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Quick Time Events - An overused trope? - by Mark McCormack Blogs - 23 April 2015 - 3:17am
This blog is about the use of Quick Time events in games. Whether it's good or bad, how it's changed over time and examples of successful and unsuccessful uses of said trope.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

No, MS-DOS games weren't widescreen: Tips on correcting aspect ratio - by Felipe Pepe Blogs - 23 April 2015 - 3:17am
Tips on how to correct the aspect ratio of older games, especially from the MS-DOS era.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Bringing Games Back to the Living Room - by Richard Atlas Blogs - 23 April 2015 - 3:17am
This week's blog talks about bringing games back to the living room, and the trend of indie games moving back to a multiplayer focus.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Drupal 8 Rules: #d8rules update April 2015

Planet Drupal - 23 April 2015 - 3:10am

We are growing, we are hiring... well not in a sense of spending money, but the #d8rules initiative is proud of already having 26 contributors who got their pull requests merged on github. But how did that happen and what exactly happened since our last update by the end of last year? Drupal Dev Days Montpellier are definitely the most exciting part of this list so we'll keep it for the end :)

#d8rules Presentation

We travelled all around South America and Europe to give people an update on the initiative, including DrupalCon Latin America BogotáDrupalCamp LondonEuropean Drupal Days Milano, Drupal Dev Days Montpellier. You can watch a video recording on youtube.

Workshops & Sprints

At Global Sprint Weekend Zurich we sprinted with some first-time #d8rules contributors mainly on porting actions. For example, vasi worked on porting some actions but also dermario and me started working on a Rules component admin UI

At European Drupal Days Milano, we did a full workshop to teach new contributors the underlying concepts of Drupal 8: dependency injection, plugins, typed data, unit tests etc. With the following sprints, we were able to make good progress with porting actions. Special thanks to bojanz for writing the first derivative plugin: The Entity create action plugin will generate derivatives based on the entity types available, for example "Create a new user", "Create a new node".

Drupal Dev Days Montpellier

We have counted at least 20 people involved in the #d8rules sprints last week in Montpellier, France which is well - awesome and a bit overwhelming at the same time :) Thanks to the great excitement of so many new and recurring contributors, we were able to make major progress not only by finishing most of the action ports but also by starting work on other areas of the Rules module and its integrations. You can find a more detailed summary of everyone has been working on in our meeting minutes. Let me name a few examples:

  • mariancalinro wrote the first automated tests for derivative plugins, picking up bojanz' work, investigated about the extracting the Views fields & filters selection widget and started mentoring other sprinters on that topic. 
  • a.milkovsky ported various actions, started working the Rules settings UI and also mentored other contributors with the gained knowledge.
  • czigor ported various actions and started the porting the first Flag action. I won't repeat has mentored others because one of the most exciting parts of this sprints was seeing everybody mentor each other on what they know.
  • katia and pjezek also dove deep into porting the flag and unflag actions.
  • Steve Purkiss amongst porting actions started extending the Rules documentation.
  • nielsdefeyter picked up the work on the Rules component UI and helped us to get it together with a Rules UI skeleton committed during dev days. 
  • lewisnyman helped us define personas, user stories & user journeys in order to validate the usabliity of the Rules 7.x UI and target improvements for the Rules UI in 8.x
  • m1r1k did reworked the logging service and even started integration with webprofiler 
  • xano joined us for the discussion on implementing a generic plugin selector widget and even created Plugin Selector as a spin-off from what he implemented for payment.
  • fubhy started implementing a lexer/parser for mathematical expressions
  • nlisgo, claudine, branislav, mikl & martin also joined us for porting actions & cleaning up inconsistencies in the code base
  • klausi, fago & fubhy provided guidance, reviews & were able to merge many pull requests besides working on improvements of the Rules engine

Thank you so much everyone for participating and helping out! I hope I covered most of the things. Personally, I was really glad to be able to focus on motivating people. Somehow it felt like we all got into a good flow with a self-organising team that started mentoring & reviewing each others work.

It isn't over yet

As we gained so much good momentum during the recent sprints, we would like to invite everyone interested in joining our weekly calls on Google hangout: every Thursday at 4:30pm CEST we announce them on IRC: #drupal-rules. Also check out the meeting notes.


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URL Alias Sync

New Drupal Modules - 23 April 2015 - 2:01am

TLDR; A module to automatically update all path aliases of entities which reference separate entities whose path alias has just changed.

So you've set up your site to use clean URLs using Pathauto, and you have some logical structure to your paths - Great!

