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TGN 2018-05-25T16:00:50Z
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Wyrd Previews Motor Scout For The Other Side

6 April 2018 - 2:00pm
In combat, knowing the location and strength of the enemy is vital. Scouts have been used for thousands of years to find out just that sort of information. While that spot had been held by horse-riding cavalrymen for the longest time, in the motor age, it’s being taken over by vehicles specifically designed for the […]
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Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake Coming To Kickstarter April 16

6 April 2018 - 1:00pm
Alright, so you’ve had a great meal. Appetizer, soup, main course, all were absolutely astounding. But now your sweet tooth is getting to aching. Where’s dessert? Well, in the case of Kitchen Rush, it’s coming to Kickstarter on April 16, when the campaign for Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake will launch. About the expansion: Dinner […]
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Torg Eternity – The Living Land Supplements Up On Kickstarter

6 April 2018 - 12:00pm
The people have spoken: They want more Torg Eternity. The initial Kickstarter took off like a rocket and the game subsequently went on to be nominated for and win numerous awards. It’d be cruel to not give them more. So, Ulisses Spiele has launched a Kickstarter for Torg Eternity – The Living Land, supplements that […]
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Friday Snippets

6 April 2018 - 11:00am
Hey everybody! It’s Friday! Woooooo! Gateway to the weekend, you all know how much I love Fridays. Or, more importantly, Friday evenings (not that work’s terrible, but c’mon! It’s not the weekend!). This evening, I’ll be making some white chocolate & macadamia nut cookies for D&D tomorrow. Probably will grab some snacks to take along […]
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Dann Kriss Games Running Cthulhu: The Great Old One Deluxe Edition Kickstarter

6 April 2018 - 10:00am
Sometimes, you just want something a bit nicer. You could just get the regular, old thing, but it’s not really what you’re in the mood for. You want more. You want extra. You want a higher quality. That’s why you go in for the deluxe edition. For those that are fans of Cthulhu: The Great […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Kazrak Studio Previews Saber & Blood Kickstarter

6 April 2018 - 9:00am
Ever see a Kickstarter launch and think, “man, this project would be better if they just ____”? Well, Karzak Studio is looking to avoid that by showing off the preview of their Saber & Blood Kickstarter campaign before it launches. Check it out, find out about the game, and if you’ve got anything you’d like […]
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River Horse Announces Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance Board Game

6 April 2018 - 8:00am
River Horse is still working on their The Highlander board game and just wrapped up their Pacific Rim Kickstarter, but they’ve got yet another licensed board game coming to Kickstarter just next week. They’ve announced the new Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance board game. From the announcement: River Horse Games and Lynnvander Studios have […]
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Forge World Taking Orders For Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill

6 April 2018 - 7:00am
No, this isn’t a story for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minis game. Though I can guarantee that I had this toy back when I was a kid. No, the Terrax Pattern Termite Assault Drill is for 40k, and you can order yours from Forge World now. From the post: A specialised transport vehicle, the […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

IDW Announces Nickelodeon Splat Attack Kickstarter Launch Date

6 April 2018 - 6:00am
Even as they gear up for the Galaxy Hunters campaign which gets underway next week, IDW Games is already looking to what they’ll be launching next. Now, this hits me right in my nostalgia center, because I used to watch Nickelodeon all the time (and I mean back when You Can’t Do That On Television […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Wargamer’s Odds and Ends Spring Sale Happening Now

5 April 2018 - 3:00pm
Some might think of Spring Cleaning as a time to get rid of things. I say, it’s a perfect time to get some new games in and prepped for the long summer months. And the folks over at Wargamer’s Odds and Ends feel the same way. They’ve got a half-off sale going on for this […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers Up On Indiegogo

5 April 2018 - 2:00pm
Shinobi7 is doing something interesting with their late pledges for the Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers campaign that they ran on Kickstarter. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign for the same game, but open to anyone that Kickstarter might not cover, and giving people a chance to pledge for it. From the campaign: With the successful […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

5 April 2018 - 1:00pm
And it’s up and running. The Kickstarter campaign for Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is going now. If you want to bring the action of the classic video game series to your tabletop, now’s your chance… and your only chance! This is a Kickstarter-exclusive campaign. So if you want in, you’ve got until the end […]
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Runes of Mayhem Tactical Viking Game Up On Kickstarter

5 April 2018 - 12:00pm
They come from the land of the ice and snow, of the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow. They’re the Vikings, and they’re heading for some western shore, namely the British isles where the Anglo-Saxons are prepared to try and defend against their raids. That’s where you’ll find yourselves in Runes of Mayhem, a […]
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Thursday Terrain Corner

5 April 2018 - 11:00am
The week continues along. As is usual for me, it seems as though Wednesday took an eternity. But now it’s gone and I can continue to just focus on wanting to get to the weekend. D&D will be had. Not sure if this group uses much terrain in their games, but that doesn’t mean we […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Shades of Vengeance Running Battlecruiser Alamo RPG Kickstarter

5 April 2018 - 10:00am
It can be so hard to decide what character you want to play in an RPG. You can’t be great at everything. That’d be overpowered. But, of course, many of us want to be great at everything. Well, in Battlecruiser Alamo (based on the novel series of the same name), you get to play two […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Syystem Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

5 April 2018 - 9:00am
Syystem is a new sci-fi RPG up on Kickstarter. It puts players in the outer rim of a solar system where greed, corruption, and murders of convenience are commonplace. How will they survive and thrive in such a setting? Well, it won’t be easy, especially when the rules of the game are shifting and changing […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Battlefront’s Live Launch Weekend For Armoured Fist Coming Tomorrow

5 April 2018 - 8:00am
The Armoured Fist book is coming out tomorrow for Flames of War. As is their tradition, Battlefront is in celebration mode. They are going to be doing special events, live all weekend to mark the occasion. Head over to their website for in-depth articles, videos, and much, much more all starting tomorrow (which it almost […]
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Z-Man Games Taking Pre-Orders for Taj Mahal

5 April 2018 - 7:00am
India is a land filled with beauty and wonder, along with a rich history. In Taj Mahal, you are sent back to the Mogul Empire as you go see the sights in the countryside along with the Grand Mogul. Of course, as you’re going along, you have to be wary of those that want to […]
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Steamforged Previews Veteran Minx For Guild Ball

5 April 2018 - 6:00am
As many of you know, I play Guild Ball. The Hunter’s Guild is one of my teams (I mean, they have a bear). So, of course, I’m excited to see what new minis they’re getting. In this case, it’s one of the models from the Union in Chains event. It’s Veteran Minx, and she adds […]
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Ponyfinder: From the Ashes Adventure Up On Kickstarter

4 April 2018 - 3:00pm
Wars are pretty brutal. They can leave scars in the land and in populations that remain for generations. In the wake of the war between the fey and humanoid races, the land was left scorched and even the sky had been changed. Into this wasteland, groups of creatures that had been on opposite sides realized […]
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