Hook 42: Lots of Multilingual Drupal at DrupalCon New Orleans!

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 3:35pm
Monday, May 2, 2016

If you are interested in multilingual Drupal development, DrupalCon New Orleans is the place to be. :)

There are 5 events we've got our eyes on, so you might want to put them on your schedule too. It would be great to see some familiar faces and even better to see some new ones!


Multilingual BoFs

Multilingual Digital Experience Management

Tuesday May 10th from 11am to 12pm  |  tdc-pdm (GlobalLink)  |  Room 291

This Birds of a Feather discussion aims to cover digital experience management for multilingual sites including technologies and processes for making things smoother.

Multilingual Successes and Failures

Wednesday May 11th from 1pm to 2pm  |  smithworx (Lingotek)  |  Room 287

We will laugh and cry together as we share stories and tips on dealing with multilingual configuration in Drupal. Maybe bring some tissues if you have been working a lot with multilingual in Drupal 7!

Multilingual Sessions

Drupal 8's multilingual APIs -- integrate with all the things

Wednesday May 11th from 3:45pm to 4:45pm  |  Gábor Hojtsy (Acquia)  |  Room 260-261

If you will be creating modules, themes, or distributions in Drupal 8, then this is a talk you won't want to miss so you can make sure your code leverages all the core multilingual goodness.

The Multilingual Makeover: A side-by-side comparison of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

Wednesday May 11th from 5pm to 6pm  |  Aimee & Kristen (Hook 42)  |  Room 260-261

If you create multilingual websites or are interested in what's all the hub-bub on how Drupal 8 is so much better than Drupal 7 for language support and translation, come check out this beginner-friendly session. If you find us after the talk, we'll give you some multilingual Drupal stickers. :)

Multilingual Sprints

Saturday May 7th to Sunday May 15th | Locations Vary Depending on Day

A contribution sprint is when the community comes together to work on core and contrib/community issues in the issue queue. They are a lot of fun, and you learn a lot too. There are two multilingual-related sprints in New Orleans: Multilingual Migrations and Multilingual (General).

Even if you have never sprinted before, you are encouraged to attend. There is a place for all types of contribution including coding, theming, documentation, testing, UX, and review.

If you have never sprinted before, there is a First Time Sprinter Workshop to get you started with the right tools and then you can move onto the Mentored Core Sprint once you are ready.

If you have sprinted before, come to the general sprints! And, don't forget to sign up here so we make sure there is enough space:

For those sprinting on multilingual issues, we have a special multilingual t-shirt for you. Tweet at us or contact us if you want to reserve one. And, if you have sprinted on multilingual issues in the past but don't have a shirt, let us know so we can set a t-shirt aside for you too.

Multilingual Swag

Monday May 9th to Friday May 13th | Hook 42 & Lingotek | In Person and Booths 501 and 617

We'll have our coveted multilingual Drupal "hello" stickers as well as their new counterpart: "Bye!" Stop us in the hallway, swing by after one of our sessions, or stop by Booth 501 in the exhibit hall to get your swag.

If you are in need of a cool multilingual t-shirt, sprint with us (see above!). And, there are also the pretty awesome Lingotek "Tron" style glow-in-the-dark shirts at their booth (617).

If you are giving away multilingual swag, let us know and we'll add you to the list.

We hope to see you at one of these BoFs, sessions, or sprints… or maybe all of them!

Know of other fun multilingual happenings? Leave a comment or contact us.

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Rules debug

New Drupal Modules - 2 May 2016 - 3:25pm

This module adds an action "Debug all variables".
Consider it the rules version of

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Cocomore: DrupalCamp Spain: Granada 2016 – We were there!

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 3:00pm

Each year, a different location is picked for the DrupalCamp in Spain. The last one took place in the beautiful city of Granada. Like many times in the past, part of Cocomore’s team travelled there to attend this event and to learn from the interesting talks concerning Drupal, PHP development and tech in general.

