Simplenews Mass Subscriber Delete

New Drupal Modules - 12 July 2017 - 2:39am

This module basically deletes all the subscribers of Simplenews in one click.

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E-balance discount

New Drupal Modules - 12 July 2017 - 2:15am

This module integrates with the Ubercart module and creates a new kind of discount. This discount type works on balance points provided by balance_tracker module.

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Commerce Checkout URL

New Drupal Modules - 12 July 2017 - 1:38am

Commerce Checkout URL provides a way to generate HMAC protected links to orders in the checkout process. Such links can be sent by email to customers in order to transfer ownership of commerce carts prepared programmatically or imported from remote systems.

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Tameesh Biswas | Blog: GSoC17 : Client side file crypto : week 6

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 9:18pm
GSoC17 : Client side file crypto : week 6

This blog post summarises my sixth week of working with Google Summer of Code 2017 with Drupal. 

tameeshb Wed, 07/12/2017 - 09:48 Tags GSoC Google Summer of Code 2017 Drupal Drupal Blog
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Entity Reference Facet Link

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 8:18pm

Entity Reference Facet Link is a Drupal 8 module that provides a formatter plugin for entity reference fields, including taxonomy term reference fields. It will allow you to display those entity references as links to a faceted search page.

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Media: Webdam

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 8:07pm

Provides a strong integration with Webdam. This project is under active development and doesn't do much just yet, but contributions of all kinds are welcome.

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DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast 195 - Reservoir

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 7:24pm

Direct .mp3 file download.

Ted Bowman and Mike Anello take some time (less than an hour!) to talk about Reservoir, a new Drupal 8 distribution focused on decoupling.

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Enzolutions: How I Got My First Million…

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 5:00pm

Sadly, this is not about how I made my first million dollars, but rather a short story about how a project, I poured my heart soul and time into, got to 1 million downloads and helped thousands of people, all over the world, learn and build Drupal applications.

Most of the time, we ask ourselves what our purpose in life is, we feel the need to create something new while trying to chase after the infamous concept of ‘making an impact’ through innovation, often forgetting that we can achieve the same impact faster and better through collaboration and community driven initiatives.

My personal experience with the Drupal Console can be summarized in two words: Collaborator and Location.


Often times being a good collaborator is as impactful as being an innovator. I didn’t come up with the Drupal Console, but I saw the potential to make an impact from very early on. So I joined the team to learn and contribute my two cents. Despite the high pressure to come up with a high quality technology solution, you always felt the satisfaction of contributing to something bigger than yourself. This solution was going to help a community, and you could feel it in every line of code, conversation, and fix.


With the focus and spotlights aimed at Silicon Valley and all the other major tech hubs, developers located outside feel alienated and look at location as a barrier to make technological breakthroughs. Sure, being located in these technology hubs can facilitate a lot of things, and the concentration of talent is a boost. However, personally the Drupal Console project eliminated that mental barrier. Creating and leading the project from Latin America proved that your location does not determine the quality of the job; we live in the same world, same internet and most importantly, opportunities to innovate and make an impact are open to everybody.

Today I look back and I’m happy with all the time and effort I poured into the Drupal Console. I take solace in the fact that so many people's lives are easier because they chose to use the Drupal Console.

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Glassdimly tech Blog: Remove Extra Metatags on Node Form, Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 3:10pm

Personally, I feel overwhelmed looking at the ocean of metatags presented on the node edit page when the metatag module is installed.

How much more overwhelmed would a regular ol' user feel?

I created a small modules to hide the extra form elements from the metatag module:


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Protect Before Launch

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 2:52pm
Protect before launch

Protected your website before launch with HTTP basic authentication. The module allows you to set a username and password and enable and disable them on the fly.


The module allows you to set the following options for authentication.

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Flocon de toile | Freelance Drupal: Inserting attachments into a body with Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 2:50pm

Drupal 8 natively allows to insert images within a body field, of course if the format text used allows this functionality. But can we do the same and easily insert documents, attachments, within a body text ? We have many solutions with Drupal 8 to associate documents with content.

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Webform Answers

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 2:48pm

A simple module for building quizzes using Webform 8.x-5.0. Webform Answers allows you to specify correct answers to your Webform questions.

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BS Lib

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 2:25pm

The BS Lib module brings Bootstrap 4 component library definitions. This module does not do anything by itself but it is used by other modules or themes.

EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT - use it on your own risk.

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Drupal Association blog: How you can help during our membership campaign

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 1:47pm

Join in the fun during the Drupal Association membership campaign happening now through August 4. We're providing personalized certificates of membership to individual and organization members who join or renew during the campaign and we need your help spreading the word.

The campaign has two goals: help us deliver 500 certificates and raise $18,250 during July 10-August 4. By sharing and encouraging Drupal users and people in the community to join us, you'll help us meet these goals. If we are told by 5 or more members that you referred them to us during this campaign, we'll thank you on social media.

Grab words and graphics from this post and share away. If you are a member who would like your own certificate let us know and we'll send one your way. Post your selfie or hang your certificate on the wall. Thanks for sharing!


Share why you are a member.




Use these with https://www.drupal.org/association/campaign/certificate-2017

300 x 250px

440 x 220px (good for Twitter)

300 x 140px

Thank you for supporting the Drupal Association and for being part of our community.

