my own indie game studio - a recap - by Tobias Graff Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:46am
A short recap of how we founded our indie game company mooneye studios and how we overcame the struggles any indie studio faces in the first years.
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Your Essential Style Guide/Writing Tips Library for ~£20 - by Danny Wadeson Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:45am
A short recommendation of resources primarily aimed at indies that aren't writers, or can't necessarily afford one, but who still want to have the best writing they can in their game.
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Consoles Games vs Smartphone Games : A Clash of Convenience when Having Fun - by Samutra Gunasakaran Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:44am
Fast-forward to today, it appears that more and more people own smartphones since they are getting more affordable and powerful than ever.
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Implementing WiFi multiplayer on Cordova-based games - Part 1 - by Franco Bugnano Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:44am
Continuing our journey of local multiplayer technologies, in this article we will see what are the considerations to make in order to implement local multiplayer on WiFi networks.
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Making 100 Games in 5 Years: The Final Year - by James Cox Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:43am
I'm making 100 games in 5 years. Current count: 80. Even with a year left, we can already see how this marathon of game development sprints impacts the process of making games: good, bad, and in-between.
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On iterating your game pitch - by Luis Diaz Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:42am
Describing something you have been working on for a long time is a hard and unpleasant task, but one that must be done. Your pitch is not that different from your level design, it needs to keep getting better. Here's how we have been interating our pitch.
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Designing a castle with more than 1000 levels - by David Ferriz Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:42am
To design such a large number of rooms may seem a heavy task (and it is) but thanks to that work we can empathize with the user at every single room.
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An Analysis of the 2016 US Election Using the Mechanics of Political Animals - by Ryan Sumo Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:42am
I use our game "Political Animals" to try to understand how the 2016 US election was won.
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Set Sales Switch to 'On' - by Graham Mclauchlin Blogs - 11 November 2016 - 6:41am
A reaction to the Switch announcement and analysis of the business sense of marketing as a successor to 3DS as much as Wii U
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Planet Drupal - 11 November 2016 - 6:25am

When we received the new designs for the Ixis site it was evident that they contained separate design elements which were shared across several pages, from the homepage to departmental landing pages to the “About us” page. We thought this was a perfect use case for the Paragraphs module, which allows site editors to "choose on-the-fly between predefined Paragraph Types… instead of putting all of their content in one WYSIWYG body field."

Most content types on the new Ixis site contain a Paragraphs field. An editor can create multiple Paragraphs of any defined type and sort them to specify the elements and layout of the node's content.

Paragraph types can be anything from a simple text block or image to a complex and configurable slideshow. Paragraph types are essentially fieldable entities and the Paragraphs module allows the creation of these types. Each defined type can have it’s own set of relevant fields, all added via the Drupal UI and exporting to config.

So, to support the elements outlined in our page designs we added Paragraph types for:

  • Call to action - areas of bold background colour and large text;
  • Download - a downloadable asset or file;
  • Gallery - a gallery list of images;
  • Image - a single, responsive image;
  • Testimonial - a quote or testimonial;
  • Text - basic, filtered HTML edited with CKEditor;
  • Text with Callout - regular body text coupled with a styled "callout";
  • Twitter - an embedded Twitter widget;
  • Video - an embedded video from a 3rd-party site such as YouTube.

All these Paragraph types give editors some flexibility and choice when authoring a page designed with several of these elements.


The rendered output of Paragraphs entities can be altered using a paragraph.html.twig file in the site’s theme. For example:

{% set classes = [ 'paragraph', 'paragraph--type--' ~ paragraph.bundle|clean_class, view_mode ? 'paragraph--view-mode--' ~ view_mode|clean_class, cta_style ? 'cta-style--' ~ cta_style|clean_class, ] %} {% block paragraph_content %} {{ content }} {% endblock paragraph_content %}

The rendered output of each individual Paragraph type can also be affected using a suggested Twig template, for example we have paragraph--testimonial.twig.html for appropriately rendering a testimonial quote and cited author.

In some places we’ve used a field combined with a preprocess to provide multiple variations of the same paragraph. You can see this in action above with the cta_style variable which gives us a standard or inverted dark style for Call to action paragraphs.

