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CiviCRM User

13 May 2018 - 3:40am

Operations on Drupal User entities based on a CiviCRM data source. Useful when the process of creating users is not delegated to Drupal (existing CiviCRM Contacts, frontend User registration disabled, ...).

Creates, updates or blocks Drupal Users from CiviCRM Contacts.

These operations are optionally based on a condition that can be

  • a CiviCRM Tag applied to the Contact (e.g. "Has a Drupal user account")
  • a CiviCRM Group.
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One Time Link

12 May 2018 - 2:19am
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11 May 2018 - 12:21pm

This is a SOAP client implementation that provides the ability to interoperate with the Platform of "Sistema Distrital de Quejas y Soluciones (Bogotá te escucha)" of the Mayor's Office of Bogotá City.

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11 May 2018 - 10:29am

The TINT module integrates the TINT social media feed service with Drupal.

TINT is a service that integrates all of your brand's social media posts in
one beautiful stream, perfect for embedding on your website.

Set up TINT

1) Visit the TINT website at and create an account.

2) Add the TINT you would like to see in your feed.

3) Install & set up the TINT Drupal module, as described below.

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Dynamic menu

11 May 2018 - 9:28am
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DevShop Support

11 May 2018 - 8:39am

DevShop Support.

Coming Soon.

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Commerce Cart Advanced

11 May 2018 - 8:26am
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Awin Voucher Codes

11 May 2018 - 4:56am


Purpose of this project is to make an amazon affiliate module which is simple and less complicated.
This module automatically imports amazon products to the drupal with keyword search. Please see 'How to use'
area for more information.


Install as usual, see
Download the module and upload to the modules folder and make it active.

How to use

There are three steps to follow.

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11 May 2018 - 1:12am

Household helps site builders manage households members, logins and relations

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App Banners

11 May 2018 - 12:56am

This module provides the relevant metadata to display native application install banners for iOS and Android.

The app allows site managers to configure details of the apps and the pages where the banners should appear.

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10 May 2018 - 3:07pm

This module aims to support the upcoming "Web Authentication" protocol, that leverages Public Key Credentials to provide password-less login along with stronger security.

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10 May 2018 - 1:30pm
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10 May 2018 - 12:37pm

Coming soon...

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Import Address Field From Textfield

10 May 2018 - 7:03am

Import Address Field From Textfield

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Commerce Sberbank Acquiring

10 May 2018 - 6:48am

Integration Sberbank Acquiring with Drupal Commerce 2.

This module should be only installed via Composer. Archives on for informative purposes.

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Commerce Replicate

10 May 2018 - 3:45am

The Commerce Replicate module contains code to combine Drupal Commerce with the Replicate module. If required, it will also play well with the Replicate UI module by installing the Commerce Replicate UI submodule.

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Change Requests

10 May 2018 - 3:19am

Change Requests is a community tool that allows to work together on Drupal content (nodes) without edit-wars similar to open source code developers working on a code.

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Backstop Generator

9 May 2018 - 5:55pm

This Drupal 8 module exposes an administrative configuration form for creating a Backstop.js visual regression testing profile based on the Drupal site's content. You can:

- Create backstop scenarios from Drupal pages
- Define a number of random pages to be included as scenarios
- Toggle on and off viewport sizes

The resulting backstop.json file only needs to be placed into a backstop directory (created when running `backstop init`), replacing the existing backstop.json file.

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Affiliates Connect

9 May 2018 - 3:45pm

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User Manual Verify

9 May 2018 - 2:20pm

When users must click on a link in an e-mail to verify their account, the users sometimes complain to site administrators that they lost the e-mail and the administrator doesn't have an easy way to verify their account for them.

This module adds another tab to users who are unverified that allows users with the 'administer users' permission to verify these users.

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