How Side Quests Can Hurt Single Player Narratives. - by Hayden Zammit Blogs - 4 September 2016 - 11:47pm
A short observation on how side-quests in games can often harm the main narrative of a game due to a lack of relatability or importance.
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Cocomore: Setting-up Sitecore Analytics Dashboard part 2: A configuration with obstacles

Planet Drupal - 4 September 2016 - 3:00pm

Information from Web analyses is supposed to help understanding user behavior and optimize the individual online performance. But what if the analysis tool is showing nothing instead of numbers and graphics? In the second part of our experience report about the software of Sitecore, we will explain how to run the Dashboard notwithstanding some hurdles.   

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Views Reference Field

New Drupal Modules - 4 September 2016 - 2:03pm

In Drupal 8, Views are now identified as entities and the core Entity Reference Module is able to reference Views, however not Views displays. This module leverages core entity reference module functionality to add the display ID so that a View can be rendered in a field formatter.

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Jay +FollowSymLinks -> +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

Planet Drupal - 3 September 2016 - 7:34pm

When installing Drupal, one of the things that some people must do beforehand depending on their specific server configuration is to change "+FollowSymLinks" to "+SymLinksIfOwnerMatch" in the .htaccess file. But another problem is that there is one more place where these people need to repeat the same exact step after installation, or they will undoubtedly encounter an additional problem of having their images not showing up at all:

+FollowSymLinks Problem

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Review Roundup

Tabletop Gaming News - 3 September 2016 - 11:00am
Hey there, everyone. Can you feel it? That’s the feeling of the weekend. Isn’t it just grand? My Facebook feed’s full of pictures of people at all sorts of conventions and events. Me? I’m taking a “weekend off,” such as it were. I’m happy to live vicariously through those photos, instead choosing to just chill […]
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Video Game Deep Cuts: Soda Machines & Steam Spy - by Simon Carless Blogs - 3 September 2016 - 7:24am
The first 'Video Game Deep Cuts' summary of some of the week's most interesting video game culture/development stories, from Dan Pinchbeck on storytelling to Brendon Chung on Quadrilateral Cowboy.
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DRD agent

New Drupal Modules - 3 September 2016 - 3:18am

This is the remote part of the DRD module version 3.x and later.

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Inline documentation

New Drupal Modules - 3 September 2016 - 2:30am

Provide documentation at the places where you need it. Inline documentation does exactly what is says: show documentation on the pages and elements in the form of popup boxes.

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Manaforge Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 3:00pm
So, you’re a wizard (so you probably did it, you danged wizard, you). You’ve decided you want to make a living for yourself by opening up a nice, little magic shop. You find a nice location, rent out a storefront, and set out your wares. But then, some other jerk wizard does the same just […]
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Gale Force Nine Previews Achilles Tank Expansion

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 2:00pm
Gale Force Nine has posted up a new Tanks preview. This time around it’s the British Achilles tank. If you want something with a nice bit of punching power, you might want to check it out. What all do you get in the expansion pack? You get the Achilles tank, of course. You also get […]
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Warlord Games Releases Sd.Kfz 234/4 (PaK 40) Armored Car For Bolt Action

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 1:00pm
In wartime, weapons will often be made out of combining several already-used elements in order to create something that will fill a gap in an army’s forces. Such is the case with the Sd.Kfz 234/4 (PaK 40). There was a distinct lack of highly-mobile anti-tank weapons in the field, and so the Germans added a […]
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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New X-Wing Previews

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 12:00pm
Fantasy Flight Games has announced that Wave 10 for the X-Wing Miniatures Game just got a little bigger. Two new ships are being added. They’re the U-Wing and the TIE Striker. Haven’t heard of them before? You will, as they’re going to be in the Rogue One movie. So, what do we know about these […]
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Drupal core announcements: This Month in Drupal Documentation

Planet Drupal - 2 September 2016 - 11:55am

It's been way to long since we've written one of these, and a lot has happened in the last year. Yeah, that's right, it has been a year since the last "This Month in Drupal Documentation"! I can't even being to summarize the whole year in a single post, so here are some highlights of what is going on right now.

Here's an update from the Documentation Working Group (DocWG) on what has been happening in Drupal Documentation in the last month or so. Sorry... because this is posted in the Core group as well as Documentation, comments are disabled.

If you have comments or suggestions, please see the DocWG home page for how to contact us. Thanks!

Documentation Working Group Updates

It's been a while since we've had a working group meeting, though we've each been busy contributing to documentation in different ways. Despite the fact that we're not meeting regularly at the moment we're still available to help answer any questions you've got, or help out with any policy/best-practice issues. Let us know.