Content Migration

During the initial content migration, we migrated directly into a Text Paragraph in the new Paragraphs field for some content types such as blog posts. To do this, we needed a new process plugin:

/** * Saves D6 Page Body field to D8 Page Paragraph (Textarea) field. * * @MigrateProcessPlugin( * id = "node_paragraph_textarea" * ) */ class NodeParagraphTextarea extends ProcessPluginBase { ... }

We used a slightly modified version of the example plugin in this article by Amit Goyal. Then in our migration.d6.node__blog.yml we removed:

... body/format: plugin: migration migration: d6_filter_format source: format body/value: body body/summary: teaser ...

and replaced with the new process plugin to instead migrate the source body into the Paragraphs field:

... field_paragraphs: plugin: node_paragraph_textarea source: body ...

In summary, Paragraphs is a great alternative to a single WYSIWYG editor for site editors who want to be able to lay out complex pages combining text, images, video, audio, quotes or any other advanced component. Here's some further reading:

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New Konflikt ’47 Releases Available From Warlord Games

Tabletop Gaming News - 11 November 2016 - 6:00am
The Weird War II game, Konflikt ’47, gives us a look at a world where the conflict didn’t end when it did for us here in the real world. It also injects a bit of fancy in terms of technology and a bit of the occult. Though it’s not October anymore, Warlord Games has some […]
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Ignorance is Bliss - Adventure 2 What Lies Beyond Reason - Pathfinder

New RPG Product Reviews - 11 November 2016 - 5:53am
Publisher: Pyromaniac Press
Rating: 5
In the Introduction, the author muses on 'villany' as a concept and explains the differing natures and motivations of the three main antagonists in the What Lies Beyond Reason Adventure Path, of which this is the second adventure. The Adventure Background then introduces one of them - for the GM, the party will only get to know about this one and what she's really up to later on, although they will have met her unawares... There's also material about recent events and what is going on at the moment, to set the scene for this adventure. Good intentions go badly wrong, and that's when the party is finds someone in a catatonic state... they may choose to investigate or get hired to do so.

This is a 4th-level adventure, and the previous one in the Adventure Path should have ended with the party at 3rd-level. It's assumed you've run the odd side-adventure (the Campaign Guide has suggestions) but if for any reason you have not, there are notes for running this at 3rd-level - or if they've been really busy, further notes covering an adaptation to 5th-level. This adventure is a free-form investigation with plenty of clues scattered around, and multiple routes to solving the case - a neat way of letting the party loose.

Other notes cover alignment - with lots of the antagonists not being actually 'evil' per se, just really misguided, a party relying on alignment-based spells could be at a disadvantage. Ways around this are provided, but do try to keep the 'shades of grey' approach - after all, how many villains really think that they are evil? These ones don't, they all have good motivations for what they are up to, even if the rest of us might think that they have crossed a line. The final note talks about how aware the bad guys are of the party's investigations, providing a mechanism for them to become more and more alert and on edge, potentially influencing the final confrontation - a neat idea for this type of investigative adventure.

Throughout the adventure, there are events and clues a-plenty, with a few red herrings scattered amongst the clues that will lead the party to what is going on. It's well-resourced, with lots of little details to help you make it all come to life, and options for when the party goes in the opposite direction from the one intended or expected (and of course, parties tend to do that!), troubleshooting notes that give you clear ideas of what to do to keep the investigation on track without having to grab the party by the scruff of the neck. Investigation - as in moving around the city following clues and talking to people - is the main activity in this adventure, but those who prefer to get more physical will get opportunities to fight as well, particularly in the final scene... and there is an excellent chase scene as well!

There are a few new creatures and expansive notes on the main NPCs invovled, and good plans and notes of the building in which the climactic events take place. A map folder is included in the download providing large player-friendly maps of important locations. There are some 4th-level pregenerated characters too, in case for some reason you do not have your own party (or if you've been using the ones presented in earlier adventures and want them updated to an appropriate level).

It's a fun adventure to run and one which approaches an investigation-heavy scenario elegantly.
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Valuebound: How Drupal can be used to develop data driven web application

Planet Drupal - 11 November 2016 - 4:44am

Everything about building a website or a web application is not just coding and hosting an app. It includes a thorough ecosystem research and co-designing a scalable product to cooperate and compete within the networked internet of things. Drupal is the perfect platform to build large systems like CRM system or ERP system, which is complicated as well as data oriented.

The data acquired is first organized appropriately and then analyzed to make essential business decisions. Various underlying platforms serve critical aspects in the complete system, which work really well with applications developed with Drupal.  Management, governance and security are always on the top of the list when it comes to media and entertainment companies.

Building a complex website with Drupal…

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Views Simple Chart

New Drupal Modules - 11 November 2016 - 2:40am

This is simple Bar,Pie and Column Visualization based on Views. I have used Google Graph API for visualizations.

