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Body Scroll Lock

7 December 2018 - 6:58am

Disable body-level scrolling when a dialog is open as a modal


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Opigno tour

7 December 2018 - 6:29am

This project is related to Opigno LMS distribution.

It implements on Opigno a guided tour feature.

For additional details, please consult Opigno website.

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WhatsApp Number Field

7 December 2018 - 5:33am

Under Development

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Admin User Creation Using Drush

7 December 2018 - 4:30am

Here is a very quick and simple example of how to create an administrator on any drupal 7 website using drush command. This tweak is very useful when the client has provided a site for support but forgot or did not have the opportunity to create an admin account for you.So you don't need to hack in your code,just run a drush command will create an admin account for you.

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Block Editor

7 December 2018 - 1:18am

The new block editor for Drupal.

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Underscore Handle

7 December 2018 - 12:32am

This Module prevents field machine name from ending (_) underscore. For example,
when you have brackets at the end of a label, e.g., "Address (2)",
you end up with a trailing "_" character — field_address_2_.

Perhaps, you simply want to validate field the machine name, especially when it
is ending with underscore or having two/more undersocre and it has been

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Smart read more link

6 December 2018 - 11:44pm

Drupal module that provides a dynamic read more link and body text.

It acts like the core Summary or Trimmed Text formatter, except that when its output is not the full body it adds a read more link. This makes it possible for the site builder to create a teaser style which only shows "Read more" when there is more to read.

This formatter is only suited to simple content types which have a single long text field. It's more of an proof of concept than a fully fledged module at the moment.

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AMP Validator

6 December 2018 - 3:42pm

Provide tools for AMP validation.

Project is currently still in a very early stage of development!

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Tome Netlify

6 December 2018 - 7:56am

Tome Netlify provides integrations between Tome and Netlify, giving you the best static Drupal experience possible.


Tome Netlify depends on Tome's dev release, which includes APIs needed to handle redirects. When beta 2 is released, users can install that release.


Tome Netlify provides the following features:

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6 December 2018 - 7:04am

New Google PageSpeed Insights Drupal module - An easy-to-use API Wrapper for Googles PageSpeed Insights. The JSON response is mapped to objects for an headache-free usage.

The module is based on this PHP library.

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Setka Editor - WYSIWYG post builder

6 December 2018 - 5:42am

This module allows for integration with the Setka Editor - WYSIWYG post builder, a user-friendly editorial design tool for creating beautiful layouts that attract, engage and convert. Installation allows Drupal to replace textarea fields with Setka’s page builder, which makes designing extraordinary editorial content quick and easy.

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Login by

6 December 2018 - 4:30am

Login by


Goto: /admin/config/user-interface/login_by



- Install via /admin/modules
- drush en login_by -y
- composer require drupal/login_by

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Entity Usage Integrity

6 December 2018 - 1:21am
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6 December 2018 - 1:17am
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5 December 2018 - 7:28pm

Provides helpers for entities. Currently a property helper to get deeply nested properties and a original cache to help with postsave hooks concerning paragraphs.

This module does nothing on its own and you should only install it if another module requires it.

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Webform Confirmation File

5 December 2018 - 8:02am

Provides a webform handler that streams the contents of a file to a user after completing a webform.

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Custom Checkboxes

5 December 2018 - 6:55am

This module allows you fastly style the checkboxes of your site. You will only have to adapt the CSS a little bit.


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Custom View Filters

5 December 2018 - 6:31am

This module adds two new filters to views:

  • Custom Az Filter: You can filter by the first letter of first/second word for a given text field you will have to define.
  • Node granular date filter: You can filter by year or/and month given a date field.

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Simplenews Unsubscribe List

5 December 2018 - 3:56am
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Remove html from node form menu items

5 December 2018 - 1:28am

Using menu_html menu allows to add html to menu items. But then on creation of new content in menu section menu parent items appear with that html tags.
This module hides a html tags used in menu items on node form.

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