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TGN 2017-12-11T23:00:04Z
Updated: 4 hours 40 min ago

Wyrd Previews Gunner For Above The Law

20 November 2017 - 12:30pm
You know, if you’re going to have a gun, you might as well know how to use it properly. And not just little guns, either. But big ones. Really big ones. Really, really big ones. Such is the case with the Gunner pursuit from Through the Breach: Above the Law. We get a look at […]
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New German Pak 40 auf RSO Available For Bolt Action

20 November 2017 - 11:00am
The Soviets made some pretty good tanks during WWII. This was causing the Germans some issues. They had their reliable Pak 40 gun, but it wasn’t easy to move the thing around. And the original Tank Destroyers that were made had exposed crew quarters, so they could be taken out with small arms fire. The […]
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Monday Terrain Corner

20 November 2017 - 11:00am
This is gonna be a pretty short week for me. It’s like it’s already Wednesday, in a way, since there’s only 2 more days after this to the weekend. But it’s not actually Wednesday. It’s Monday. As such, that means my Robin Hood/Star Wars shirt and a Terrain Corner, rather than my Ministry of Silly […]
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Corvus Belli Previews December Infinity Releases

20 November 2017 - 10:30am
So, they’ve got Aristeia out there to you. But what if you want to just play more Infinity? What sort of stuff do they have coming out for that? Well, you’re in luck. Corvus Belli has posted up a preview of next month’s releases. From the post: Infinity December 2017 New Releases Always are people […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Fantasy Flight Previews Uthuk Y’llan Infantry Command Unit For Runewars

20 November 2017 - 10:00am
Even rampaging hordes have those individuals at the front, directing it. It’s no good to have a whole army of slathering monsters and soldiers if they’re headed off in the wrong direction. That’s where the Uthuk Y’llan Infantry Command Unit comes in. They’ll make sure all that destructive effort goes in the right direction. We […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Steamforged Announces New Miniatures Game

20 November 2017 - 9:00am
Steamforged Games had their SteamCon UK event over the weekend. It was a celebration of all things Steamforged. Of course, there were plenty of announcements about their current projects, but there was also a new game announced. It’s called Godtear, a new fantasy miniatures game. Details are still pretty thin on the ground, but we’ve […]
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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases Available From Warlord Games

20 November 2017 - 8:00am
The Ghar might be diminutive on their own, but they compensate on the battlefield by making exoskeletons and walkers that they pilot into battle. That’s what you’ve got here with the hew Ghar releases for Beyond the Gates of Antares. But it’s not just the little fellas hitting the field. There’s also the new Hükk […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Skirmisher Publishing Customer Appreciation Bundle Available Now

20 November 2017 - 7:30am
Skirmisher Publishing loves their customers. Really, really, really loves them. How much? Well, they’ve got a special bundle available from their DriveThruRPG shop that’s only $0.10 for 10 titles. Yes, a penny apiece. Obviously, this won’t stay around forever, so you might want to hurry and get your bundle for yourself. From the post: This […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom Now Available

20 November 2017 - 7:00am
While we might not think of them much anymore, for the longest time, trains were the main mode of long-distance transportation. And one country that was quick to adopt the locomotive and use it to expand all across its land was the United Kingdom. And that’s where the new Ticket to Ride expansion takes you. […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Arena Rex Holiday Sale Happening Now

20 November 2017 - 6:30am
I foresee making a lot of similar posts along this line in the upcoming week or so. The fine fellows have wrapped up their stay at PAX Unplugged and are ready to tackle the holidays. They’ve got their seasonal sale going on over in their webshop now. If you want to get some of the […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Aristeia Now Available From Corvus Belli

20 November 2017 - 6:00am
If you’re looking to get into a new sci-fi sports game, your time has come. Today’s the release day for Corvus Belli’s Aristeia. Grab your team and head on down to the pitch. There’s both the main core box, as well as a collector’s edition available to order over in Corvus’ webshop. About the game: […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Review Roundup

18 November 2017 - 11:00am
It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Man… my grocery list was 2x as long as usual. I got 2 turkeys, some sweet potatoes, russet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, dressing, carrots, and ingredients to make 2 pumpkin pies. … I, uh… kinda take Thanksgiving seriously. My fridge is rather full. But before we get there, we’ve gotta get […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Black Friday Deals Available From West Wind Productions

17 November 2017 - 3:00pm
Thanksgiving’s not quite here yet, but we’ve already got some of the holiday sales going on. In this case, it’s West Wind Productions. If you’d like to get some of their awesome products for a lot cheaper than you usually would, you’ll want to head over to their website and see what they’ve got on […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Zadorf Games Releases Fat Turkey Card Game

17 November 2017 - 2:00pm
As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming up really quickly. As such, quite a lot of turkeys have gone to meet their maker to supply us with our traditional feast meal. In Fat Turkey, you’re one of those potential Thanksgiving dinners. You’re being fattened up, but you know better. Try and keep your weight down […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Battlefront Posts New Force Org Charts for Flames of War and Team Yankee

17 November 2017 - 1:00pm
As war goes on, the organization charts for the various armies can change dramatically. As the military heads see what is and isn’t working on the battlefield, they will adjust accordingly. Same goes for the generals in charge of minis games armies. Battlefront has posted up new Force Organization Charts for the Late War era […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Latest Wrath of Kings Releases Now Available

17 November 2017 - 1:00pm
In any army, you’re going to have the elite units. Those that take on extra training and get extra equipment. This month’s releases for Wrath of Kings epitomize the “elite” ethic. Both House Nasier and House Goritsi are getting new units. Check ’em out. From the post: Within each house, there’s the elite of the […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Kill the Unicorns Card Game Coming to Kickstarter

17 November 2017 - 12:00pm
While many of us love unicorns, it’s not everyone that thinks they’re so great, especially if they’re overrunning your Queendom, as they were doing in a land far, far away. Now, many conservationists will tell you that regulated hunting can be beneficial to a wild population. But the Queen in this Queendom was sick of […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

November Board Game Releases Available From CMON

17 November 2017 - 11:30am
It’s CMON’s release day for the latest board games. This time around, they’ve got a new medieval-based one called Richard the Lionheart. Be a part of either Robin Hood’s band of merry men or throw your support behind Prince John. When Richard returns from the Crusades, only one side will be victorious. There’s also a […]
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Friday Snippets

17 November 2017 - 11:00am
Fridaaaaaaay! And man, I worked like mad yesterday, but there’s still tons to do. And you should see what my grocery list looks like for tomorrow. We’ll see if I can fit everything into my little Chevy Aveo. I might have to do it in two goes. But that’s for tomorrow (and into next week). […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

10 New Cases Coming For Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

17 November 2017 - 10:00am
Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective ever (… well… at least next to Batman). If you’re looking to fit in his shoes and head to the streets of London, solving all sorts of cases, you’re in luck Asmodee and Space Cowboy have announced that they’re coming out with 10 new mysteries for Sherlock Holmes: Consulting […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design