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Promet Source: Open Source's Impact on Government

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 11:01am
.GOV Websites Declare Independence from Proprietary CMS Solutions

Relying on proprietary CMS solutions in the government space would inevitably lead to disgruntled users who consistently remark on the clunky workflows, heavy reliance on technical staff to make changes and diminishing value as the platforms age and require more and more maintenance.

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New Drupal Modules - 26 June 2015 - 10:15am
Categories: Drupal How To Force Search API To Reindex a Node / an Entity

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 9:56am

By default Search API (Drupal 7) reindexes a node when the node gets updated. But what if you want to reindex a node / an entity on demand or via some other hook i.e. outside of update cycle? Turned out it is a quite simple exercise. You just need to ...

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Categories: Drupal Adding a custom extra field to entity / node display

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 9:56am

I had a case recently, where I needed to add custom data to the node display and wanted this data to behave like a field, however the data itself didn't belong to a field. By "behaving like a field" I mean you can that field at node display settings and ...

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Categories: Drupal Replacing Menu Item Visibility module with custom "in code" solution

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 9:56am

I'm a big fan of fighting with Drupal's inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Most of these come from contrib modules. Everytime we install a contrib module we should be ready for surprises which come on board with the module.

One of the latest examples is Menu item visibility ( ...

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Categories: Drupal Fixing Views' Scroll to Top When You Have a Fixed Header

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 9:56am

Drupal Views offers us a cool feature: ajaxified pagers. When you click on a pager, it changes the page without reloading the main page itself and then scrolls to the top of the view. It works great, but sometimes you may encounter a problem: if you have a fixed header ...

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Stanford Web Services Blog: Drush "user-list" Command

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 9:05am

A simple task: list all the users on a site, optionally filtering by role or by status. Difficulty: using drush.

I had searched around a bit for this functionality and my Google-fu had failed me, so I decided to build off of work that already had been done and write a drush user-list command. (The internal monologue went something like this: "Is this a thing? It doesn't look like this is a thing. This should be a thing. Why is this not a thing? Let's make this a thing.")

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Acquia: From consumption to contribution - Drupal business in India, Part 2

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 8:46am
Language Undefined

Ani Gupta, Drupal Mumbai community lead, StartupNext lead, formerly at Axelerant in India, and I got the chance to continue the conversation I began with Piyush Poddar at Drupal Camp London about the changing face of IT and open source in India. Under the heading "from consumption to contribution" we talk about India's move from being perceived as being good for cheap, outsourced code to being a place rich with brands and startups in their own right and the home to much open source contribution. We also talk about old versions of Drupal, the Drupal community and its mentoring culture, open source acceptance in business and government, and more!

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Drupal Watchdog: The Farmischt Freelancer

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 7:57am

One solicitation for a gig that I recently received was for a back-end developer. It contained the list of need-to-knows that I expected: PHP, Drupal module writing, OOP, MySQL, and so on. However, there was another list below that one, containing more technologies, with which the applicant should be “bullet-proof,” including JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, CSS, Sass, HTML5, PEAR, Apache, Linux shell-scripting, and several more. Despite the job heading, this was clearly a request for a full-stack developer.

Now, I actually can write JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5, manage my own Linux server, and configure Apache domains, but I am far from being “bullet-proof” with these technologies. It would make little sense for someone to pay me by the hour to rip my hair out over CSS and JavaScript issues rather than using someone who is adept with them.

Is it because I’m not capable of being bullet-proof? Nope. Over the centuries I’ve written countless programs in 370 Assembler, 1130 Assembler, Mnemonic Assembler, APL, PL/1, Fortran, COBOL, Basic, SPL (the HP one), and on and on. Even Xerox 9700 form language. I was one of those people in the university comp-sci department that people hate; someone who never had to study. Don’t misunderstand. It wasn’t a matter of being better, necessarily, but that my thought process is the jelly to programming logic’s peanut butter. I have known many developers who could code circles around me, but I also have a wealth of experience combining the ability to internalize a client’s business issue and visualizing a solution for crafting it. So, if I think that it’s not simply a matter of aptitude, then what is it?

