module provides integration for the jQuery Timedropper plugin, providing a better timepicker.

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Field Stripe

New Drupal Modules - 21 May 2016 - 9:54am

Provides a field for Stripe Checkout, also provides a formatter for a price field if commerce_price is used.

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