But you'll eventually run into a problem if you're intending to use Entity/Term reference fields with your content types (although it may not be so apparent).

Categories: Drupal

You started playing a story-based video game, and then this happened... - by Kris Graft Blogs - 23 April 2015 - 1:33am
You've been thinking a lot about narrative in games, so you talked to a game for a bit.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Lawful GM: With Great Wealth ...

RPGNet - 23 April 2015 - 12:00am
Managing roleplaying economics.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Regarding the Smartphone

Gnome Stew - 22 April 2015 - 11:52pm

Trying to coordinate for GenCon 2006 is why I got a cell phone in the first place.

Ask GMs about their pet peeves when it comes to player behavior and one of the first subjects to come up will be the dreaded smartphone. The modern cell phone, whether you’re an i-devotee or an android enthusiast, is a modern marvel of technology. In your hand you hold something that was science fiction just twenty years ago, but it’s also a tiny device full of huge, shiny distraction.

It’s bad enough when you’re having a conversation with someone only to realize they’re paying more attention to their phone than they are to you. News articles and editorials bemoan and exaggerate the loss of the millennial generation as they become disconnected to the world around them while plugged into something intangible within their phone. There’s no denying the smartphone (and by extension tablets) has altered the social landscape in many ways, and I am sure there are some ways we won’t even truly recognize or understand until we’re a decade down the line.

On top of all of the mundane concerns, now add the amount of work and time a GM puts into prepping and running a game, and it’s no wonder the smartphone ranks so high as an annoyance at the game table. But is the phone the problem or just a symptom of a different issue?

Despite these legitimate concerns and frustrations, I think smartphones get a bad rap. There are plenty of valid reasons to have a smartphone or a tablet at the table. Tablets can provide you with your gaming library in PDFs at your fingertips, while there are phone friendly apps that also provide gaming tools. Don’t underestimate the research capabilities either. There’s nothing like being able to quickly look up the words to a Lewis Carroll poem when trying to play a slightly creepy child, or being able to find the lyrics to the song your demon hunting metal band is covering to try and destroy a Prince of Hell. Finding a quick reference picture for your character or whatever else you’re trying to describe can also be invaluable.

I would argue that many players drifting away from the game to their phone might simply be bored. While there are definitely players who abuse the social contract of the game table to pay more attention to their phone, I would argue that many players drifting away from the game to their phone might simply be bored. Boredom has happened in games long before smartphones came into existence, it was just easier to hide or ignore. If you’re old enough, think back to gaming in the days before smartphones. Picture how many doodles happened in the margins of character sheets, or even filled an entire notebook that was meant for game notes. There’s also the dreaded dice stacking. Full Frontal Nerdity had a great strip ages ago that referenced a metric between how bored your players were to how high or intricate their dice towers became. It’s funny because it’s true.

If some of your players’ attention has turned from the game to their phone, rather than immediately taking affront, take a step back and determine whether they’re being rude or if you lost their engagement. Even if it’s a little bit of both, there are ways to draw them back in. Maybe the initiative order for combat has been taking too long. Perhaps it’s been too long since something interesting happened in game that their character could interact with. If the characters split up, maybe you’ve spent too long with one group and it’s time to pay attention to the other players. As with any distraction, find the way to draw them back in and they’ll put down the phone.

The biggest problem with the smartphone isn’t so much the distraction it provides as how engrossing that distraction is. When bored players doodled in the margins or played with their dice, it was easier to get their attention back on the game. It can be tempting to try and ban smartphones and tablets from the table altogether, but I caution against that unless you’ve got very specific reasons for doing so and have player buy-in. Otherwise, a frustrated and tyrannical edict may alienate some of your players. I know I’m less inclined to be generous to GMs that try and boss the table around.

What have your experiences been with smartphones and tablets at the game table? Complete distraction, useful tool, or somewhere in between? I’d be curious to hear how other GMs have resolved smartphone problems that popped up at their game table.

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New Drupal Modules - 22 April 2015 - 5:20pm

A project to track mentoring related tasks.

See also


Some of these tasks used to be in the sandbox:

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Shomeya: Running Your Agency/Tech Company like a Factory is Destroying Humanity: Part 1

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 3:10pm

I'm running endlessly through the woods, as far away from Silicon Forest/Valley as I can. Facebook has collapsed, so has Google, so has everything. A post-social media, free internet, apocalyptic world has ensued and all of the developers have gone into the woods to escape the aftermath clutching their now worthless laptops. In my dream all the CEOs of the software companies are in a room patting themselves on the back for giving it a good go, while the world falls apart in the aftermath of their self-focused existence.

