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HTTP Cache Control

9 January 2018 - 1:43pm

HTTP Cache Control module helps fine grain control of Drupal's Cache Control headers.

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NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

9 January 2018 - 10:36am

Incorporate NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day as a block on your website.



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Google Calendar Import

9 January 2018 - 8:49am

Managing calendar events is really tough - particularly with repeating events, rule exceptions, etc. Instead of managing this information directly in Drupal, this module provides a way to import Google Calendar events from a publicly available calendar into Drupal.

Once into Drupal, you can layer on additional fields, theming, access control, and all the other things that make Drupal Entities so excellent to work with.

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7 January 2018 - 5:39pm

Placeholder for an upcoming module that provides an integration with

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Media Bulk Upload

7 January 2018 - 3:46pm
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Extended Number Field

7 January 2018 - 12:53pm

Adds extended xinteger, xdecimal, xfloat field types and xnumber form display widget. Additionally, each type is provided with the unsigned storage setting, allowing to restrict input on a field only to positive values. One more useful feature of the module is working Default value property, which has no any effect on the current core set up, despite being exposed as one of the field settings.

See more on the module's Github repository:

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7 January 2018 - 8:50am

Placeholder for an ongoing suite of modules to interact with the Cardano blockchain .

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7 January 2018 - 8:49am

Placeholder for an ongoing suite of modules to interact with the Steem blockchain.

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Commerce Discount Userpoints

7 January 2018 - 5:52am

Module implements Commerce Discount Offer Type that allows use userpoints to discount orders on checkout. It creates discount program (disabled by default) creates userpoints transaction on "Checkout Complete" event to prevent same userpoints to be used multiple times for discount purpose.

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Surfly Integration

7 January 2018 - 2:34am

As described in the Surfly website, allows you to

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HelloSanta Checklist

6 January 2018 - 7:17am

This main purpose of this module is to help developers confirm the configuration of the system before going online.


但這個模組主要是搭配HelloSanta Corp.的工作流程。因此裡面都是以繁體中文為主。若有興趣的人,一樣也可以下載下來後參考。也期望會有更多的建議跟想法:)

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Mandrill Webform Tweaks

5 January 2018 - 9:22am

This module's only feature currently is to allow the "From Name" from Webform to be used when sending mail with Mandrill.

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Field Quick Cardinality

5 January 2018 - 6:57am

Provides a quick and easy way to display the cardinality (ex. how many values a field is allowed to store) of field instances through the UI, without having to go to the settings screen.

This is especially useful when using the Manage Fields overview page for reference (eg. to develop an importer) and a bundle of an entity contains many fields from which some accept only one value, some two or three and some unlimited.

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5 January 2018 - 4:49am

This module Run Ansible playbooks with Drupal.
Ansible module require asm/php-ansible library

Ansible module include 3 modules:

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Views Modal Player

5 January 2018 - 4:40am

Module which provide new views style and views row.
You can see how it works here

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Regular Db Query

5 January 2018 - 2:11am

This module provide you opportunity to run any SQL query regularly.
I need it module when my watchdog or cache_form sprawled to enormous size

Here you can watch how it works

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Simplenews flood

4 January 2018 - 8:33pm

This module introduces flood protection for all Simplenews subscription form blocks. The module leverages Drupal core's flood protection mechanism with no dependencies albeit for Simplenews.

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Firebase Sync

4 January 2018 - 2:28pm

This modules allows you to synchronise entities from Drupal into a Firebase database.

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Formstack Field

4 January 2018 - 12:38pm

(more information to come)

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Field Collection Datatables

4 January 2018 - 8:52am

This module look like Field Collection Table and
Field Collection Views
But there is more feature
- Support Datatables 1.10.16
- Support ajax for datatables and collection views

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