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Updated: 23 hours 38 min ago

Level Design for Combat - by Max Pears

14 August 2019 - 7:17am
I break down what I have learned in my career to what helps to make a strong combat space, how to create combat spaces that feel engaging and challenging. Sharing my knowledge with step by steps to aid fellow level designers.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Matrix Design - by James Youngman

14 August 2019 - 7:17am
An explanation of Matrix Design, a method to use the principal behind the Square-Cube Law to maximize the amount of design space opened up by marginal increases in functionality.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Interview with the former valedictorian that is behind a unique new fantasy game that is looking for streamers! - by Ashley Kreuer

14 August 2019 - 7:14am
If you’re a streamer with some followers and you like classic Zelda you should get in contact with this developer. He’s looking to give away some Beta keys to streamers who want to stream it on Twitch or make YouTube videos.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Steam's 'Follower' counts - hidden in plain sight. - by Simon Carless

13 August 2019 - 11:02pm
In the interests of focusing on one particular part of game discoverability, I’d like to concentrate this piece on one particular hidden gem of a statistic - Steam’s follower count.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

(Mostly) Everything You Need To Know About Building WeChat Mini Games - by Luke Stapley

13 August 2019 - 8:07am
Many mobile/HTML5 game developers today are looking for new platforms and audiences to release their game onto. With China being one of the biggest, it's no wonder WeChat mini games are becoming a hot topic. Learn almost everything you need here.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Game Music and Psychological Attachment: How Game Composers Can Enhance Virtual Presence (Pt. 2) - by Winifred Phillips

13 August 2019 - 7:37am
The 2nd of a 4-part series. Video game composer Winifred Phillips shares ideas from her GDC 2019 talk, How Music Enhances Virtual Presence. Part 2: Game Music and Psychological Attachment. Included are practical examples and video demonstrations.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Let the Punishment Fit the Twine: Ancient Greek Punishments as Hypertexts - by Pippin Barr

13 August 2019 - 7:34am
Reflections on translating five myths of punishment into Twine stories, with a focus on the physicality of interaction in hypertexts.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Applying Videogame Theory to Escape Rooms : the Definition of a "Game" - by Alastair Aitchison

13 August 2019 - 7:33am
Much of the recent research in the field of game studies has been concerned only with computer games. In this article, I’ll consider whether some commonly cited academic definitions of "games" and "play" can equally be applied to Escape Room games.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Interview with the #GameDev behind the new trading game where your camels can die! - by Ashley Kreuer

13 August 2019 - 7:29am
An interview with the #GameDev behind the new trading game where your camels can die!
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Education through Games - by Rob Burns

13 August 2019 - 7:29am
Games are a great source for education. We will discuss the merits of modding games to get children interested in game development and STEM.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Devlog 1: The Prologue “CrackleBack” - by Edward Bennett

13 August 2019 - 7:28am
First DevLog from Indie game developer building 'CrackleBack' a FPS / Trading game.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

7 Must-read Books for Game Designers - by Narek Aghekyan

12 August 2019 - 8:33am
This article discusses when and how game design has become a profession as well as when it has formed enough to be considered as a separate discipline. Also it suggests 7 books that every game designer needs to read.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Why Artifact Failed - by James Margaris

12 August 2019 - 8:32am
Examining the design issues behind the tepid launch of Valve's Artifact
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Reality of Game Development - by Josh Bycer

12 August 2019 - 8:21am
In this piece, I share my thoughts and experiences on what it means to make videogames for a living having spoken to developers over the past 7 years and where people still have trouble grasping about the practice.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Piczle Colors post-mortem - by James Kay

12 August 2019 - 8:18am
A quick look at the development of Piczle Colors for Nintendo Switch, what went well and what really didn't.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Lessons Learned from the Development of Vicious Circle - by Caleb Compton

12 August 2019 - 8:13am
I sit down with the Head Designer of Vicious Circle, the newest game from Rooster Teeth. We discuss how the game came to be, and some of the lessons learned along the way!
Categories: Game Theory & Design

What Computer Should I buy for Game Development? - by Richard East

12 August 2019 - 8:10am
A surprisingly common question from new Indie Game Developers: what computer should I buy? When starting out, its important not to waste money, but also to ensure you have the right hardware for the job.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Kliuless #44: The Dark Side of the Video Game Industry - by Kenneth Liu

12 August 2019 - 8:08am
Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I publish broadly. Opinions are mine.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Video Game Deep Cuts: Eliza's Moral Panic Over Wii Sports - by Simon Carless

11 August 2019 - 9:14am
This week's roundup includes a look at new Zachtronics title Eliza, the moral panic about Fortnite and 'good play', and the incredible Wii Sports speedrunners, among a host of other interesting pieces.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

[Making of] A Ferrari Formula 1 car in 3D - by Aditya Rajani

9 August 2019 - 9:22am
In this article, 3D Environment Artist Aditya Rajani goes in-depth in how he created a Ferrari Formula 1 car in 3D using Maya and Quixel. He shared insights on how to avoid some common mistakes while modeling and texturing and achieve realistic results.
Categories: Game Theory & Design