Notable Documentation Updates

We're recruiting maintainers for guides as they are migrated to the new documentation structure. See [#2682083] for a list of guides that need maintainers. Read about what maintaining a guide entails. If you're already maintaining a guide, thank you! Drupal is easier to learn because of it. This is the result of nearly two years of work by dozens of people, and we're super excited. I'm not going to be able to list or remember everyone that's helped with this but of note. If you see Tatiana, or any members of the Drupal Association's infrastructure team make sure you thank them for their hard work on making this possible.

Going forward I'm hopeful that we'll be able to being to highlight individual guide maintainers and the work they're doing.

Tatiana wrote a great post recently about the changes, and if you haven't been keeping up it's worth reading.

The User Guide has just completed the copy editing phase, and we will begin translating it into other languages shortly. You can read more about that here And, sign-up to help your language group with the translation.

Jennifer, and Neil have been working hard to make it possible to import the contents of the User Guide to Work that will hopefully be deployed within the next couple of weeks. Once that's complete you will be able to read the User Guide in it's entirety right on! Super cool.

This is the result of over a year of planning, writing, editing, and coordinating by everyone involved. It's a huge achievement and I'm hopeful that it helps to set a new standard for Drupal documentation going forward.

Documentation Priorities

The Current documentation priorities page is always a good place to look to figure out what to work on, and has been updated recently.

One task in particular that we could use some help with at the moment is cleaning up the titles and summaries of recently migrated documentation pages. As pages are moved into guides each one needs to have a summary written. Summaries are a one or two sentence blurb that is displayed on the main guide page helping people get a better idea of what the individual page contains. During the migration we've added quick summaries, but people who understand the material better can likely help summarize the content better. Help us make the summaries better, which helps others find the content they are after.

If you're new to contributing to documentation, these projects may seem a bit overwhelming -- so why not try out a New contributor task to get started?

What are you working on? Let us know and we'll help get your initiatives into the next update.

Upcoming Events

DrupalCon Dublin is this month, and Joe (@eojthebrave), and possibly others, will be in attendance. There isn't an official documentation sprint as of yet, but we'll work on getting something organized between now and then. Look for our table(s) in the official sprint room.

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ImageX Media: What are Landing Pages and Why You Should Add Them to Your Web Marketing Mix

Planet Drupal - 2 September 2016 - 11:29am
What are landing pages?

Landing pages are powerful inbound marketing tools. They have a simple goal: to convert incoming page visitors into customers of some kind. Landing pages fall into three general categories:

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Friday Snippets

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 11:00am
Seems just about everything is going on this weekend. PAX, Nova Open, and Dragon*Con are all happening… well, right now, actually. If you’re at one of the shows, awesome. I hope you’re having a blast. If you’re not, well, at least we still have Friday going for us, which is nice. Either way, we should […]
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Now's the time to submit your talks for the AI Summit at GDC 2017

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 2 September 2016 - 10:25am

If you've been thinking about when would be the best time to submit a talk for the AI Summit at Game Developers Conference 2017, we've got news for you: that time is right now.  ...

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ImageX Media: Mapping Your Content to Your Sales Cycle

Planet Drupal - 2 September 2016 - 10:15am

Previously on our blog, we discussed the five basics of content marketing. The first of these five basics of content marketing is understanding your audience, which we achieve by constructing personas. Once you know who your intended audience is, you can tailor your content to help encourage users to progress through each step of their individual buyer's journey.

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WizKids Announces Burke’s Gambit Board Game

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 10:00am
The space freighter, Burke’s Gambit, was tasked with finding alien technology and bringing it back for study. I mean, it’s alien technology. It has to be pretty awesome, right? Better than this boring, old, human-made garbage we’re using. Ugh! I can’t even stand this stuff! *throws computer out window* *end of post* Ok, so I […]
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Warlord Games Releases Xan Tu Isorian Drone Commander For Beyond the Gates of Antares

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 9:00am
Good military leaders are an extremely valuable resource. That is doubly-true for one that has commanded battles for over two centuries. The experience and tactics in the mind of a commander like that can almost ensure victory right from the start. Well, Xan Tu had such a life. Now, he’s transferred his consciousness into a […]
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Privateer Press Hiring Customer Service Assistant

Tabletop Gaming News - 2 September 2016 - 8:00am
Want to get your foot in the door in the gaming industry? Are you a problem-solver? Do you work and play well with others? If so, then you might be just what Privateer Press is looking for. They’re hiring a new Customer Service Assistant. As one would expect, you’d be helping make sure that any […]
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