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Demo Content

New Drupal Modules - 2 May 2016 - 2:17pm

A Drupal 8 module for importing demo content from YAML files.

Documentation coming up...

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Video: 20 lessons learned from 20 years of making Magic: The Gathering

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 2 May 2016 - 1:19pm

"Not a lot of people design the same game for twenty years," said venerable Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater in his GDC 2016 game design talk. "Not a lot of games last twenty years." ...

Categories: Game Theory & Design

DrupalCon News: Training Spotlight: Beginner Level Courses

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 12:53pm

Are you new to Drupal and eager to advance your skills? Or evaluating Drupal to see if it works for you? Take one of our beginner-level training courses on Monday to get up-and-running with Drupal and fully prepared for your week at DrupalCon.

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How Epic came to embrace free-to-play and games-as-a-service

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 2 May 2016 - 12:24pm

"I would describe it as seeing the writing on the wall," cofounder Tim Sweeney tells Polygon in a new feature. "There was an increasing realization that the old model wasn't working anymore." ...

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Four Kitchens: Performance at DrupalCon New Orleans

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 10:04am

With DrupalCon New Orleans right around the corner, Web Chef Emeritus Ian Carrico wanted to share some of the front-end performance sessions that will be featured during DrupalCon.

Categories: Drupal Connect with myDropWizard at DrupalCon New Orleans!

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 10:04am

Next week Drupalers from all around the world we be descending on the beautiful city of New Orleans for DrupalCon 2016 - and myDropWizard will be there too!

If you've never been to a DrupalCon - you're missing out. It's an opportunity to meet the Drupal people you know virtually, be surrounded by a dizzying amount of Drupal knowledge, and get inspired and excited for the future of Drupal. Watching the videos is great, but I'd argue that you can learn more by asking someone in the hallway or attending a sprint.

Anyway, there's lots of great articles about why you should attend DrupalCon - I'm not going to attempt to rehash that all here. :-)

But if you're coming, I am going to try and encourage you to connect with myDropWizard while you're at DrupalCon New Orleans!

Both myself (David Snopek) and myDropWizard co-founder, Elliot Christenson, will be there. If you're interested in ...

... then come and find us!

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Urban Insight: Redesigning a site as a long-term project

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 9:00am

One of the earliest sites developed by Urban Insight is It still remains one of biggest sites that we actively develop and maintain. When the site was upgraded from Drupal 5 to 7 a few years back we had to plan and implement a full content migration. That is, we built a brand new Drupal 7 site from scratch and migrated all data and settings from the Drupal 5 site.

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Sooper Drupal Themes: Drupal Drupal CMS 1.0 and Glazed Premium 2.4.8 Arrived: Cool New Features and Better Views Integration

Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 8:48am

Glazed Drupal CMS 1.0

After over 100 git commits over 4 weeks, including weekends and late nights I can present to you Glazed 2.4.8. This release includes not only an update to the premium Drupal theme and the drag and drop builder: the Glazed Drupal CMS distribution on finally reached the 1.0 milestone! The backend distribution started as an experiment 2 years ago. I tried to find the perfect bundle of features to jump-start development of Drupal CMS websites.After nearly 100 beta releases I finally settled on the formula for features and flexibility that is now in the Glazed Drupal CMS 1.0 release. To make the distribution truly useful, it of course had to have a beautiful theme, and the distro now includes a free slimmed down version of our best-selling Glazed framework theme: Glazed Free.

Glazed Drupal CMS 1.0 Features
  • Fully Loaded WYSIWYG Editor
  • Built In Media Library
  • Glazed Free Theme included
  • Multilevel Responsive Main Menu
  • Blog Content & Views
  • Portfolio Content & Views
  • Event Content & Views
  • Event Registration
  • News Content & Views
  • Bootstrap 3 integrated
  • SEO Optimized
  • Demo Content Included

    Glazed Drupal CMS on

    Glazed 2.4.8 Comes with a ton of improvements, bug fixes and shiny new demo pages!

    Glazed 2.4.8 Release Highlights

    Search all the things!

