New Drupal Modules

Diba carousel

3 January 2017 - 2:50am

This module creates a block carousel based on Bootstrap carousel functionality. The block is created programatically and is ready to use in 5 minutes, doesn't need views.

Installation and configuration
  • Enable the module
  • Go to Administration > Estructure > Block layout
  • Place a Diba carousel block in a region
  • Configure the block settings
  • Enjoy

When you use the block you can configure different settings on every block instance:

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Protected File

2 January 2017 - 7:35am

Protected file module provide a new field type which extends File field and permit to enable/disable for each file uploaded the possibility to prevent anonymous users from downloading the file, and then require from them a registration to be able to access to the file protected.

This module requires that the Protected File field created use the private system file.

Under active development.

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Unisender API

2 January 2017 - 6:31am

This module provides integration with Unisender, a more affordable alternative to MailChimp email delivery service. The module makes it possible for website users or visitors to control which of your email lists they want to be on (or off).

The code in mostly taken from MailChimp module, and rewritten to adapt Unisender API features:

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Commerce GdeSlon

2 January 2017 - 6:13am

GdeSlon affiliate network integration for Shop owners.

This module provides tracking code for products, categories, cart and checkout complete pages.

To implement products feed export you should probably try one of the modules related to Yandex Market feeds.

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Commerce shopping hours

1 January 2017 - 3:23pm

Let's say that for some reason your shop is not open 24/7. Maybe you have a restaurant with delivery that works only from 9AM to 21PM. In this case you don't want to accept orders when the shop is closed. This module allows you to define opening and closing hours for each day of the week. Your customers will stil be able to add items to their cart but when they try to checkout they will be redirected to the warning page that displays custom message and shopping hours.

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Page builder framework

30 December 2016 - 4:27am

The page builder framework removes the barriers of forcing a content type to have a set amount and order of fields by allowing snippets of content in "rows" with individual layout and display formatting.

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jQuery Auto Height

30 December 2016 - 2:22am

This module integrates the jQuery AutoHeight plugin by monocult. It dynamically adjust column heights, matching the biggest column in each Row.

Check out this DEMO

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Message Private

29 December 2016 - 9:53pm

The Message Private module provides a message type and associated entity reference fields, enabling sending and receiving private messages using The Message Stack.

D8 development ongoing - bug reports and feature requests are handled via the GitHub project.
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29 December 2016 - 2:34pm

"Element queries are a new way of thinking about responsive web design where the responsive conditions apply to elements on the page instead of the width or height of the browser.

Unlike CSS @media queries, @element Queries are aware of more than just the width and height of the browser, you can write responsive conditions for a number of different situations like how many characters of text or child elements an element contains.

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28 December 2016 - 11:39pm

The Shave for Drupal module provides integration with the Shave Library. Shave ( is javascript plugin that truncates text to fit within a html element based on a set max-height. A demo can be viewed at:

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Tractor beam

28 December 2016 - 9:26am

Details to come!

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Views VBO Filter

28 December 2016 - 7:13am

This module provides a convenient way to provide a Views filter that has fixed options, but too many to be included in a normal filter.

The module provides a Views filter which can be used to fill the values of another filter, by providing a modal popup displaying a view where the user can select values for the other filter (using Views Bulk Operations (VBO), hence the name).
That way, you can use a simple text (or hidden) field for the filter itself and use this module's filter to fill it with values.

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D8 Migration Check

27 December 2016 - 3:21am

Checks the D8 Migration compatibility for Your drupal 7 site

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Translation Condition

25 December 2016 - 8:27am

Provides a condition plugin for the block placement system in Drupal 8 which allows a block to be conditionally placed based on whether it has a translation in the currently active language.

An example of when this could be useful is adding a content block with a translated message which only shows on untranslated pages to explain that a fallback is being shown.

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Developer Mode

24 December 2016 - 9:40am

Limit access to the Drupal admin panel for your clients. Block functionality like updating content and viewing menu items for all user except those without specific permission.

If you develop Drupal websites for your clients, this is the module for you! Developer Mode makes it possible to easily disable certain parts of the admin panel for your clients, while keeping full control over all admin panel functionality for yourself and other developers. For example, User cant create,edit or delete content . They will be presented with Content Freeze message.

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Domain Language Access

24 December 2016 - 4:40am


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Deactivate User

23 December 2016 - 3:34am

Deactivate User module set the user status as inactive after it reached the value configured by the administrator.
So as soon the count matches or exceeds the configured count value, user's account will be blocked and user will get a error message.

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Parameter Message

22 December 2016 - 6:44am

This is a module for create Messages in CMS with parameter.

If this parameter exists in the URL it displays the message.


Configuration (CMS):


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22 December 2016 - 5:50am
About 1Pass platform with Drupal integration.
1Pass is a platform for single-article sales.

When 1Pass users see an article for sale behind the 1Pass button on a participating
web site, they click it and the article appears. 1Pass takes care of all the
accounting behind the scenes.

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Admin Denied

21 December 2016 - 3:26pm

It's so easy to work on Drupal as user 1, but bad practice as you might miss any permissions problems that could occur for other users.

To make matters worse, the user 1 account often has the default username of admin, making the task of brute-forcing access twice as easy for any malicious attackers.

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