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27 September 2018 - 11:03pm

Plumbr Browser Agent measures how your web application responds to user interactions. This module integrates Plumbr with Drupal.

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(Hexidecimal) Color Field

27 September 2018 - 5:12pm
Module Overview

This module provides a Hexidecimal Color Field API Field. The field collects and stores hexidecimal color strings, in the format #XXXXXX where X is a hexidecimal (0-9, a-f) character.

The module also provides a hexidecimal_string TypedData API data type. This can then be used in the Field API by defining a property as a hexidecimal_color. For example, in a class that extends FieldItemBase, the propertyDefitions() method would look something like this:

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27 September 2018 - 2:27pm

This module adds classy classes to any theme. Work in progress.

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Discoverable Entity Bundle Classes

27 September 2018 - 2:16pm

Currently in Drupal 8, there is no mechanism for deriving a base entity type's class implementation with a unique class type on a per-bundle basis. As a result, if overriding the entity type class, that class type will be used for all instances in which that entity type is created.

This module provides a simple proof of concept that takes control of the SqlContentEntityStorage to allow for derived content entity type classes on a per-bundle basis which are discovered through the @ContentEntityBundleClass annotation.

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Uppy File Uploader

27 September 2018 - 12:51pm

Adds a widget to upload files via Uppy (

Uses the chunking, resumable, TUS file transfer protocol (

For decoupled / CORS purposes, you will need to add these allowed headers to your services.yml (included are a few other common headers):

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Donut Chart

27 September 2018 - 12:20pm

The Donut Chart module adds a formatter to output numeric field inputs as configurable donut charts.


Simply install the module and every numeric field will have the option to output the field as a Donut Chart when selecting the formatter for the field. You can also specify the HEX value for the color of the rings and the text, as well as the width of the rings to get a more stylish output.

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DbLog Slack Notification

27 September 2018 - 10:55am

Here you can create a notification chamber while any error occurs in application. This is a flexible module so you can configure your own slack channel and configure what kind of log you want to put in notification.

1. Enable the Module via drush or composer.
DRUSH: drush en slack_notify
COMPOSER: composer require drupal/slack_notify

2. Go to configuration and set your channel url and select what type of message you want to show.
3. Thats all, check your channel now :D

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Slack Log Notification

27 September 2018 - 10:36am

Here you can create a notification chamber while any error occurs in application. This is a flexible module so you can configure your own slack channel and configure what kind of log you want to put in notification.

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Affected by promotion

27 September 2018 - 7:36am

Provides a service to give you the entities that are affected by a promotion.

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Simple LinkedIn Autopost

27 September 2018 - 7:05am

This module provides API integration with Simple LInkedIn API service.

Configuration page - admin/config/services/linkedin_autopost

User configuration - admin/config/services/user_linkedin_autopost

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OPcache Control

27 September 2018 - 4:07am

Simple Module to view OPcache statistics and configuration and reset OPcache.

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BS Basic

26 September 2018 - 10:33pm

BS Basic Module

Basic Slide show block for website.

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JSON API Hypermedia

26 September 2018 - 1:10pm

The JSON API Hypermedia module is complementary component of the JSON API module.

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Entity Explorer

26 September 2018 - 4:37am

This module provides a single Drupal Console command, namely entity_explorer.

It is a tool for developers to quickly get localized data about entities without resorting to the UI or digging through the database.

Example usage:

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26 September 2018 - 3:56am

This Module helps setup Basic Chat Bot that interacts with Voice based input or Key Input of User. One can enable it in specified block of its Choice, Where as Footer suits the Best. It can be extended further to accumulate as many functionalities possible.Currently this module enables Search by Title, Latest Articles Search, Latest Pages. It is solely compatible with Drupal 8.x. The style of Block display can be changed. As of Now it uses Dialogflow as NLP agent. It is possible to extend it to use any other NLP agent like Alexa. Further instructions in file.

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Devel Debug 40x

26 September 2018 - 2:14am

The Devel Debug 40x module registers an event subscriber that will dump 403 and 404 exceptions through Devel's dumper manager to help you debug unexpected 403 or 404 errors.

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Video Embed Vkontakte

26 September 2018 - 1:36am

An integration for Vkontakte videos into Video Embed Field.

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OpenID Connect Implicit Flow

25 September 2018 - 12:03pm

This module integrates Drupal with a third party OpenID Connect provider using the Implicit Flow path for authentication (See:


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