I have a bit in common with Steve Jobs. Huh? Yeah, really. We both grew up about the same time, were exposed to early computing at a young age, had our first programming experiences via timeshare teletype terminals and early CPU’s with toggle switches, were completely seduced by how software improved and fulfilled our thought process, and we both had part of our foundation poured at Hewlett-Packard.

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Page URL QR Code Block

New Drupal Modules - 26 June 2015 - 4:11am

This is a very tiny module just for displaying a block with current Page URL in QR Code. Its highly configurable from block configuration page. To go there you just need to click on this block's contextual menu.

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Drupal core announcements: Recording from June 26th 2015 Drupal 8 critical issues discussion

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 3:12am

This was our fifth critical issues discussion meeting to be publicly recorded in a row. (See all prior recordings). Here is the recording of the meeting video and chat from today in the hope that it helps more than just those who were on the meeting:

Unfortunately not all people invited made it this time. If you also have significant time to work on critical issues in Drupal 8 and we did not include you, let me know as soon as possible.

The meeting log is as follows (all times are CEST real time at the meeting):

[11:04am] jibran: Issues[0]=1&status[1]=13&status[2]=8&status[3]=14&status[4]=4&priorities[0]=400&categories[0]=1&categories[1]=2&categories[2]=5&version[0]=8.x
[11:07am] dawehner:
[11:07am] Druplicon: => Path alias UI allows node/1 and /node/1 as system path then fatals [#2509300] => 55 comments, 5 IRC mentions
[11:07am] dawehner:
[11:07am] Druplicon: => Proxies of module interfaces don't work [#2408371] => 71 comments, 14 IRC mentions
[11:13am] plach: alexpott: dawehner GaborHojtsy: WimLeers: hamletic questions in the critical meeting
[11:13am] GaborHojtsy: plach: :P
[11:13am] plach: :)
[11:14am] WimLeers: "hamletic", wow :D
[11:14am] plach:
[11:14am] Druplicon: => FieldItemInterface methods are only invoked for SQL storage and are inconsistent with hooks [#2478459] => 105 comments, 26 IRC mentions
[11:14am] plach:
[11:14am] Druplicon: => Node revisions cannot be reverted per translation [#2453153] => 134 comments, 42 IRC mentions
[11:14am] dawehner: alexpott: i mean our request context ->getCompleteBaseUrl is basically that
[11:15am] alexpott: dawehner: yep
[11:16am] dawehner: GH sadly does not allow you to filter by 3.0.issues
[11:16am] WimLeers: that's weird
[11:16am] jibran:
[11:16am] Druplicon: => Rewrite views_ui_add_ajax_trigger() to not rely on /system/ajax. [#2500523] => 27 comments, 6 IRC mentions
[11:16am] dawehner: alexpott:
[11:19am] catch:
[11:19am] Druplicon: => [meta] Identify necessary performance optimizations for common profiling scenarios [#2470679] => 62 comments, 15 IRC mentions
[11:19am] catch:
[11:19am] Druplicon: => Create standardized core profiling scenarios and start tracking metrics for them [#2497185] => 36 comments, 11 IRC mentions
[11:19am] GaborHojtsy: lol, my chrome died, is the meeting still running? :)
[11:19am] alexpott: GaborHojtsy: yes
[11:19am] WimLeers:
[11:19am] dawehner: GaborHojtsy: yes
[11:20am] GaborHojtsy: yay I got back the controls when it reopened
[11:20am] GaborHojtsy: huh
[11:20am] GaborHojtsy: will still be able to stop broadcast, etc.
[11:20am] WimLeers: nice!
[11:20am] Druplicon: darn tooting it sure is!
[11:21am] WimLeers:
[11:21am] Druplicon: => [meta] Finalize the cache contexts API & DX/usage, enable a leap forward in performance [#2429287] => 105 comments, 8 IRC mentions
[11:22am] WimLeers:
[11:22am] Druplicon: => Rendered Cache Metadata created during the main controller request gets lost [#2450993] => 104 comments, 20 IRC mentions
[11:22am] WimLeers:
[11:22am] Druplicon: => Link CSRF tokens can be hijacked when cached with insufficient contexts [#2351015] => 98 comments, 35 IRC mentions
[11:24am] WimLeers:
[11:24am] Druplicon: => [meta] Finalize the cache contexts API & DX/usage, enable a leap forward in performance [#2429287] => 105 comments, 9 IRC mentions
[11:25am] WimLeers:
[11:25am] Druplicon: => #access should support access result objects or better has to always use it [#2487600] => 17 comments, 1 IRC mention
[11:27am] WimLeers:
[11:27am] Druplicon: => Make 'user.permissions' a required cache context [#2493033] => 18 comments, 4 IRC mentions
[11:29am] WimLeers:
[11:29am] Druplicon: => Add cacheablity support for entity operations [#2473873] => 26 comments, 3 IRC mentions
[11:34am] GaborHojtsy:
[11:34am] Druplicon: => "Translate user edited configuration" permission needs to be marked as sensitive [#2512460] => 2 comments, 1 IRC mention
[11:36am] GaborHojtsy:
[11:36am] Druplicon: => Test the staging version of on Drupal 7 NOW! => 0 comments, 4 IRC mentions
[11:36am] dawehner: alexpott: would you be okay with adding \Drupal\Core\Http to add things like TrustedRedirectResponse there?
[11:46am] plach:
[11:46am] Druplicon: => [policy, no patch] Require hook_update_N() for Drupal 8 core patches beginning June 29 [#2507899] => 34 comments, 5 IRC mentions
[11:48am] dawehner:
[11:48am] Druplicon: => Additional uncaught exception thrown while handling exception after service changes [#2509898] => 3 comments, 1 IRC mention
[11:49am] • jibran hates this cycle of exception rendering.
[11:50am] WimLeers:
[11:50am] Druplicon: => Rendered Cache Metadata created during the main controller request gets lost [#2450993] => 104 comments, 21 IRC mentions
[11:54am] dawehner:
[11:54am] Druplicon: => Arbitrary code execution via 'trans' extension for dynamic twig templates (when debug output is on) [#2489024] => 24 comments, 9 IRC mentions
[12:03pm] WimLeers:
[12:04pm] plach: WimLeers++
[12:04pm] plach: (oh boy :D)
[12:04pm] WimLeers: :P
[12:04pm] jibran: slow clap for WimLeers

