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Entity Query API

7 April 2016 - 8:18am

Entity Query API fills the gap between Drupal 8's built-in RESTful Services and Views with an easy to use, out-of-the-box means for loading, filtering and paging entities in a RESTful style. Essentially, Entity Collections is an API to the Entity QueryInterface.

Any enabled entity gets an endpoint at /entity/{entity_type} which responds to GET requests.

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Breakpoint Js Settings

7 April 2016 - 6:33am
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IVW Integration

7 April 2016 - 6:32am
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Ubercart Affirm

7 April 2016 - 2:31am

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. This project integrates Affirm Credit Payment Gateway into the Drupal Ubercart payment and checkout systems.


This module requires the following modules:

  1. Sub modules of Drupal Ubercart package.
  2. Ubercart core,
  3. Ubercart Payment (and its dependencies);
  4. PHP cURL library;
  5. Affirm Merchant account (

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Simple Redirect

7 April 2016 - 12:05am

This is a light weight Module provide us simple redirection feature upon Registration and Login.


  • Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.
    See: here for further information.


  • Visit admin/config/simple-redirect settings page, and provide the url to redirect upon registration and login.
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Video Embed Wistia

6 April 2016 - 2:55pm

This module adds support for Wistia to the video_embed_field module.

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Entity Collections

6 April 2016 - 1:18pm

Entity Collections fills the gap between Drupal 8's built-in RESTful Services and Views with an easy to use, out-of-the-box means for loading, filtering and paging entities in a RESTful style. Essentially, Entity Collections is an API to the Entity QueryInterface.

Any enabled entity gets an endpoint made available at /entity/collections/{entity_type}.

You can apply conditions, sorts, and ranges to your query for the given entity type.

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Viewmode field

6 April 2016 - 8:57am

Viewmode field allows users to choose a specific view mode for related entities during node creation instead of choose a unique view mode for all related entities.

Add a new viewmode_field to your related entity type, then use the Rendered entity view mode formatter to render the entity.

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6 April 2016 - 7:27am

This is an integration module for Amazon Echo devices, allowing Drupal to respond to Alexa Skills. Right now the module provides a basic integration and developers will need to fork in order to provide their own skills. Events integration is coming soon.

Basic set-up on Amazon side:

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Pane mover

6 April 2016 - 2:25am

This module moves panel panes. What? With it you can e.g....

  • Teleport some pane from a panel page to a place in the page template
  • Hack the order of pane rendering (due to panels limitations only in the same panel)

How to do it?

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Slick video

6 April 2016 - 1:04am

Provides a simple integration between Slick carousel and Video embed field. If you need more robust solution, please consider Slick media.

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Features Organic Groups Roles Permissions

5 April 2016 - 11:53am

Adds support for exporting Organic Group roles with related permissions in features.

Module and code is based on features_og_roles_permissions.


Download, unpack and enable the module.

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Commerce Cart Empty Paths

5 April 2016 - 7:50am
About this Module

This module allows site administrators to define multiple paths, and when a user visits a non-declared page, their shopping cart is emptied.

  1. Download and enable the module.
  2. Go to admin/commerce/config/empty-cart-paths and enter any additional paths. checkout, checkout/*, cart and cart/* are declared by default.
  3. That's it!
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CloudFront Purger

4 April 2016 - 8:21pm

You can use AWS CloudFront as a reverse proxy in front of your whole Drupal site.

This module provides a very simple AWS CloudFront Purge Purger plugin.

Required Modules

Because AWS CloudFront does not support cache tags (yet), this module depends on URLs queuer module

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Image Style Class

4 April 2016 - 4:38pm

Adds classes onto each rendered image showing the image style name.

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4 April 2016 - 11:27am

Adds support for the Autogrow plugin for CKEditor.

  1. Download the plugin from
  2. Place the plugin in the root libraries folder (/libraries).
  3. Enable the CKEditor Autogrow module in the Drupal admin.
  4. Configure your CKEditor format(s) to enable autogrow, and change some default configuration for it.
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Apache Solr View Count

4 April 2016 - 6:13am

This module allows you to index the node view count to Apache solr index as a custom field and let you sort SOLR results. The module requires Apache solr search module. The Apachesolr Viewcount module depends on either of the following modules to fetch the node view count:

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Config Importer and Tools

4 April 2016 - 2:10am

This module aims to cover development needs with managing configs during project development.
Importing all configs during development is not convenient and can lead to bad behaviours with overwriting or deleting configs or content from a site
So there is a need for importing only specific configs via hook_update_N

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4 April 2016 - 1:52am

This module aims to cover basic need with embedding forms into a site via entity_embed, incorporating

  • contact_storage,
  • views,
  • csv_serialization

Basic features
OptionEmailtem -> gives you an opportunity to create a field with Options, tied to emails for sending out submissions to addition for main contact form setting
Markup item - for adding simple HTML to your forms
States - List of US and Canada states

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CKEditor Wordcount

3 April 2016 - 11:40am

Adds support for the Word Count & Char Count Plugin for CKEditor.

It can be enabled per filter format, and will show you the paragraph and word count, as well as count spaces as characters or count HTML as characters if you select those options. You can also set a maximum limit on total words or total characters, which will prevent input in CKEditor after that limit.

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