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Easy Meta

9 July 2018 - 9:59am

Easy Meta
It is a module for Drupal 7 to add meta tag in the easy way.

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Webform Config Ignore

9 July 2018 - 7:16am

Webform Config Ignore adds a filter to configuration import and export to skip webforms and webform options. This allows site editors to change webforms and options lists without having to fear obliterating their work on a config import.

New webforms will still be imported.

The filter is basically config_ignore with slight modifications.

Requires config_filter.

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Submission IP anonymizer on list view

9 July 2018 - 6:22am

Anonymize IP addresses and hide/show hash on submission list view

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Views Custom Table

9 July 2018 - 6:13am

View custom table module provide you functionality to integrate your custom table data to views, and access all it's column in views. This module use hook_view_data to add custom tables in views. this module provides you following functionalities.

  1. Auto integrate custom table data to views
  2. Auto map mysql data types with drual data types
  3. Extend relationship of custom table data to drupal entities

How to use:

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Commerce Order PDF

9 July 2018 - 4:24am

Commerce Order PDF provides a PDF receipt functionality for all the orders. It uses DOM PDF library to generate PDF.

Currently, it is in very active development and can only be used after altering the code.

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Field Formatter Template Collection

9 July 2018 - 2:07am

Field Formatter Template Collection

Collection for Field Formatter Template

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Node Weights

9 July 2018 - 2:01am

Node Weight module provides a weight field than can be added to any Content Type. The weight field can be used to provide customized sorting.


This module requires no modules outside of Drupal core.


Install the Node Weight module as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. Visit for further information.

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Login with only Email

8 July 2018 - 9:07pm

This simple Drupal 8 module allows users to log in exclusively with their email address from the standard login form.


Just enable the module.

Recommended Modules:

This module is based on the Login Email or Username module:


Core dependencies only.


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Domain Google Tag Manager

7 July 2018 - 8:31am

The Domain GoogleTagManager module provides option to configure the different GTM tags for each domain.

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Affiliates Connect Flipkart

6 July 2018 - 3:38pm

Affiliates Connect Flipkart is the Plugin to the Affiliates Connect Module. It provides the functionality to integrate the Product Advertising API of the Flipkart so that the products from the Flipkart can be imported to Drupal.

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Server Notice

6 July 2018 - 6:51am
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Agora Service Portfolio

6 July 2018 - 5:49am

Agora is a module where users can create/edit and list Agora API Feeds with services grouped by Service Area, following the pattern of SPMT.

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Webform3 Record Purge

6 July 2018 - 5:38am

This is an add-on for Webform 3 to allow automated purging of records of webforms after a specified timeframe.
Options are configurable per webform. This module is for people who, for whatever reason, are not in a position to upgrade their webforms to Webform 4, but need to automate removal of submission data.

Purging happens on cron runs. Cron must be running for this module to function.

NB As of writing, the current version of Webform 4 has this functionality built in.

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Multidomain and Multilanguage Google Tag Manager

6 July 2018 - 5:34am
Multidomain and Multilanguage Google Tag Manager

The Multidomain and Multilanguage Google Tag Manager provides a tracking system to your multidomain and multilanguage website.


Install as usual.

Place the entirety of this directory in the /modules folder of your Drupal
installation. Navigate to 'Administer' > 'Extend'. Check the 'Enabled' box next
to the 'Multidomain and Multilanguage Google Tag Manager' and then click
the 'Save Configuration' button at the bottom.

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Ajax Login Popup

6 July 2018 - 12:19am
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My Project Name

5 July 2018 - 11:38pm
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User Switch

5 July 2018 - 9:52am

User switch module provides facility to user to switch user account.

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5 July 2018 - 9:04am

The CountUp module integrates the CountUp.js and Scrollama libraries with CKeditor, allowing to have nice and configurable animations on pages.

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React Calendar

5 July 2018 - 6:34am

React Calendar for Drupal 8.

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Test 2.1.1

5 July 2018 - 5:59am
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