    Full screen search is a really exciting new UI feature in Glazed. Search is becoming a key factor in navigation on increasingly large and dynamic websites. Thanks to our full screen search design you can provide a unified search experience no mobile and desktop. The search feature is based on Drupal's core search, with just a theming and behavioral overlay by Glazed. This means you can use all your favorite search modules and plugins along with our full screen UI.

    We added this search enhancement with the goal of powering larger, more dynamic sites. If you have any ideas to further improve our search be sure to hit the comments! (One thing I'm looking at is using the Fast Autocomplete fac module).

    View Full Screen Search demo

    Stunning Animations At Your Fingertips

    It has never been easier to create stunning animations. We added a new demo page to to showcases our newly added floating animation. This page is also great for learning how you can use animations and apply in your own projects. If you are interested in our improved animation features check out the animation page. If you want to try the animation engine, to spin up a private demo at

    My goal at SooperThemes is to strike a balance between features, performance, and usability. I actually cut the animate.css library in half, because it had some many animations that are just ridiculous and have no place in a professional product. I then added the custom floating animation for our new Apple style demo page and the whole animation library clocks in at just 4kb. It only loads on pages with animations, because we care about performance.

    View Animation Demo Page

    Enjoy easy animations for callouts, meaningful content enhancement or simply to impress your client or improve website visitor engagement. Or just for fun, but don't overdo it.

    GridStack Views: Stack Your Featured Content

    We've been working on features that will be used for our future Magazine designs for Glazed. This is one of them. Using the GridStack JS library and our easy to use Views integration, you can create dynamic "stacks" of your most important content. The views plugin gives you total control over layout, gap size, colors, all inside the Views module. You can use it for homepage headers, footers, or even for a full-page gridstack with all your content!

    This is one of those little features that make your content more fun to interact with, and more personalized.

    Creating custom stacks:

    View GridStack Module Page

      Carousels For All Content

    There are 2 kinds of sliders in our Carbide Builder drag and drop tool. This first is a Bootstrap based simple image slider. Then There is the Carousel Element, which is like a swiss army knife of sliders. It will do regular sliders, fading sliders, carousels, and more. It will slide anything you throw at it, including videos, images, and HTML content with layouts.

    The Carousel element gives you the awesome power of the Owl Carousel library at your fingertips. Here is an example slider that I created by copying the Position Elements container demo contet in 2 slides:

    View Carousel Demo Page

    View Positioned Layers Demo Page


      Improving Drupal Views Integration

    The most exciting improvements in 2.4.8 to me are all in the Views integration. We tested and improved exposed filter integration. The awesome power of views' exposed filters and sorting is that unlike with contextual filters you get a human-friendly form that allows you to personalize the view. When exposing a category filter, you get a nice hierarchical selectbox to choose a category. When you want to expose  something more massive like a node:author field you can use an autocomplete field.

    The power of views integration will become more obvious when we start release magazine designs for Glazed. Keep an eye on the blog/newsletter!

    New Pages in the Glazed 2.4.8 Main Demo

    All new and updated demo pages:

    For a complete list of changes check out the Glazed and Carbide Builder changelogs:

    CHANGELOG Glazed Theme
    CHANGELOG Carbide Builder

    Improving Drupal's Distribution Experience

    Since Distribtuions were announced as a feature for Drupal I thought it was a great idea, and now SooperThemes is working on making distributions even better. I think we are the first distribution to have a custom build option but that is just the beginning. We are currently testing Auto-Deploy & Install tools that we've been working on for 4 months. (Think fully automatic deployment and installation on your server or even shared hosting).

    Bonus GIF

    Here's a GIF image of our completely re-architected multi-level responsive main menu:

    Limited Time Offer

    Active for a very limited time!

    Join SooperThemes Today!

    To upgrade your existing account click your subscription in the toolbar and choose Add Plan or Change Plan.

    Have a great day!

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    Drupal Association News: Make it official with your certificate of membership

    Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 8:07am

    Today we begin our first membership campaign of the year. It’s all about making your contribution official with a personalized certificate of membership.