This may have just been a crazy post White God viewing dream I had, but it touches on something real. Something that as a consultant for multiple companies I see all the the time.

And it's killing me. It's killing your company, and you're too busy getting beers with your funders to notice. Meanwhile your developers, project managers, and everyone else that is the core of your business is slowly burning out until they rage quit and go somewhere else to start it all over again.

Read more
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DrupalCon News: Alcohol at DrupalCon Social Events – Making the Choice

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 12:49pm
Recently, a community member drew our attention to an article on alcohol and inclusivity at tech events. In it, author Kara Sowles talks about the strong focus on social drinking and points out that people who choose not to drink often feel uncomfortable or experience unpleasant peer-pressure — and that got us thinking.  
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Chapter Three: Is Your Project Ready for Drupal 8?

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 10:07am

As the potential release date for Drupal 8 slowly creeps up we've launched our first Drupal 8 site and are planning to kick off several more in the next few months. Through this process we've learned a lot about the reality of what it means to launch a site on beta software and what that means for your next project.


When do you need it done by?

Drupal 8 will be here soon, but your project may not need to be. If you are just starting to think about the strategy for your project now, and aren't planning on going into heavy development until later this summer, you should definitely be considering Drupal 8 as an option.

Categories: Drupal

Drupal Watchdog: VIDEO: DrupalCon Amsterdam Interview: Lorna Jane Mitchell

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 9:55am

Author and software consultant LORNA JANE MITCHELL, fresh from her DrupalCon book-signing (PHP Web Services) and talk, is a frequent visitor to Amsterdam – she lives in Leeds, an hour flight away, and loves the city.

Tags:  Video DrupalCon DrupalCon Amsterdam Video: 
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Drupal core announcements: Drupal core updates for April 22nd, 2015

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 9:28am
What's new with Drupal 8?

Happy Earth Day! Since the last Drupal Core Update, the Drupal Developer Days event brought lots of exciting progress: we (briefly) reduced the number of critical issues to 35, and a week-long performance sprint made Drupal 8 2—20 times faster! Also, Gwendolyn Anello at DrupalEasy announced that DrupalEasy is partnering with Stetson University to offer Drupal courses!

Some other highlights of the month were:

How can I help get Drupal 8 done?

See Help get Drupal 8 released! for updated information on the current state of the release and more information on how you can help.

We're also looking for more contributors to help compile these posts. Contact mparker17 if you'd like to help!

Drupal 8 In Real Life Whew! That's a wrap!

Do you follow Drupal Planet with devotion, or keep a close eye on the Drupal event calendar, or git pull origin 8.0.x every morning without fail before your coffee? We're looking for more contributors to help compile these posts. You could either take a few hours once every six weeks or so to put together a whole post, or help with one section more regularly. If you'd like to volunteer for helping to draft these posts, please follow the steps here!

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Quickbooks Online API

New Drupal Modules - 22 April 2015 - 9:09am

Simple integration with the Quickbooks Online API (not intended for Desktop versions). Quickbooks Online is a leading business accounting solution. Using this module requires a Quickbooks Online account of your own. Quickbooks Online is a product of Intuit.

Categories: Drupal

Lorem ipsum

New Drupal Modules - 22 April 2015 - 8:07am

Lorem ipsum generator for Drupal.

At first, a simple filler text generator. In the future, I might make it a fully featured text generator generator!

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New Drupal Modules - 22 April 2015 - 7:19am

Elevator.js [ ] fixes those awkward "scroll to top" moments the old fashioned way.

This module aim to provide your users with a better 'scroll to top' experience

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Annertech: An Irish person takes an Acquia Certified Drupal Exam; the results will astound you

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 6:34am
An Irish person takes an Acquia Certified Drupal Exam; the results will astound you So there I was, sitting in my batcave, minding my own business, wondering what to do with an afternoon. In truth I had plenty of work to do, but since I got paid yesterday, I felt as rich as Bruce Wayne himself and decided to take an afternoon off and splash out on an Acquia Certified Drupal Examination. Which one? Well, to start, the site builder one. Did I pass? Read on, my friends.
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Wellnet Blog: Drupal Weekly Module Review - #8 Block Class

Planet Drupal - 22 April 2015 - 6:27am

This week we’ll talk about Block Class, a very cute module to insert custom classes for every block we create.

Working on a project, in these days, , I had the need to have different classes for every block available on the layout.

Searching on a, I...

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