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InternetDevels: Drupal Book module: all you need to know about it

Planet Drupal - 26 June 2015 - 12:40am

Hello everyone! Drupal module development offers us a lot of opportunities, and today I would like to tell you about a standard, out-of-the-box Drupal 7 module. I have repeatedly deployed a website based on Drupal 7, but never paid attention to Drupal Book module. What are its features? What does it do?

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Avatar Kit

New Drupal Modules - 25 June 2015 - 7:25pm

D8 incarnation of Gravatar/UserPicKit

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DrupalCon News: Share Your Thoughts: Future of the Community Summit at DrupalCons

Planet Drupal - 25 June 2015 - 5:16pm

If you are interested in Drupal community and you are coming to Drupalcon, we are looking for your opinions!

Take the Community Content at DrupalCon Survey.

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Drupal Association News: Share Your Thoughts: Future of the Community Summit at DrupalCons

Planet Drupal - 25 June 2015 - 5:10pm

If you are interested in Drupal community and you are coming to Drupalcon, we are looking for your opinions!

Take the Community Content at DrupalCon Survey.

For a very long time, community conversations at DrupalCon took place at sessions in the community track, which ran alongside all the other content at DrupalCons. The community track allowed for presentations on topics related to our community. While it was good to be able to raise the topics, there were real concerns that the session format meant that nothing productive came from the conversation. Further, the community track was just much less attended than other sessions, with 25 or so folks in a room that holds 200.

At DrupalCon Prague in 2013, we launched the first Community Summit. Held on the Monday of DrupalCon week, it is a day-long event designed in an un-conference style to bring community members together to tackle the issues that help our community achieve more together. Morten DK, Addison Berry, and others (bless you all - you have been great collaboratrs) ran the program and led a number of very useful conversations.

For the last few DrupalCons we have run these community summits, and have heard a whole new round of feedback, including:

  • Work at the Summit does not tend to continue after the Summit, so we lose momentum.
  • We don’t always have the right people in the room to really solve some of these problems.

