New Drupal Modules

Hello World! (REST)

1 August 2019 - 6:36am

Hello World!
Drupal 8 Restful API module example.

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GoCardless payment

1 August 2019 - 2:21am

This module implements a GoCardless payment method for the payment module.

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Media: JoVe

1 August 2019 - 1:42am

Media: JoVe adds JoVe as a supported media provider.

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Advanced cookiebar

31 July 2019 - 11:50pm
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Focal Point S3fs Cache

31 July 2019 - 10:56pm

Focal Point S3fs Cache

  • Utility module supporting image cache invalidate functionality with s3fs and focal point
  • Flush s3 image cache when focal point is changed
  • Allow to select different style through configuration menu
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User Extras

31 July 2019 - 2:41pm

User Extras is a module that provides extra functionalities to the user registration flow. It allows to create users using only the email field and also assign roles automatically.

Current Features

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31 July 2019 - 7:45am

The module provides tools for using samba shares. Allows create multiple samba server settings.


The module depends on SMB Library.

Example $manager = \Drupal::service('smbclient.server_manager'); $fs = $manager->getServer('test_filestore_id'); $share = $fs->getShare('test_folder'); $file = $share->readFile('test_file.xml'); $content = stream_get_contents($file);

Development assistance is welcome.

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Taxonomy term generator

31 July 2019 - 5:02am

This module will allow you to generate multiple terms on a vocabulary that
you can use for sample or also on production.


  1. Install and enable this module.
  2. Go to admin/structure/taxonomy-term-generator.
  3. Select a vocabulary that you want to add some terms.
  4. Input how many terms do you want to add.
  5. Click "Generate terms".
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Scheduled Delete

30 July 2019 - 11:27pm

Schedule delete - Alternate Utility Module

  1. This module provide option to scheduled node, Node deleted via drupal cron.
  2. This module will add a column to your node_field_data table so please take backup of database before installing/uninstalling this module.
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30 July 2019 - 12:56pm
  • Kubernetes is a subsidiary module under Cloud module.
  • Please refer to: Cloud


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Opquast checklist

30 July 2019 - 8:27am


The Opquast Checklist module aims to improve the quality of online services through open-licensed checklists (Creative Commons BY-SA) and tools validated and used by a large community of web professionals. The module offers you 226 good practices classified by theme:

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Image marker

30 July 2019 - 7:52am

This module provides and adapts the jQuery plugin as a Drupal form element for a quiz of matching.

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A11Y: Form helpers

30 July 2019 - 6:58am

Make all your forms in Drupal more accessible.

This won't fix every accessibility issue with Drupal forms.

The following features are available:

  • No HTML5 validation
  • Readable inline error messages for screen readers
  • More to follow...

This isn't a permanent module, if a feature is no longer needed in an upcoming Drupal release. It will be removed from the next major release.

Supported modules:

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Drupal GitlabCI integration

30 July 2019 - 12:22am

Gitlab CI/CD integration for a Drupal 8 module / theme or project.

Include Build, Unit testing, Code quality, Code metrics and Deploy samples.

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Development mode

29 July 2019 - 11:47pm
About the DEV MODE module

When you're developing a Drupal site, you want the caches off, CSS and JS aggregation off, twig debugging on, and verbose error logging on, right? Forget lousy bash scripts or manually changing settings. Simply enable this module and basic developer friendly settings will be enabled.


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jQuery UI Tabs

29 July 2019 - 2:20pm

Drupal 8 includes jQuery UI in core, however it is no longer actively maintained and has been marked deprecated. This module provides the jQuery UI Tabs library for any themes and modules that require it.

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Drutopia Collection

29 July 2019 - 9:20am

Drutopia Collection is a feature providing the ability to create collections to bring together ordered listings of Articles, Blog posts, or other content. This is useful for magazine issues or online books (referencing each chapter) or to create a meta-resource of recommended resources and people. an article content type and related configuration.

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VIPPS Recurring

29 July 2019 - 2:45am
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ADA Accessible Helper Menu

28 July 2019 - 11:13pm

Provides a quick solution to allow the user to switch between the active theme and a high contrast version or Text only Version of it.
Also, Provide an option to change font size in small, Medium or large.

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Group Notify

28 July 2019 - 1:19pm

Notify (email) members of a Group ( when new group content is posted via Group Node plugins.

Once the module has been enabled, browse to Administration -> Groups -> Group types -> Set available content. Plugins provided by "Group Node" (gnode) can be enabled to send email notifications. Click "Install" or "Configure" and check "Notify group members" to enable.

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