    In our 4th year of running this campaign, we hope that you will help us by either joining the Drupal Association or by letting others know about this opportunity. Members who join or renew from now through June 30 will be sent a certificate. Our goal is to send 675 certificates, which is a 10% increase from last year’s final count.

    Make it official

    It wouldn’t be fun if we did not have some challenge for our members, however. So here it is: if you refer 5 or more members to us during this campaign, we will give you a shoutout on this blog and on Twitter. If your company refers 5 or more members during the campaign, we’ll publicly acknowledge your company as well. (When you refer someone, tell them they can mention you when they sign up.)

    We love the creativity of the Drupal community and we look forward to seeing how you share about this campaign. If you are a member and you want your certificate so you can do something fun like this, just ask and we’ll send it to you.

    Thank you! RT @DJRitendra: @DrupalAssoc Glad To be part of #DrupalAssoc :) #Drupal @DJRitendra

    — Drupal Association (@DrupalAssoc) June 3, 2015

    Thanks for your support! RT @GambinoVin: My Certificate of membership! @DrupalAssoc @brightlemon

    — Drupal Association (@DrupalAssoc) June 12, 2015

    Personal blog tags: Membership
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    Larry Garfield: Moving to a new Platform

    Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 7:02am

    After my last post, a number of people asked if I was leaving Drupal all together. Perish the thought. :-) However, after a decade at and the five-year Wagnerian Saga that was the Drupal 8 development cycle (complete with singing), I have been asking myself "What next?"

    Well, what do I like to do? I like to build. I like to teach. I like to make things better. I like to work with smart people, as colleagues, as community partners, and as customers. I want to be able to have an impact in making something better for other people.

    To that end, I am pleased to announce that today is my first day as Director of Runtimes, Integrations, and Services for

    read more

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    Drupalize.Me: Dig into Drupal 8 at DrupalCon

    Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 6:15am

    DrupalCon is almost here and it’s time to start filling out your schedule. There’s a lot to do and see (not to mention eating lots of great New Orleans food!), so we definitely recommend having at least a rough game plan for how to use your time. Here’s a look at things you should be considering, especially if you are looking to take away a lot of Drupal 8 knowledge.

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    Flocon de toile | Freelance Drupal: Drupal 8 : Inject a contact form inside a content type in 5 steps

    Planet Drupal - 2 May 2016 - 6:07am

    How to insert a contact form inside a content Drupal 8? Or on a specific page in a specific location ? By default, contact forms created have a dedicated page. But if we want to use them elsewhere. After some research, I almost thought I should write a few lines of code to create a specific Plugin.

    But contact forms, like almost everything now in Drupal 8, are entities. Finally, place a contact form, or any other form besides, is a simplicity that had eluded me until now.

    Categories: Drupal

    No, You Can’t Just Take Someone Else’s Work Off The Internet To Use In Your Game! - by David Mullich Blogs - 2 May 2016 - 5:44am
    The internet has made all kinds of content available for anyone in the world to access.  However, that doesn’t mean that it is free to take and use for your own purposes. Here's a primer on intellectual property protection for game developers.
    Categories: Game Theory & Design

    How to showcase a VR game at PAX - by Mike Rose Blogs - 2 May 2016 - 5:44am
    tinyBuild recently announced and showcased our first VR game at PAX. Here's how showing Stage Presence to thousands of PAX goers went.
    Categories: Game Theory & Design

    Puzzle Dependency Graph Primer - by Joshua Weinberg Blogs - 2 May 2016 - 5:44am
    An introduction to Puzzle Dependency Graphs, an analytical technique which can be used to gain insights into the size, structure and complexity of a game.
    Categories: Game Theory & Design

    Publishers are not necessarily evil! - by Kadri Ugand Blogs - 2 May 2016 - 5:44am
    There are many publishers operating in the games space today. So who are these mysterious creatures, what goes on inside their heads and how to approach them?
    Categories: Game Theory & Design


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