We also did some surveying of our community leaders at the beginning of last year and heard that they are very hungry for skills training that can help them take their camps, meetups, trainings, etc. to the next level. They want to learn about how to manage the finances of a camp, how to recruit sponsors, and how to be better public speakers. The current community summit format does not really allow for this kind of skills training either.

So - we are looking for your feedback about how we might restructure the community content at DrupalCons.

Take the Community Content at DrupalCon Survey.

Just so you know, I hit the woods with my family and no internet and no phones for one week a year, and that week is next week. I won’t be able to respond to comments or the survey while I’m gone, but I will do so when I return. If you have feelings, ideas, or feelings about ideas - stick them in the survey! I’ll share the results back out. If you have book recommendations for my trip, hit me up on Twitter.

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Field revision cache

New Drupal Modules - 25 June 2015 - 1:47pm

This is a simple module that allows the field cache to cache for revisions on entities not just the current version.

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Matt Glaman: Commerce entity's and storing arbitrary data

Planet Drupal - 25 June 2015 - 1:39pm

Drupal Commerce entities all make use of the "data" attribute. The data attribute is a blob that contain just about anything you would like - for example, Commerce Shipping utilizes this for shipping line items. Recently there was a StackExchange question on the documentation of this attribute. The best way to learn about an entity (in Drupal 7) and how it operates is to review it's controller class, which each Commerce module has in its includes folder.

/** * Unserializes the data property of loaded orders. */ public function attachLoad(&$queried_orders, $revision_id = FALSE) { foreach ($queried_orders as $order_id => &$order) { $order->data = unserialize($order->data); }

The database layer will always serialize items on save, but you're required to unserialize when returning data.

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Cruiskeen Consulting: Drupal Time in the Midwest!

Planet Drupal - 25 June 2015 - 12:59pm

Some people call it spring, but obviously they're not coders. Twin Cities Drupal Camp is just starting up and runs through the weekend. This is always a great camp, and has a lot of Drupal heavy-hitters.  You're bound to learn a lot (and my heart is broken that I cannot cross the river to go to it this year due to a bunch of other commitments).

Even nearer to our hearts over here in the land of cheese is Drupal Camp Wisconsin - which this year is going to be a little later than normal (August 7 and 8), but will be in the stunning new Madison Public Library. I just opened up session proposals on the site, so if you're interested in coming to Madison, WI for some Drupal goodness, come register for the free Drupal Camp WIsconsin, and sign up to present. This is a lower key sort of camp than a lot, and will feel more familiar to those who remember Drupal camps from a few years back. But great fun, and this year it will be downtown right next to lots of great Madison places for food, spirits, and relaxation.

Lastly is the ever-wonderful Drupalcorn in Iowa.  I'm actually planning on going this year and have put in a couple of session proposals. You should go too, since there's no such thing as too much Drupal conversation. July 30-Aug. 2 in Cedar Falls Iowa. Don't miss the Powerpoint Karaoke, where hapless souls get to do Powerpoint presentations based on random selections of slides.  Heck, that's what most of my presentations look like anyway, so I should be GREAT at that.

See you all at the various spring and summer Drupal activities in fly-over land.

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Open Source Training: Drupal: What If Your Clean URL Test Fails?

Planet Drupal - 25 June 2015 - 12:34pm

By default, Drupal 7 creates URLs that look like this, "".

This type of URL can be hard to read, hard to remember and may not be search engine friendly. The solution is to configure Drupal's clean URLs.

Drupal provides a test so you can see whether your site is ready fror clean URLs:

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Cheeky Monkey Media: Easy Site Administration for Both Site Builders and Site Admins

Planet Drupal - 25 June 2015 - 10:00am

Coming up with a way to easily navigate and administer a Drupal site has always been a bit of a struggle. Usually you’ve pleased the site builders and confused the normal site admins. Or pleased the site admins, but then caused the site builders to pull out their hair in frustration. We like to use admin_menu for site builders, and to use navbar as a nice and easy site admin toolbar. Admin_menu is great to give site builders quick access to almost every admin page there is. Navbar keeps things nice and simple – trying to avoid site admins getting overwhelmed with menu options,...

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