File attachments:  mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x140.jpg mem_campaign_2017_q3_300x250.jpg mem_campaign_2017_q3_twitter_1.jpg
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New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 12:40pm

Ability to White List modules.

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Deploy Contributions

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 10:00am
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Ben's SEO Blog: Lessons Learned as a DrupalCon Presenter

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 9:57am

DrupalCon Baltimore was my 14th DrupalCon and it was a very interesting and eye-opening experience. The Drupal community is maturing just as Drupal as a content management system is maturing. I saw a lot of the same people that I’ve seen for years and I met a lot of new people, too. Though I haven’t seen the actual numbers, I felt like it was a bit smaller than last year. It could be that the layout of the Baltimore Convention Center is more compact than previous venues making it harder to gauge. Still, I had hoped to see continued growth of the community and Drupal as a whole so it was a bit disappointing.

In addition to walking around the tradeshow and attending some great sessions, I presented a two-hour training session on Drupal 8 SEO. The purpose of this session was to teach marketing people how to achieve SEO results with minimal need for developer help. Based on this, I came away with these lessons learned from DrupalCon 2017.

1.     The Drupal community is growing with marketers.

The marketing vibe was strong at DrupalCon last month. Since the first DrupalCon that I attended, I’ve seen it move from a group of developers wanting to build and support an exciting, new open source CMS, to a strong presence of marketing people who are looking for ways to maximize their website lead generation efforts. Websites are an important part of any marketing strategy and Drupal 8 supports marketing efforts better than any previous version.

And that feels great! While I’m a pro in a very particular niche in marketing, I have been pounding the “Drupal for marketers” drum for 12 years in this community. Often alone but more often with a few great people like Amy Cham, Kenna Poulos, and Danita Bowman. The Drupal agencies are finally getting the message, too.

While Drupalcon is still very much about developers, it’s maturing into a marketing powerhouse and it’s great to finally see it!

2.     There is a need for more SEO education in the Drupal community.

The growth of Drupal 8 as a viable platform for marketing has meant that people are more and more interested in SEO. In my Drupal 8 SEO session, I found a wide range of Drupal knowledge and skills. For example, some people were still installing modules manually. (Dirty secret: so do I sometimes.) One session reviewer said, “I am a marketer just starting Drupal and have a good grasp on SEO, but that said, I was too busy installing modules and could not keep up.” For others, the pace was just right: “This was by far my favorite session at DrupalCon. Ben had the talk set up perfectly and walked us through helpful steps that we needed to take for SEO.” In spite of the skills gap, 15 out of 15 attendees said that they learned something in this session.

People are looking for more Drupal 8 SEO education. Said one reviewer, “This topic area is huge, so even in a two-hour seminar, there was well more than could be covered.” Another wrote, “Grateful that this was a hands-on workshop, wish there were more of these.” The new hands-on session format was a big hit. I was thrilled that one attendee said, “Worth the price of the admission for the whole conference!”

3.     The Drupal community will survive and thrive.

If you are familiar with the undercurrents going on in the Drupal community, you may question its long-term health. Families fight. The Drupal community is a big family--so fighting is natural. But families also overcome differences and continue to live and work together. While there have been a lot of negative online communications, at DrupalCon, people were more interested in solving the problems and focusing on the Drupal product. Discussions of Drupal governance is a good thing. It enables conversations on how this big, open system can be better than ever. My time at DrupalCon has convinced me that this Drupal community will solve the existing problems and thrive as it works together to provide a cutting-edge product for the future.

4.     The Baltimore Raven comes from Edgar Allan Poe.

So it’s not related to Drupal, but I never made this connection until I visited Poe’s grave and memorial. The name of the NFL football franchise, the Baltimore Ravens, comes from one of Poe’s most famous poems, “The Raven,”. Well, duh, says all of the people from Baltimore. The rest of us are just getting it. In fact, with a little research, I found out that the team’s three mascots are named Edgar, Allan, and Poe.

Alright, Baltimore! I’m all for using literary allusion in pop culture. It makes me like the Ravens that much more. Still a Cowboys fan, tho.

Drupal 8 SEO fills an important need in the community.

When Drupal 8 came out with so many great changes for SEO, I recognized a need for a new informational book. While I wrote Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization several years ago, Drupal 8 really needed its own new topics. That’s where Drupal 8 SEO comes in. This book provides detailed instructions that marketers can use to set up SEO for their Drupal 8 website.

Session attendees walked out with a free electronic copy of Drupal 8 SEO. But you can get your own printed or electronic copy. Click here for more information.

Drupal Marketing is Hot and so is Drupal 8 SEOdrupal 8, drupal 8 seo book, Planet Drupal
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Customer Identity and Access Management

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 9:48am

User Registration made simple for your Drupal Website! Let users register via email registration or social login as per their choice and manage their profile with simple LoginRadius Dashboard!

This plugin requires Paid Subscription of LoginRadius service...

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Domain Extra

New Drupal Modules - 11 July 2017 - 9:31am

Currently under active dev. Description will be added soon.

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Web Wash: How to Create Forms using Webform and Contact in Drupal 8

Planet Drupal - 11 July 2017 - 9:30am
The ability to create a form quickly and easily is a vital piece of functionality in any content management system. A content editor needs the capacity to create a form and add or remove fields. The days of asking a developer to create a custom form are long gone. An editor should be able to spin up a form for whatever they need. Luckily Drupal 8 has two good options for building forms: Contact and Webform.
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