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New Drupal Modules

Fight 215

12 May 2015 - 2:47pm

This module adds a countdown banner for the Fight 215 campaign to every page, and also provides blocks which you can enable with graphics linking to

Section 215 of the Patriot Act expires on June 1st, 2015. By reauthorizing Section 215, the US Congress would extend the mass surveillance of millions of phone records for another five years.

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12 May 2015 - 1:18pm

The BigVideo module provide the ability for attach background video to site pages.

Please note what you need adapt site theme for use background videos.

This module requires the following modules and libraries:

* Modules
- Libraries (
- Video.js (
- jQuery Update (

* Libraries
- BigVideo.js (
- Video.js (
- ImagesLoaded (

Categories: Drupal

Scald Dailymotion

12 May 2015 - 4:28am

Scald Dailymotion is a video provider for the Scald module.

Categories: Drupal

Scald Vimeo

12 May 2015 - 4:14am

Scald Vimeo is a video provider for the Scald module.

Categories: Drupal

Scald YouTube

12 May 2015 - 1:35am

Scald Youtube is a video provider for the Scald module.

Categories: Drupal

Online Theme Editor

12 May 2015 - 1:05am
Categories: Drupal

Community Media Series

12 May 2015 - 12:26am

With Community Media Series you can create series and automatically create cm_shows and cm_airings based on specified criteria. The idea is to radically simplify creating recurring shows, without having to add each show and its airings one by one.

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11 May 2015 - 8:13pm

This is a training project for Komosion Drupal training.

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Open Atrium Drive

11 May 2015 - 10:48am

Google drive integration forOpen Atrium 2.

Submit an Issue or See issue queue

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Tin Can API integration

11 May 2015 - 8:07am

The Tin Can API project is a suite of modules that provide various points of integration with the Tin Can API/Experience API. The module(s) can be used to track many different types of user interaction such as viewing nodes, clicking links and watching YouTube or Vimeo videos via the Media module. The Tin Can API module can also act as a framework to track custom statements.

The Tin Can API module has been tested and works with the SCORM Cloud LRS and the Learning Locker.

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Require aliased paths

10 May 2015 - 12:41pm

Have you ever set-up Pathauto and then thought to yourself, is there any way to block users from accessing content by it's unaliased path?

To put it another way, say that you have a node (node #10) and it has an aliased path of "content/my-super-awesome-page". How do you prevent users from accessing it via "node/10"?

This is a simple module that does just that. Basically, if it detects that the current page has an alias but the page was accessed using it's internal path, it denies access.

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eps Online-Überweisung

10 May 2015 - 2:43am

This project integrates eps payment standard into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems. The eps Online-Überweisung is an off-site payment service of Austrian banks. It is based on the technical eps e-payment standard which is an open and standardized XML interface between online-shops and banks to initiate irrevocable online payments. Extensive documentation can be found here, current version v2.5:

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