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Drupal for Government: Tree cross pollination maps using Drupal! aka debugging drupalgap geofield with genymotion and gapdebug

Planet Drupal - 12 April 2015 - 4:27pm

DrupalGap continues to rock.  Today I wanted to test the geofield module and get some maps in my apps... duh... it came about as a result of meeting with Tom Cormons from Appalachian Voices. He mentioned a problem - you often need two trees to pollinate eachother, and only have space for one... an app might help neighborhoods coordinate healthy tree communities.  

Anyhow - my dev skills were amok.  I followed the instructions on Tyler Frankenstein's site however I wasn't getting the maps to show up on my phone.  They showed up fine on the web-app side of things (eg ) however after building and piping to my android phone I couldn't get the maps to show up on my kyocera hydro (c5170...) ... I needed a debug environment... enter gapdebug!  oh yeah... gapdebug only works with android 4.4... my ghetto phone is running android ice cream 4.04... enter genymotion!

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DrupalOnWindows: Decent PDF generation in Drupal

Planet Drupal - 11 April 2015 - 5:29pm
Language English

Wether you like it or not PDF is a mainstream adopted format to exchange documents. Your customers will ask, sooner or later, to have some sort of content generated in PDF (be it an invoice, a report, etc...).

Doing a quick search these are the modules that offer some sort of PDF integration in Drupal:

More articles...
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Drupal @ Penn State: Dynamic Memory Allocation in Vagrant Virtual Machines on Windows Hosts

Planet Drupal - 11 April 2015 - 4:36pm

Whenever there is a constraint on the number of developers in a pool, it can make it more difficult to solve issues. As we have been developing Nittany-Vagrant, I have found that there is definitely a smaller pool of developers running on a Microsoft Windows host for their vagrant based virtual machines.

The extra credit problem of the day for me was how to allow vagrant to automatically size a virtual machine's memory pool when utilizing VirtualBox as the VM provider on Windows. This is a well known solution on OSX:

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DrupalOnWindows: Calling .Net Framework and .Net Assemblies from PHP

Planet Drupal - 11 April 2015 - 2:48pm
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You know that the PHP ecosystem is not yet (but heading to) professional or truly business ready. Something as simple as doing good and solid PDF manipulation, interacting with Word and Excel and others are simply a nightmare. You will of course find libraries to handle all that, the problem is that they are all half broken, slow and not even close the the professional offering you can find the in the .Net environment.

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Categories: Drupal Some quick statistics from scraping the Acquia Certification Registry

Planet Drupal - 11 April 2015 - 10:38am

As Acquia Drupal Certification turned 1 recently, I was trying to make sense of how many people have taken the certification exam, especially from India.

The certification team had recently launched the Acquia Certification Registry portal @ where you can search through and browse the list of candidates that have cleared the certification exam(s).

I built a small script that scraped the results, crawling through all 20 pages currently available on the registry portal, into a spreadsheet as well as a MySQL database, that I could run queries later to mine for the data I was looking for.

Finally, after a few minutes, I had a local consolidated database of the data publicly available from the certification registry, which I could run queries against, to find the answers I was looking for.

FInally, I have the numbers that I was interested in...

Total Number of Certifications = 777

(As on the registry on Sat April 11 9am IST)

Number of People Certified = 685

Unites States tops the chart with

307 certifications of

259 certified candidates, followed by

India with 86 candidates!

Number of Certifications - Top 6 Countries

United States








United Kingdom




Number of Certified Developers - Top 6 Countries

United States








United Kingdom




Acquia Certified Developers are spread over 40+ Countries!

On this context, I had a quick chat with Peter Minijak from the Acquia Certification team for a more deeper insight into the numbers. Was surprised to know that this list is going to explode soon to at least 150% as the total number of registered profiles including those who are yet to give their exam currently stands at 60+!

66 Developers have

more than 1 certification!

Acquia also gives a ”Grand Master”title to candidates who have cleared the first 3 examinations. There are

11 such candidates currently.

The same are listed @  

14 countries have developers holding

more than 1 certification

Feels good to see India at #2, by absolute numbers. But if seen relatively, considering the large number of Drupal shops and Service Integrators in India, I think the number is still small and definitely bound to make a huge leap in the coming months.

NOTE: These numbers were scraped from the Certification Registry portal. They are no where close to being reliable. There could be some bugs from my script or the bad queries I write ;-)  

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Views List Sort

New Drupal Modules - 10 April 2015 - 1:56pm

Views List Sort allows views to be sorted by a list field's allowed values. This is useful if the allowed values are stored in a non-alphabetical order, but you want to present your view results in the same order as your allowed values are stored.

