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New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 11:44am

Tired of having huge search index tables on your website's database? Read further!

The core search module disregards use cases when Drupal sites need to have only certain content types indexed. It scans all nodes of all existing content types, regardless if some of them are never meant to be searchable, and so adds a lot of unnecessary processing load during indexing and inserts a lot of extra data in the database, which will never be used.

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Acro Media: A Reaction to "A New Documentation Initiative"

Planet Drupal - 23 March 2018 - 11:06am

Matthew Grasmick, grasmash on and, has written another inspiring post on documentation. As our CTO, Shawn McCabe has often said before, give Acro an easy button, and we’re 100% behind better documentation.

You can read Matthew’s original blog post for a more thorough and somewhat more roundabout explanation of his proposal. Below I’ve edited the heart of his post into 6 distinct proposals and responded to each one.

In general, I think we can all agree the documentation for Drupal has needed a breath of fresh air and is constant source of frustration for new and experienced users alike.

Proposal #1A:  Elevate some docs to "official"

Elevate the Drupal 8 User Guide to the status of "Official Documentation"

The idea of creating a tiered documentation has been implemented partially already with the new documentation migration initiative. I think Matthew’s proposal goes one step further by wanting to introduce a new taxonomy term called “Official” for the “documentation page” and “documentation guide” that carries more weight. This idea is very drupally, as we currently do this exact same thing with marking modules as covered by the security policies. Providing a level of assurance that a certain module is produced by people who know what they’re doing and backed up by a team of specialists who voluntarily deal with logistics and other high-level situations.

In general, I think Matthew’s first proposal is a good one. We should implement it by “blessing” certain documentation pages and guides with a stamp of approval / official.

Proposal #1B:  Prominently Feature "Official Docs"

Update the UX on to prominently feature the Official Documentation on major site entry points.

Along with the “stamp of approval” we would “red light / green light” these pages. Essentially flagging pages as “red light, unofficial” and “green light, official” would go a long way to signalling to the community at large that we take documentation seriously and only greenlight the best of the documentation.

To take Matthew’s proposal seriously, though, we would also need to implement new call-to-actions on non-documentation pages that point to the “official” pages. Maybe revamp the navigation of header and footer on to clarify the difference between “official” documentation and “unofficial.”

Proposal #2:  Adopt Best Practices

We should adopt the following as best practices for all Official Documentation:

This is the heart of the proposals. Matthew wants to constrain the carrot, that “official” stamp of approval, through a high-level checklist of best practices. Agreed. Below is a quick run down of the best practices Matthew is proposing.

  1. A governance process
  2. Use version control
  3. Use and follow documentation standards
  4. Write documentation in markdown format
  5. Use continuous integration process to generate and update screen shots of Drupal interfaces. (<a href="">Additional Info</a>).
Proposal #3:  Integrate Semantic Versions

Let's integrate the semantic versions (8.5.x, 8.6.x, 9.0.x, etc.) into the Official Documentation UX, much in the way that Symfony and Laravel do.

This is absolutely critical but also a huge technical task (high risk). It means that official documentation would need to have it’s status coupled with minor releases of Drupal. The bigger our official documentation grows, the larger the task will be to maintain it adequately between minor versions. I think the manpower needed to make this idea happen might just burn out the individuals interested in stepping up to make it happen. If we, the Drupal community, can stomach the high risk nature of such a claim, then by all means, we need this.

Perhaps a way to reduce risk is to “evergreen” stamp certain pages, clarifying the fact that certain pages would not likely need updated between minor releases. We could also reach out to Symfony to ask how they manage minor releases and documentation.

Proposal #4:  Lower Contribution Barrier

Lower the contribution barrier.

Decoupling the documentation contributors could impact the early adopters positively and long term users negatively. I think think the primary way to achieve the goal set out in this proposal is tightly coupled with the next proposal, by letting users of an open source git-powered platform make the edits, we essentially open source our documentation and our processes at the same time.

I helped spearhead the move of Drupal Commerce’s documentation to the subdomain “docs” for the same reason. We have much better documentation because of this move. Anecdotally, for Drupal Commerce 1, we had maybe a handful of contributors to Drupal’s documentation. Now, for version 2, we have a myriad of contributors (51!!). Scaling documentation is hard, and this is one way to increase involvement.

Personally, I absolutely love this part of Matthew’s proposal. Professionally, I think the community is divided and people are picking sides. They are rightly asking: Why can't Drupal do this very content heavy thing better? Perhaps the answer is: Drupal can do this! We just have to accept this content lives in a version-controlled repo and not in the database.

Proposal #5:  Host Docs on Repo

Use a repository that is hosted on GitHub (or GitLab) to manage the official Drupal documentation.

Agreed. I’m looking forward to learning how will move to one of the git-based hosting services. I’d throw my hat into the github arena, but the initiative for has already chosen bitbucket. So let’s use bitbucket.

Proposal #6:  One Pager

Create a new class of documentation that we're lacking: "The Official One Pager."

Cool, love the idea. I think we could take or leave this. If I were proposing these changes to a client, I would mark this proposal as optional. This helps communicate that this proposal is a lower priority (unless the decision makers want to make it a higher priority) and helping the decision makers understand that this scope increase, while very beneficial, would impact the delivery and bottom line and could easily be moved on to a different delivery schedule.

