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Updated: 6 hours 52 min ago

Do Loot Boxes Need to be Regulated - by Josh Bycer

30 May 2019 - 6:23am
The recent loot box bill being proposed could mean the end of the system as we know it, but is there a safer alternative that keeps everyone happy?
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Planning A Perfect Pitch: 9 Questions To An Art Producer - by Anastasiia Kladova

30 May 2019 - 6:22am
How many times were you unsure how to showcase a creative idea? In this article, Art Producer at Room 8 Studio shares a guide through the world of pain and gain, that helps to get a pitching deck right, impress the publisher, and create an awesome game.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Version Control with Perforce featuring Brad Hart - by Larry&Brandon GDU

28 May 2019 - 7:54am
Brad Hart is the Chief Technology officer for Perforce. Before getting in the tech industry, Brad had a completely different career in Mechanical Engineering in aviation and his itch for working with computers turned from a hobby to him selling his first
Categories: Game Theory & Design

7 Essential Ingredients Horror Games Have to Build Tension - by Daniel Jones

28 May 2019 - 7:47am
Horror Games have benefited from somewhat of a renaissance of late. I believe there was a concern among gamers in the industry that they were being left behind by publishers in favour of a more action orientated approach. You only had to look at the lik
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Composer Winifred Phillips answers Reddit's questions in viral Ask-Me-Anything about video game music - by Winifred Phillips

28 May 2019 - 7:35am
Game composer Winifred Phillips' Reddit AMA went viral last week, hitting the Reddit front page, receiving 14.8k upvotes & garnering gold & platinum awards to become one of the most engaged and popular Reddit gaming AMAs. Read excerpts from the Q&A.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Beating Feature Creep (Repost) - by Caleb Compton

28 May 2019 - 7:34am
Everybody wants their game to be the best. Because of this, it can be tempting to add as many cool features as possible. Unfortunately, this tendency can be dangerous and even kill the game entirely. In this article we learn how to avoid feature creep
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Future of Games - by Vitor Bulbovas

28 May 2019 - 7:31am
In this post I'll talk about one of the possible futures for games
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Mental Health & Excessive Mass Media Consumption - by Andreas Ahlborn

28 May 2019 - 7:27am
The W.H.O acknowledges „Gaming disorder“ as an official part of the upcoming (2020) ICD-11,let`s discuss...
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Video Game Deep Cuts: Observing A Playdate With Some Cool Ghosts - by Simon Carless

24 May 2019 - 8:29am
This week's roundup includes a look at AI thriller Observation, the unique new Panic handheld Playdate, and subjects including eSport shadiness, Oculus Quest, and Pathologic 2.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Design trajectories in Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Chess Edition - by Pippin Barr

24 May 2019 - 7:27am
Pippin Barr examines the design and development process of his game Let's Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Chess Edition, making use of his extensive documentation for the project.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Taking A Look(ing Glass) at Thief: Deadly Shadows... 15 Years Later - by Michel Sabbagh

24 May 2019 - 7:14am
15 years ago, Thief saw a third outing in a year hosting the likes of Half-Life 2. Doom 3 and Far Cry. In this retrospective piece, Bethesda Softworks alumnus and writer Michel Sabbagh explains why Deadly Shadows should be celebrated.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Kliuless #36: The Tech Cold War - by Kenneth Liu

24 May 2019 - 7:12am
Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I share broadly within Riot. This edition is the public version that I publish broadly every week as well. Opinions are mine.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Welcome to rabbit hell! Reliable AI locomotion with TDD - by Brendan LoBuglio

23 May 2019 - 7:14am
Unit testing is often thought to be inapplicable to game development due to randomness, 3D interaction, and unpredictable player input. But in ElemenTerra, we were able to utilize a TDD workflow to write stable and regression-proof AI locomotion.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

What is a game? - by Carl Ji

23 May 2019 - 7:11am
This we, I want to think about the definition of a game.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Creative Gaming Revolution - by Dylan Woodbury

22 May 2019 - 8:38am
A new paradigm of game design is gaining steam - Creative Gaming is a booming alternative to challenged-based design, and its impact will forever change the video game industry.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Titan's Environment in 'Afterlight'. A technical Approach - by Vic Franco

22 May 2019 - 7:33am
"Afterlight" has a strong narrative aspect that its achieved by a carefully balanced mix of actual Titan's documentation and its creative interpretation. Here it is a technical breakdown about its lighting and environment
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Why crunch will break the best and brightest in the industry. - by Mark Lloyd

22 May 2019 - 7:32am
The core problem with enforcing crunch is the effect, damage, and loss of capability in the people and teams. Creativity is at the heart of development, and it comes from the people. Smash the team, and you damage everything.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

5 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques - by Antonio Torres

22 May 2019 - 7:31am
As far as software expressions are concerned, modern games are some of the most complex. The complexity of these games and the amount of money involved in making them, calls for different testing scenarios.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Double-Edged Sword of Live Service Games - by Josh Bycer

22 May 2019 - 7:29am
Live Service has become a goal for developers to continue to support their titles, but it presents some interesting challenges when it comes to the constant development of a game.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Case study: How developer Gismart achieved success in China, USA and Europe with the 25M downloaded Beat Maker Go mobile game - by Lana Meisak

21 May 2019 - 7:26am
Lana Meisak, VP of Marketing and Business Development, discusses how this relatively unknown developer and publisher has transformed from humble indie origins into a formidable global mobile publisher and developer in just a couple of years.
Categories: Game Theory & Design