  1. Enable the module.
  2. Add a "List (text)" sort field to your view.
  3. In the sort field settings, set "Sort by allowed values" to "yes".
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Letter Default Avatar

New Drupal Modules - 10 April 2015 - 1:27pm

Provide letter avatars for users without pictures.

This module will generate a default avatar for anyone without one and can optionally attach it to the user entity (with a flag set to be able to understand that it's a default avatar) so that it'll work in places like Views listings without issues.

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Priority Queue

New Drupal Modules - 10 April 2015 - 1:25pm

Provides a PriorityQueue class that can be used to process higher priority items before lower priority items.


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Shopify API

New Drupal Modules - 10 April 2015 - 12:27pm

Simple integration with the Shopify API. Shopify is a leading eCommerce solution. Using this module requires a Shopify store of your own.

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Théodore 'nod_' Biadala: Visualization of jQuery use in Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 11:00am

Since FrontendUnited 2012 Amsterdam, I've been saying Drupal core should significantly cut it's jQuery use. Until now it was without much data to back it up. What follows is a visualization of jQuery modules use in Drupal 8 code, it's fancy so feel free to click everywhere. There is additional information in titles, be sure to check those out. Took long enough to make, sorry mobile users.


2488 occurrences of jQuery-related code.

traversing attributes event manipulation css sizzle data ajax offset dimensions effects serialize wrap core deprecated deferred exports

View data from folders:

core/misc core/modules core/themes core/vendor

@media (max-width: 767px) { label {display:block;} } label {cursor:pointer;display:inline-block;cursor:pointer;margin:0;padding:0.5em 0.75em;overflow:hidden;text-align:center;} label input {position:absolute;overflow:hidden;width:1px;height:1px;} label.focus {text-decoration:underline;} #rss-friend {display:none;} #rss-fiend {display:block!important;margin:3em 0;} #bubblewrap {position:relative;height:600px;width:100%} #modules, #folders {display:flex;flex-wrap:wrap;} #modules label {flex: 1 1 auto;} #folders .selected {background-color:lightgrey;} .major {font-weight:bold;} .node, #modules label.selected {color:white;} .node { border: solid 1px white; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; display:flex; text-align:center; } .node span {flex: 1 1 auto;align-self: center;} .depth-1 {font-weight: bold;} .hidden {visibility: hidden;} .node {text-decoration: none;} .node:focus, .node:active {text-decoration: underline;}

I've been working on a tool that inspect javascript files and show all jQuery methods and Sizzle selectors used in that file. I will be releasing it soon, once the npm namespace issue has been sorted out and I polished it a little bit more. Meanwhile, I ran it on Drupal code and got this: View raw data.

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DrupalCon News: Announcing DrupalCon Los Angeles Keynote Speaker Whitney Hess

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 9:16am

We are so excited to announce our final keynote speaker for the upcoming DrupalCon Los Angeles, Whitney Hess.

Whitney is a coach, writer and speaker helping people bring their whole selves to their work. For the last decade, she has coached hundreds of companies on how to make their products easier and more pleasurable to use, boost the bottom line, and do work they love. Whitney is the co-host the podcast Designing Yourself, writes on her blog Pleasure & Pain, and speaks at conferences and corporations worldwide. 

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Drupal Association News: New Try Drupal Program

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 9:05am

One of the Drupal Association's primary missions is to grow the adoption of Drupal.  We are about to launch a new program on April 15th called Try Drupal.  The program will make it easy and fast for evaluators to try Drupal and have a simple, great experience while on

We’ve created Try Drupal with our Premium Hosting Supporters to make it easier for CMS evaluators and newcomers to test and work with a Drupal demo site.  The Program will showcase a selection of Hosting Companies where a new user can quickly (in less than 20 minutes) sign up and have a Drupal demo site up and running for them to use for free. 

This is part of the Drupal Association’s initiative to develop a new revenue stream through advertising programs on  This revenue will help fund various site initiatives by the Association to improve performance, and make it easier to use and more secure.  After interviewing many members of the community, we determined that new advertising products should be useful to visitors, support our mission to grow the adoption of Drupal, and should not interfere with visitors contributing to the project.

To ensure a positive Drupal experience, partners need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Users are directed to a self-serve sign up platform
  • Users can create a free account for the demo site that accommodates a trial installation of Drupal 7 or 8
  • Users can create a website in 20 minutes or less
  • The demo site should be available to the user for a minimum of one day upon sign up
  • The partner cannot include a paywall or require a credit card upon sign up

The Try Drupal program will be featured on the homepage of  It will launch with a larger iterative change to the homepage, with an emphasis on helping users move from newcomer, to learner, to skilled Drupal community members.

It’s important that we fund improvements, and that we do so in a responsible way that respects the community. We anticipate rolling out more key advertising programs throughout 2015, stay tuned for more updates.  Thanks for taking the time to read about our initiatives, and please tell us your thoughts!