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Friday Snippets

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 March 2018 - 11:00am
We’ve made it to Friday! Woo! Congratulations, everyone. Good job. Just a bit more and we’ll make it to the weekend. My plans look like they’re going to include trying to paint up my Hunter’s Guild and making Jammie Dodgers. We’ll see how all that goes. But before I get to all that, I need […]
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Dead in the West RPG Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 March 2018 - 10:00am
In the US, the Old West is like our Camelot. It’s achieved mythical status. Cowboys, outlaws, gun slingers, rancher’s daughters, shootouts. It was quite a time and place to be. Dead in the West looks to bring that mythical world to your tabletop. It’s a new RPG that’s up on Kickstarter now. From the campaign: […]
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Steamforged Previews Veteran Gutter For Guild Ball

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 March 2018 - 9:00am
The Union is going through changes. The Solthecian Church has taken over, and many of the players that used to be on the team have looked elsewhere for employment. One such is Gutter. Back during the Union in Chains event for Guild Ball, Gutter could’ve ended up with the Butchers or the Fishermen. In the […]
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One Life Left x GDC podcast: PlayerUnknown, pro wrestling, and positive death

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 23 March 2018 - 8:36am

Gabby DaRienzo, Brendan Greene, and other incredible guests join One Life Left's Ste Curran & Ann Scantlebury & Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft as they bring the best bits of GDC 2018 to you. ...

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Shutdown Maintenance

New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 8:34am

By default, Drupal's maintenance mode permits users to log in, so long as they have the correct permissions.

This module hardens the system: users may not log in; logged in users are logged out. Unless other contrib modules intervene, only the maintenance page is displayed.

Why? This module permits a site builder to shut down Drupal in the event of a security concern that implicates the log in function.

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That 70s Expansion Now Available For Smash Up

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 March 2018 - 8:00am
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we all lived through the 70s. The clothes. The music. The heartwarming but rarely amusing Ziggy cartoons. Now, later, who are we to look at these two fine young men and say, “You there! I sit in judgement of you!” (congrats if you get that one) The That 70s […]
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ANKUR: Land of the First People Sourcebook Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 March 2018 - 7:00am
While Ankur takes place in the far-off future, when one forgets their history, they forget their present. So, as humanity heads out to the stars, it’s important to look back at where it all began and how the people that still live there have changed over time. Land of the First People is a new […]
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Brian Osborne: Overriding module configuration in a Drupal 8 installation profile (with some "gotchas")

Planet Drupal - 23 March 2018 - 6:31am

I'm working in creating a Drupal 8 installation profile and learning how they can override default configuration that its modules provide at install time.

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Games Workshop Previews From Adepticon

Tabletop Gaming News - 23 March 2018 - 6:00am
Adepticon is the place for miniatures games. Pretty much every gamer knows that. The event is 4 days of tourneys and events. It’s also a place where miniatures companies make announcements about what they’re coming out with for the year. Arguably the biggest there is Games Workshop’s announcements. Well, we’ve got ’em and now you […]
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Material ScrollTop Button

New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 5:39am

This module makes it easy to use Material ScrollTop Button within a Drupal 7 site.

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Valuebound: How to integrate Salesforce with Drupal 8 website

Planet Drupal - 23 March 2018 - 5:16am

Integration of CRM tool with web applications has turned out to be an undaunted task especially when you monitor/manage your contacts, existing clients and leads generated for marketing campaigns. In this post, I would like to walk you through Salesforce integration with Drupal web application. Let’s dive in to the basics of Salesforce.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps business effectively manage sales, service, marketing, collaboration, analytics, and building custom mobile apps. In order to manage the business effectively, companies need to integrate their Drupal website with Salesforce CRM solution, which…

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Soundcloud with WYSIWYG

New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 4:55am

This WYSIWYG plugin will allow to embed soundcloud music into the ckeditor as iframe. We can play the music in the site.

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Link Popup using Bpopup

New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 4:47am

Link Popup - Open Link in Pop up - use bPopup

This module will allow to open the links in drupal in popup whether it is node link or any custom page link.
To do so one has to add attribute rel="link-popup" in the link tag.

This module requires the bPopup library which can be downloaded from:

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Rakuten Web Service

New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 4:34am

Unofficial integration module with Rakuten Web Service SDK for PHP.

Rakuten Web Service SDK for PHP is a library to make it easy to connect to the Rakuten APIs.

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New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 2:37am
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Database Administration Tool

New Drupal Modules - 23 March 2018 - 1:08am
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Beating Procrastination - by Keano Raubun Blogs - 22 March 2018 - 11:54pm
A self-reflection on procrastination habits and possible solutions to break that vicious cycle and keep working on the things you love.
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Ten interviews about the state of video games and research - by Mata HaggisBurridge Blogs - 22 March 2018 - 11:53pm
Ten developers, from AAA to indies and community organisers, were interviewed about relationship with academia, thoughts on the future of games, and more. The results are inspiring and personal stories that drive devs in their work.
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