Categories: Drupal

HTTP/2 Server Push

New Drupal Modules - 11 November 2016 - 2:33am

HTTP/2 Server Push for Drupal 8. All CSS & JS assets automatically use Server Push.

Install it and it works. There's no configuration, no UI.

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Field Load More

New Drupal Modules - 11 November 2016 - 1:56am

This module aims at providing a Load more widget for multi-valued fields.

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Field image tooltips

New Drupal Modules - 10 November 2016 - 10:55pm

This module provides configured Paragraphs bundle that can be used in any content type in order to add image with tooltips on it. By clicking on this tooltip user will see attached node in Ctools modal window.

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Sooper Drupal Themes: New Logistics Design with Glazed 2.5.4 and Carbide Builder 1.0.15

Planet Drupal - 10 November 2016 - 7:49pm

First of all, sorry for the late blog. This blog refers to the drupal themes updates on November 1st. I'm currently travelling China and while I rushed to get the release out before my departure, the blog had to wait a little longer.


Glazed Logistics Design And Reaching Product-Market Fit

With the release of the Logistics design we addded a unique and beautiful theme to our collection while at the same time the core products only needed minor adjustments. This is an indication that the products have achieved a state of stability and product-market fit. SooperThemes now pivots to focus more on creating new designs and features based on the current core products. Of course this doesn't mean we don't add new features at all, there will always be a need for change in a turbulent environment like Drupal frontend development. 

Creating Great Design For The Drupal Community

In the past year we have laid the neccessary ground work that is needed to provide the Drupal community with much desired high quality designs. The site building workflow with Glazed theme and Carbide Builder is incredibly fast, efficient and produces precisely designed responsive Drupal websites. This doesn't just improve productivity of our customers and our customers' content creators but also our own productivity. At this point we completely design our Glazed demos using just the theme and drag and drop builder, no photoshop or coding. This big gain in productivity really allows us to focus more on art direction, photography and design. For our logistics demo we created a set of unique 3D isometric line icons, and we curated a collection of beautiful stock photography to really create the right atmosphere for our niche design. We can afford to produce such detailed niche designs thanks to the productivity gains we made with Glazed theme and Carbide Builder. Our goal of closing the gap with the top tier multi-purpose WordPress themes is now appearing on the horizon.  

Glazed Magazine Component and Drupal 8

This stability also means we will start planning our Drupal 8 upgrade and migration paths. The next couple of months we will focus on ramping up the design release cycle and on adding a new magazine component to our Glazed CMS distribution. We want to avoid spending months on Drupal 8 migration while the Drupal 7 product offering is only at an 80% market fit. We are aiming to offer more than just great theme settings and drag and drop functionality: expect a multitude of niche designs with fully features demo content in a turn-key installation profile. We strive to become Drupal's first "Mega Theme".

Value As A Service

As a subscription Drupal shop, we really focus on building long-term relationships with our customers and with the Drupal community at large. We make decisions based on what we think provides the most value to the most people. An important part of making those decisions in listening to the community. If you can spare a minute, please write a comment on the blog and describe what you would value the most in a Drupal theme. One feature I'm think about adding to the distribution is ready-made translation configuration as an optional component in the Glazed CMS distribution, let me know in the comments if that is something you would value.

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Wyrd Games Posts Black Friday Deals

Tabletop Gaming News - 10 November 2016 - 3:00pm
While I think that October is my favorite month, November holds my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Though, anymore, you can’t talk about Thanksgiving without talking about the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, Black Friday, when the Christmas Shopping season officially begins. Well, the folks at Wyrd want to make sure you’re prepared for that special day and […]
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Drupal core announcements: Drupal core security release window on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Planet Drupal - 10 November 2016 - 2:44pm
Start:  2016-11-15 12:00 - 2016-11-17 12:00 UTC Organizers:  cilefen xjm stefan.r catch David_Rothstein Event type:  Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

The monthly security release window for Drupal 8 and 7 core will take place on Wednesday, November 16.

This does not mean that a Drupal core security release will necessarily take place on that date for any of the Drupal 8 or 7 branches, only that you should watch for one (and be ready to update your Drupal sites in the event that the Drupal security team decides to make a release).

There will be no bug fix or feature release on this date. The next window for a Drupal core patch (bug fix) release for all branches is Wednesday, December 07. The next scheduled minor (feature) release for Drupal 8 will be on Wednesday, April 5.

Drupal 6 is end-of-life and will not receive further security releases.

For more information on Drupal core release windows, see the documentation on release timing and security releases, and the discussion that led to this policy being implemented.

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