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SitePoint PHP Drupal: Integrate Elasticsearch with Silex

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 9:00am

In the previous article I started exploring the integration between Drupal 7 and the Elasticsearch engine (henceforth referred to as Elastic). The goal was to see how we can combine these open source technologies to achieve a high performance application that uses the best of both worlds. If you’re just now joining us, you should check out this repository which contains relevant code for these articles.

We’ll now create a small Silex application that reads data straight from Elastic and returns it to the user.

Silex app

Silex is a great PHP micro framework developed by the same people that are behind the Symfony project. It is in fact using mainly Symfony components but at a more simplified level. Let’s see how we can get started really quickly with a Silex app.

There is more than one way. You can add it as a dependency to an existent composer based project:

"silex/silex": "~1.2",

Or you can even create a new project using a nice little skeleton provided by the creator:

composer.phar create-project fabpot/silex-skeleton

Continue reading %Integrate Elasticsearch with Silex%

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Midwestern Mac, LLC: Thoughts on the Acquia Certified Developer - Back End Specialist Exam

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 8:31am

A little under a year ago, I took the Acquia Certified Developer exam at DrupalCon Austin, and posted Thoughts on the Acquia Drupal Developer Certification Exam. My overall thoughts on the idea of certifications for OSS like Drupal remain unchanged, so go read that previous post to hear them.

I wanted to post a little more about the additional certifications Acquia is now offering; in addition to the initial, more generalist-oriented Acquia Certified Developer Exam, Acquia now offers:

Earlier today, I took the Back End Specialist Exam, which focuses more specifically on things like Drupal's core API, general PHP syntax and style, secure code, content caching, debugging, and interacting with the Drupal community.

Like the other certification exams, you get 90 minutes to complete the exam (60 questions total), and you have to take the exam either online or in a testing center with an active proctor. This time, I elected to take the exam on my own computer, which was a little more annoying than taking the exam in-person at a test center (as I did at DrupalCon last year).

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Promet Source: Composing a Drupal 7 Site

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 8:07am

With Drupal 8 on it's way in, PHP's standard practice of using Composer is working its way into a Drupal developer's normal life. Jump ahead of the curve with Promet Source and start using this tool for your Drupal 7 projects with this complete demonstration of a composer workflow using the following packages:

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Google reCAPTCHA

New Drupal Modules - 10 April 2015 - 7:19am
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InternetDevels: Big Manual for creating CTools popups in Drupal 7

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 6:55am

Creating CTools popups (modal windows) is not a complicated thing, but it has many important nuances. Therefore, this article is devoted to the various nuances of popup creation.

The simplest CTools popup

Read more
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Lullabot: Mental Health and Open Source

Planet Drupal - 10 April 2015 - 2:01am

This week we have a special episode to talk about mental health. This is a hard topic for many people to speak about publicly, so we're lucky to have Addison Berry joined by Mike Bell, Greg Dunlap, and Blake Hall to dive into this subject. Mike recently gave a presentation on this topic at Drupalcamp London. The four of us discuss some of the pressures we feel, ways we try to handle them, ideas for how the community can support help support all of us in good mental health, and some resources to check out.

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Chuva Inc.: Drupal Developer Days 2015 is next week!

Planet Drupal - 9 April 2015 - 8:00pm

Next week, Drupal Developer Days 2015 will be held in Montpellier, France. For those of you who haven't heard of the event before, Drupal Developer Days is the second most important Drupal event in Europe, held every spring in a different city from the old continent.

The event is highly technical (expect several advanced talks about Drupal 8 and beyond) and still has the cozy atmosphere we used to have in the old DrupalCons (DrupalCon Barcelona 2007, anyone?), lately it has been my favorite Drupal event.

Every year, we from Chuva ship around 5 of our Drupal Developers to attend the event, it's a 10.000 km trip from our home in São Paulo State, Brazil to Montpellier, France; but it's well worth the effort as it allows us an unique opportunity to meet our friends from the Drupal Community, Contribute code on the several sprints and share knowledge with our fellow Drupalistas.

If you haven't booked your flight and bought your ticket yet, there is still time, the late bird ticket is only 150.00 € (which is a bargain when you compare that with $ 550 USD for DrupalCon LA, huh?), it's your best opportunity to connect, meet, share with other drupalistas, buy your ticket here!

DrupalDeveloperDayMontpellierdrupal planet
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Panels Preview

New Drupal Modules - 9 April 2015 - 4:13pm

Panels Preview provides previews of Panel Panes during browsing, adding and editing panes in the ctools modal.

This project started as a fork of the Panopoly Magic module.

It currently relies on Ember Support for most of its style settings.

The goal of this module is to take the basic concepts provided by the original, mostly adding additional functionality but also removing some unwanted features.

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