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Node Types Toolbar

25 October 2018 - 10:30am

This module creates a new toolbar that lists node types (bundles) alphabetically.

This is helpful for large sites with many node types to easily access the
subpages of the node type, such as the "Manage fields" or "Manage display"
local tasks for a particular node type.

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typo in name

25 October 2018 - 10:21am

typo in name, need to delete

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Spectra Analytics Connector API

24 October 2018 - 11:22pm

This is an API module that facilitates connections to a Spectra Analytics server. This module does nothing by itself - install only if you are using a module which requires it, or plan to use a module which requires it.

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Easy Gallery

24 October 2018 - 9:11am
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Migrate Process Regex

24 October 2018 - 8:56am

Regular expressions are powerful pattern matching and text replacement methods. This module allows you to run them easily within your migrations as a process plugin:

field_body: - plugin: preg_replace pattern: 'http[s]{0,1}:\/\/example\.com' replace: '/' source: body
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Migrate Process Vardump

24 October 2018 - 8:44am

Debugging migration imports can suck and sometimes you just need to see what a field's value is!

If only you could put a vardump() in your migration...


Use like any other process plugin:

field_my_field: - plugin: some_plugin source: my_source - plugin: vardump - plugin: some_other_plugin

If it gets confusing, you can specify a "header" to display before the vardump:

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Migrate Process XML

24 October 2018 - 8:35am

Sometimes you just need to run an xpath in your migration. Look no further than Migrate Process XML!

This module provides the following migration process plugins:

  • xpath: Which allows you to run an xpath query against a field value, returning an XML string.
  • xvalue: Same thing as xpath, but returns only the body value of the query rather than XML.

Use like any other process plugin:

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GOVUK Inline Form Errors

24 October 2018 - 8:11am

Provides inline error message support that adheres to the GOVUK Design System.

To be used with the GOVUK Design System theme.

In active development.

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24 October 2018 - 7:45am

This extension provides a simple file formatter for newick tree files using the library phylotree for display.


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Template entities

24 October 2018 - 2:26am

Designate entities as templates to use when creating new entities.

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D8 - Video Embed Buto

23 October 2018 - 5:50pm

An integration of Buto for Video Embed Field.

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Moderation state buttons widget

23 October 2018 - 10:26am

Provides an alternative widget for the moderation_state base field. States are displayed as clickable buttons that are toggled with ajax.

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Brid.TV Integration for Drupal

23 October 2018 - 9:26am
Integrates the Brid.TV video service provider into Drupal. Requirements

This module has no requirements, but integrates with the Media system and Paragraphs, if installed.

The module has been initially build to work with the Thunder distribution. If you're using a different system and experience problems, feel free to report your problems in the issue queue.

Features overview

Once installed, the module provides

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Activity emails

23 October 2018 - 6:25am

Send emails about site activity (create and update entities) to an email address given.

You can configure:
* Email address
* Enable / disable sending
* Template of the email

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Tealium iQ API

23 October 2018 - 4:24am

Provides Drupal 8 Integration with the Tealium v2 API

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23 October 2018 - 2:30am

Provides Commerce integration for Swisscom Easypay.

This payment gateway redirects to the user to the Swisscom Easypay checkout page. The purchase is charged via user's mobile phone bill.

Note: Payment only works for Swisscom customers with a mobile subscription.

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Picture Media

23 October 2018 - 1:03am

This modules implements missing integrations between Picture and Media modules. It implements following features:

  • Track entities (including nodes) that has embedded images using wysiwyg editors and those images use file displays using picture formatter with lazy loading enabled. It then loads lazysizes library to ensure lazy loading works even on cached pages.
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Local Translation

22 October 2018 - 6:22pm
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22 October 2018 - 2:40pm

This module allows you to add PeerTube videos as Remote videos from the media module in drupal core.

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Moderation state columns

22 October 2018 - 8:46am

Provides a views style plugin that groups entities by content moderation state and displays in columns.

WORK IN PROGRESS. Usage at this point is discouraged unless you want to take part in the development.

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