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Updated: 23 hours 5 min ago

HexGameStudio, my indie game studio - by Hector Xiang

5 September 2019 - 7:31am
Introduce my indie game studio, HexGameStudio.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

I Am the Cheapest Bastard In Indie Games - by Jeff Vogel

5 September 2019 - 7:30am
For 25 years, we have sold ultra-low-budget retro indie RPGs. Our graphics are lousy, and they will stay lousy. In this indie biz deep dive, we share a bunch of budget and sales numbers to show how accepting our limitations helps our business succeed.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Kickstarter adventures in 2019 based on our game, Unbound: Worlds Apart - by Sergiu Craitoiu

4 September 2019 - 7:45am
Kickstarter plans and strategies we made for our game in 2019
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Retro Insectivores: Finding and Eliminating Bugs in NES Development - by James Deighan

4 September 2019 - 7:44am
If you have ever engaged in programming, then you know about bugs. If bugs didn't bother us, the development process would be faster and more enjoyable. Fortunately, there are many tools and strategies for eliminating bugs - even for retro programmers.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Unity Addressables: It's never too big to fit - by Ruben Torres Bonet

4 September 2019 - 7:40am
You are leading a team of programmers and supporting artists to port a good-looking PS4 VR game to Oculus Quest. You have 1 month to halve your memory budget and 6 months to complete it. What's your first move? Let's bring Unity Addressables to the table.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The “Lite” experience: Tencent and PUBG Corp. seek to capitalize on under-served emerging games markets with low-spec offerings - by Louise Shorthouse

4 September 2019 - 7:25am
In catering to the needs of those who don’t have the budget or hardware capacity to play the non-lite versions of PUBG, Tencent and PUBG Corp. are laying the foundations for a strong audience rapport moving forward.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Rise of the Autobattlers and learnings for world domination - by Mark Robinson

4 September 2019 - 7:24am
Autobattler games may well end up being the year's defining industry trend, but while games like Dota 2 are hugely popular, what engagement and retention lessons can developers learn from F2P games to ensure their Autobattlers achieve world domination?
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Designing Catch Huntermann, World's Best Detective - by Matias Kindermann

4 September 2019 - 7:22am
How to design and animate a Graphic Adventure Game main character in less than a day.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Indie marketing is a fool's errand - by Han Jiang

4 September 2019 - 7:05am
Despite doing what every article, video, handbook of what to do for indie marketing, being a solo dev has its limits.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

No Blood But Tolerated Suicides: 10 Secrets For Your Successful Game Localization To Japan - by Dolly Dai

4 September 2019 - 6:59am
When looking at revenues, Japan is the 3rd largest games market in the world. Prepare your game from the start for the Japanese game market - then the game or app localization process will be smoother.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Common mistakes of Auto-Modes - by Diego Ricchiuti

4 September 2019 - 6:45am
Are video games too difficult? Should Dark Souls have an easy mode? There is no real answer to these questions, but if a team decide to implement an Auto-Mode it should avoid the most common mistakes
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Google Stadia will Fail at Launch - Here’s Why... - by Daniel Camilo

4 September 2019 - 6:44am
Google has been trying to explain what Stadia is and who is it for, but so far, the messaging has been extremely confusing and misguided. Just two months away from launch, and most people still don't really "understand" what Stadia is...
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Frame-specific attacks in Unity - by Nahuel Gladstein

3 September 2019 - 7:33am
Ever wondered how to check collisions on specific frames of an animation in Unity? Here's the answer!
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Can Indie Mobile Teams Do User Acquisition in 2019? - by Katie Gall

3 September 2019 - 7:17am
After releasing Critter Clash I speak about my experiences being small and scaling with UA. I talk about what impact subscription services like Apple Arcade might have on developers and design, and discuss the current state of game discoverability.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Video Game Deep Cuts: Control The Knights On Bikes With Chains - by Simon Carless

3 September 2019 - 12:14am
This week's roundup includes a look at a whole heap of new games, including Control, Knights On Bikes, Ancestors, and Astral Chain, as well as a retrospective interview with Seaman designer Yoot Saito.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The UX of Overwatch Role Queue - by Nida Ahmad

30 August 2019 - 8:01am
A UX analysis of the Overwatch Role Queue beta considering the psychology of design and usability principles.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Preview: Decision Fiction - by Sande Chen

30 August 2019 - 7:22am
In this article, game writer Sande Chen gives a preview of the upcoming choice-based story app from Decision Fiction.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Feedback Etiquette: Empowering Creatives to Remarkable Results. - by Mark Webster

30 August 2019 - 7:20am
In this post Mark shares how to cultivate a more effective and positive work environment by adjusting the way creative feedback is delivered.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

How Painting Works In Chicory: A Colorful Tale - by GameMaker Studio

30 August 2019 - 7:19am
The following blog comes from Greg Lobanov and is an exploration into how the interesting painting mechanic works in his latest game: Chicory: A Colorful Tale. If you found this interesting or want to share how your own game works. Please reach out to u
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Why you may be underpricing your video game - by Simon Carless

29 August 2019 - 10:57pm
So, video game pricing. You'd think this was a simple subject, but I'm convinced that at least 50% of all people launching games in 2019 get it wrong. And the core of the reason is this - you're undervaluing your game.
Categories: Game Theory & Design