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Having a Vision with thatgamecompany Eric Koch - by Larry&Brandon GDU

20 November 2018 - 8:59am
When the folks over at thatgamecompany start moving on a new project hoping to follow up the success of their previous games Journey and Flower, there was only one person they trusted to help head up development, Eric Koch. Eric’s career started out in
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Fortnite Creator Facing Potential Lawsuit Over 'Stolen' Dance Moves - A Legal Analysis - by Pete Lewin

20 November 2018 - 8:58am
Epic Games faces potential lawsuit over 'stealing' popular dance moves. But is there any legal merit here? Are dance moves actually protected by copyright?
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Game Designer Spotlight: Reiner Knizia - by Caleb Compton

19 November 2018 - 9:25am
The second in my "Game Designer Spotlight" series, this time focussing on the incredibly prolific Reiner Knizia. I look at his design process and philosophy, and try to figure out how he makes so many darn games!
Categories: Game Theory & Design

@Play 86: Interview with ADOM Creator Dr.Thomas Biskup - by John Harris

19 November 2018 - 9:24am
An interview with ADOM creator Dr. Thomas Biskup, about the game's recent arrival on Steam and various other things, both about it and in general.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Squeaky Wheel's Productivity Tools - by Ryan Sumo

19 November 2018 - 9:23am
I talk about some of the productivity tools like Flock, Hacknplan, and Airtable that we use to make making games easier.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Kliuless? #12: NFL aka National Fortnite League - by Kenneth Liu

19 November 2018 - 9:19am
Each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I share with other Rioters, including Riot’s senior leadership. This edition is the public version that I publish broadly every week as well. Opinions are mine.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Play, Don't Show - by Stanislav Costiuc

19 November 2018 - 9:17am
In this streamlined version of a talk I gave about a year ago, let's discuss how games can use interactivity to create strong emotional bonds with the players.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Ship it Fast - Why we developed and shipped a tiny game in 2 months - by Jair McBain

19 November 2018 - 9:16am
As a brand new, game crafting duo with a burning desire to become sustainable, what we needed on our side was experience, confidence and data. In this article, I will cover what we've learned so far from tackling a 2-month development and release cycle.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Making Minimum Wage Making Experimental Games - by Omey Salvi

19 November 2018 - 9:15am
I detail a strategy for indie game development that I'll follow myself to try to make minimum wage making experimental games on Steam. My first game has perma-permadeath. You can only play the game once.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Throw Nothing Away: Lessons from the Making of Steel Rats - by Michal Azarewicz

19 November 2018 - 9:12am
Tate Multimedia's Michal Azarewicz writes about letting your experiences drive your design, iterating on your own passions and talents, and leaving no idea behind in the new motorbike combat racer Steel Rats.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Old School Musical Post Mortem / Developement - by Francois Bertrand

19 November 2018 - 9:12am
Old School Musical is released. Yay ! It's time to go back 7 years back in time (no joke) to talk about how it started.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Video Game Deep Cuts: The Grandmaster Of Fallout 76 - by Simon Carless

18 November 2018 - 7:35am
This week's highlights include a look at the U.S. grandmaster vying for the world chess championships, a diary playing through Bethesda's oddly emergent Fallout 76, and a host of other notable pieces.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Demystifying the Design & Dev Consultant - by Mike Ellis

15 November 2018 - 8:39am
There can be a lot of questions, misunderstanding, and misconceptions about working with a Design & Dev Consultant. Find out how working with a consultant should work and what a good consultant can bring to the table.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Curtis Campion, Newfound Courage: Diversity and Inclusion in Games - by Jessica Paek

15 November 2018 - 8:25am
This week, we sat down with Curtis Campion, who is making Newfound Courage, to talk about telling relatable stories and the importance of inclusion in gaming.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

@Play 87: Interview With Josh Ge, Creator of Cogmind - by John Harris

15 November 2018 - 8:13am
Interview with Josh Ge, Creator of the sci-fi, robot-focused roguelike Cogmind, about it and many things about its design and creation.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Wase Qazi, Megastorm Games: Community Building Through Twitch - by Jessica Paek

14 November 2018 - 7:01am
We’re kicking off our collaborative article series, where we sit down with game developers and help tell their stories. The first installment comes from Wase Qazi, developer of Skyhook and Shotgun Farmers.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Ingredients for Developing a Digital Wargame - by Vincenzo Pirrottina

14 November 2018 - 6:58am
The first and most important step to create an interesting and playable digital wargame is to choose the right ingredients.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Oversharing About Overriding - by Zulu OneZero

14 November 2018 - 6:56am
The why and how of using the overriding directive in game programming
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Risks of Making Safe Games - by Josh Bycer

14 November 2018 - 6:56am
Today's post looks at how the bar continues to be raised for design and aesthetics, and what that means for working on the next "big hit."
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Restless – Making A New Conversation UI - by Florencia Minuzzi

14 November 2018 - 6:50am
An analysis of the UI and text effects in Restless. Explores factors to be considered when creating new UI – from button shapes to speech bubble layout – as well as ways to create a positive reading experience using text effects.
Categories: Game Theory & Design