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Dropbox upload

10 July 2017 - 3:55am

Dropbox upload allows you to add a new field type called dropbox_upload. Files added with this field are directly uploaded to an attached Dropbox account and stay there. The folder structure can be defined per field and can be token based.

When visiting content with dropbox files then the files are showed correctly.

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Drupal Content Migration

10 July 2017 - 2:01am

Content migration is one of the most important factors that any experienced Drupal developers must take into account.

When working on a production state of your projects, upon finishing certain functions, you will need to move the progress to the production site by using the feature and coding export functions.

However, it is not easy as it seems.
If the number of nodes is small, developers can do it manually. But when it amounts to hundreds, thousands, or millions, that is quite risky.

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TMGMT Translator Yandex API

9 July 2017 - 8:40am

TMGMT Translator Yandex

Yandex translator plugin for the Translation Management Tools (TMGMT) project. Allows to submit translation jobs for to Yandex Translator.

About Yandex translation API

The API provides access to the Yandex online machine translation service. It supports more than 70 languages and can translate separate words or complete texts. The API makes it possible to embed Yandex.Translate in a mobile app or web service for end users. Or translate large quantities of text, such as technical documentation.

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Easy Field

9 July 2017 - 7:23am

To do

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Drupal Antivirus Site Protection (by

8 July 2017 - 5:51pm

Drupal Antivirus Site Protection is the security plugin to prevent/detect and remove malicious viruses and suspicious codes.
It detects: backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, fraudtools, adware, spyware, hidden links, redirection and etc.
Drupal Antivirus Site Protection scans not only theme files, it scans and analyzes all the files of your Drupal website (theme files, all the files of the plugins, files in upload folder and etc).

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8 July 2017 - 11:22am is a free image optimization API. It compresses the size of your images, making them — and therefore your website — significantly faster to load. image style optimizer is a Drupal module that provides an image style effect with this image optimization capability.

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Replicate Groups

8 July 2017 - 9:23am

Assign replicated node to the same group of the current user.

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7 July 2017 - 2:24pm

AppNexus ads integration module. Very simple to use. The module provides blocks with ability to set Tag IDs, Ad Sizes.

You can also pass global page options:

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Command Bus

7 July 2017 - 12:30pm

Provides a ready-to-use command bus for developers. This module provides no interface but only an API for executing commands via a command bus. The command bus comes in handy if your application utilizes a service layer. For more information about service layers check out this great talk:

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Simple Password Reveal

7 July 2017 - 9:22am

Simple Password Reveal alters password fields on user login and user edit forms to show plain text by default, while also adding a checkbox for concealing the password as needed.

Rather than creating friction for a user to show a password each time by clicking a check box, the password is revealed by default. In my experience, I generally prefer password fields to be plain text almost all the time. It's only when in public or during a presentation that I want to conceal passwords.

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Entity Read Time

7 July 2017 - 8:34am

Provides an extra content info that displays the time it will take to read content on your site.

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Token Language

7 July 2017 - 6:52am

The token modules provides only tokens about the language a node is in.

There are use cases where, for example a field help text, needs to link to another page prefixed by the current interface language code.

This module adds the missing tokens about the interface language:

  • Current language name.
  • Current language code.

This module requires the token module.

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Minimum Cardinality Required

7 July 2017 - 4:37am

Module to add unlimited cardinality with minimum field require.

Example : if suppose user set minimum cardinality -2 then user require to fill 2 data that field.

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Profile2 Regpath Exportable

7 July 2017 - 12:44am

This module enables you to export your Profile2 Registration Path
settings in features.

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Commerce ePayco

6 July 2017 - 7:31pm

ePayco is a Colombian payment gateway. With this module, you can:

  • Integrate ePayco Off-site payments with Drupal commerce 2.x (More features could be added later).
  • Set-up global gateway settings and override those settings per store (useful to allow sellers to have their own payment account at ePayco platform).
  • Alter payment data dinamically (a basic hook is provided if you need specific information).
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Site Access

6 July 2017 - 4:26pm

This project is inspired by the ban module in core but is a bit more configurable.

You are able to create a pipeline of different RequestCheckers that are configurable to decide whether to forbid the request or not.

RequestCheckers are plugins allowing any modules to add new ones. Currently, there are

Allows you to define a list of IPs that allow access.

Allows you to add Google Authentication to allow access.

Only allows HTTPS access to the site.

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Create user permission

6 July 2017 - 4:27am

This module makes it possible to make people be able to create users, without granting them the permission to "administer users".

Combined correctly, you can then make people create users of roles "beneath" them in the role hierarchy, both without passing out that permission and without enabling users to register themselves.

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One Time Password

6 July 2017 - 3:15am

One Time Password is an opinionated, lightweight, zero-configuration module with 100% test coverage. It provides two factor authentication to users by way of the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (RFC 6238).

Many apps implement this spec, providing users lots of options for storing and managing their one-time-passwords. Some popular apps which will integrate with this module are:

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IDer login

6 July 2017 - 3:02am

With this plugin you can provide login and registration process using the IDer Service.
An additional “Login with IDer” button will appears along the regular one.

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6 July 2017 - 1:53am
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