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DNT Aware Page Cache

9 March 2018 - 3:54am

This module provides a page cache for anonymous users that behaves identically to the Drupal Core Internal Page Cache Module with one exception: it stores cached versions for users with the Do Not Track (DNT) header set separately from those without.

This is important for ensuring conformance of data gathering scripts in jurisdictions and for clients who wish to respect Do Not Track.

The module should not be active at the same time as the normal Drupal Core Internal Page Cache, and implements hook_requirements() in order to complain when the core cache is active.

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Queue order

9 March 2018 - 3:31am
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9 March 2018 - 2:50am

This module will implement the bit-list library into drupal 8. This will enable you to create, use and modify bit lists, or bit arrays.

The original code of the module is available at :

The library code is available at:

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PDF Highlight

9 March 2018 - 1:41am

Highlights PDF text from Drupal text search using Mozilla's PDF.js library.

Covers Search API Solr Search.
Core and Search API search to be added.

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Redirect 403 To Login Page

8 March 2018 - 12:40pm

This module redirects users encounter 403 ( Access Denied ) pages to the login page and after successful login it returns them back.

Sponsored by

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Twig Addons

8 March 2018 - 11:35am

Add Twig Extensions and Twig Namespaces with ease.

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Transaction Workflow

8 March 2018 - 10:19am

Light weight multipurpose workflow manager for any entity type. Based on standard fields, state is stored in generic string-list field. Transitions are fieldable content entities and no extra fields are required in the target entity.

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RSS embed field

8 March 2018 - 8:28am
Overview & Features

RSS-Field is a lightweight module that allow you to integrate and setup a field (link) within a Contenttype, that offers you the possibility to display the latest Posts from a specific RSS-Feed within a node. You can handle this field like all other Drupal-Fields f.e. with Views etc.

You can define how many entries from the Feed should be displayed and and whether the title of the feed should be displayed or not.

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Webform Storage Toggle

8 March 2018 - 6:57am
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Slack RTM

8 March 2018 - 6:03am

Place holder for module under current dev. It will utilize Slack RTM and obtain messages from Slack to list in Drupal for display purposes.

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Twitter embed field

8 March 2018 - 5:59am
Overview & Features

Twitter Field is a lightweight module that allow you to integrate and setup a field (plain Text) within a Contenttype, that offers you the possibility to display the latest Twitter-Posts from a specific Twitter-Account within a node. You can handle this field like all other Drupal-Fields f.e. with Views etc. The Twitter-Feed appears as a block via Twitter-API.

You can define the Width and Height, the Theme (dark or light) and Link Color (Hex Color) of the Twitter-Feed-Block/-Posts.

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View Password

8 March 2018 - 2:32am
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Bootstrap DateTime Picker

7 March 2018 - 11:22pm

Bootstrap DateTime picker module provides a widget for Drupal Date fields using the JQuery Date and Time Picker library by Eonasdan.


- See README.txt file for the installation and usage documentation.

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DFP Lazy Load

7 March 2018 - 9:06pm
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Content Locker

7 March 2018 - 6:46am

Content locking module for Drupal 8 locks your most valuable website content behind a block which could be unlocked by several ways, depending on Content locker block type.

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CKEditor Emojione

7 March 2018 - 5:29am

This module Integrates the CKEditor Emojione plugin to CKEditor for Drupal 8.

Allows users to add various emojis using a CKEditor dialog.


CKEditor Module (Core)

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Flickr stream

7 March 2018 - 3:00am

This module allows users to embed media stream from .
It provides the user with the preset number of the latest images from specified Flickr accounts

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Brazilian Billing Fields

6 March 2018 - 6:59am

This module only create fields on user profile, used of some brazilian payments gateways.

If you utilizes the module Commerce PagSeguro Transparente for Drupal 8.x, this module can help you.

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Floating Social Icons

6 March 2018 - 6:33am


This module allows sites to display social icons and links to other social sites.
This module does not share instead it directs to the URL of the social site, We will be working on the sharing feature in the coming future.


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Mailjet webform subscription

6 March 2018 - 5:56am

The Mailjet webform subscription allows site administrators to add Mailjet subscription checkbox to webforms. They are able to choose one or more contact lists from the Mailjet where users will subscribe to.

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