New Drupal Modules

Video Embed Google Drive

28 April 2017 - 3:16am

An integration for Google Drive videos into Video Embed Field.

Categories: Drupal

Automatic Taxonomy Terms

28 April 2017 - 12:28am

This module is able to automatically create taxonomy terms for you when an entity, of any type, is being created.

Categories: Drupal

Search API Sort Priority

27 April 2017 - 4:49pm

Allows site admins to configure custom sort priority - for example:

Sort search results by content type in the following priority order:

  • News
  • Article
  • Basic Page


Categories: Drupal

Theme Breakpoints for Javascript

27 April 2017 - 10:13am

This module exposes theme-related breakpoints as directly usable Javascript variables.

Categories: Drupal

Base64 Image Clean

27 April 2017 - 7:38am

This is a small module designed to do one thing: prevent base64 image data from reaching your database. Why would you want this? two reasons. The first is database size, since base64 image data can be quite large, bloating out tables. The second is search API, since you don't really need base64 data to be indexed, this prevents the search API from scanning through it.

Categories: Drupal