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12 October 2017 - 12:06pm
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Menu Formatter

12 October 2017 - 11:13am


If you would like to render a menu in an entity reference field, this is the module for you!


You must have the menu_ui and entity_reference core modules installed.


* Install as usual as per

-- USAGE --

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Amazon Elastic Transcoder

12 October 2017 - 8:09am

A video transcoder for the video module. This project allows drupal 7 website operators to transcode video using Amazon Elastic Transcoding services on the AWS cloud. Services utilized include S3, SNS, and Elastic Transcoder.


  • Video (2.x)
  • Amazon S3 (2.x-dev)
  • Amazon S3 CORS (optional w/ patches provided below)

Several patches are required to achieve full feature coverage. Issues will be listed below.

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Yet Another Blog Archive

12 October 2017 - 7:46am

Module provides "Archive Block" as for core blog module.

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12 October 2017 - 7:21am

A virtual notice board.
Used to provide users information about time-sensitive things across the site.

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Hook Rebuild

12 October 2017 - 5:47am
A Drupal 7 polyfill for the core hook_rebuild() added in Drupal 8

hook_rebuild() is called after a flush of all Drupal cache's allowing implementing modules to rebuild any required data strcutures using fresh data that is known to be pulled direct from it's data source.

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Bitbucket Issues

12 October 2017 - 3:11am

The Bitbucket Issues module provides a Bitbucket core API layer for managing git issues from your Drupal website.


Install as usual.

Place the entirety of this directory in the /modules folder of your Drupal
installation. Navigate to Administer > Extend. Check the ‘Enabled’ box next
to the ‘Bitbucket Issues’ and then click the ‘Save Configuration’ button at the bottom.

Populate module settings form with git base url and git user access token.

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Config default image

12 October 2017 - 3:07am

Image field formatter allowing to set a default image deployable through config management. It stores a file path into config, instead of a content uuid.

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Views fields as row classes

12 October 2017 - 3:05am
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11 October 2017 - 1:49pm

This module utilizes the Singleton design pattern by loading in the petrknap/php-singleton
PHP library through composer. This module is only an API to allow you to utilize singletons
for classes you create.

How to use

In your PHP class

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Commerce claim gift aid

11 October 2017 - 6:09am
Commerce claim gift aid

This simple module adds the ability for Commerce 2.0 shops to claim gift aid.

To determine whether or not an order item is eligible for gift aid simply update an order item type by visiting the following url


Check the checkbox and the rest is done for you.

If a user adds in an order item where its eligible for gift aid then they will have the choice to choose whether you can claim gift aid.

You can edit the text about gift aid in the commerce configuration screens.

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Periodically Mail

11 October 2017 - 4:41am

This module allow you to send emails after some period to users with some role.

Example: You want to send emails every Monday.

To setup module visit: "/admin/config/services/periodically_mail" path.

Important: The mail is sent when cron runs.

Notice: For HTML emailing you can use extra modules like Mime Mail.

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Living style guide

11 October 2017 - 2:09am
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Online Visitors Count

10 October 2017 - 11:43pm

Online Visitor Counter module counts how many visitors on your website. This module provides real time counting.

Visitors Block :

1. Total visitors count.
2. Today visitors count.
3. weekly visitors count.
4. Yearly visitors count.
5. who's online now.

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jquery.timepicker polyfill

10 October 2017 - 10:59am

Provides a light wrapper for jquery.timepicker

Uses modernizr to detect browser support for html5 `time` inputs and applies the polyfill if not.

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Drupal Security Warning for Composer

10 October 2017 - 8:05am

This Composer plugin will display a warning when users install or update Drupal packages (via Composer) that are not supported by the Drupal Security team, as per the Security Advisory Policy.


Installing or updating a "non-covered" Drupal package via composer install will display:

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Defined table field

10 October 2017 - 6:56am

This module provides a new "Defined table" field type, that allows administrators and content builders to add tables to content.

Table header row and column (data labels) can be either predefined in field settings (the same for a field instance) or set to dynamic and definable per entity.

Possible label sources:

  • Taxonomy vocabulary
  • Custom input

Other table field modules:

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Taxonomy Move

10 October 2017 - 6:29am

Move terms between vocabularies.

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Leaflet Entity Browser

10 October 2017 - 6:29am

This module allows you to use a Leaflet map as a views widget inside Entity Browser.

Note: This module depends on the following patches to the Leaflet drupal module (if the issues are not fixed already):

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Config Auto Export

10 October 2017 - 2:17am

This module detects changes to the configuration system and exports those changes into a configurable directory of your choice. In addition to that it is able to fire a POST request with parameters to a http service that you configure which can then react to those configuration changes.

Use case

Imagine procution servers which are deployed fully automatically and configured securely such that none if the directories are writeable except public and private storage areas.

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