Slick video

New Drupal Modules - 6 April 2016 - 1:04am

Provides a simple integration between Slick carousel and Video embed field. If you need more robust solution, please consider Slick media.

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FFW Agency: More Free Live Drupal Training Please, Our Biggest and Best Quarter Ever

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 4:29pm
More Free Live Drupal Training Please, Our Biggest and Best Quarter Ever Ray Saltini Tue, 04/05/2016 - 23:29

We’re on a mission to bring more free live Drupal training to more people and organizations than ever before. I’m very pleased to say this quarter we’ve beat our own personal best.

Since January we’ve delivered more than $100,000 worth of free training. That's 19 free trainings in six cities and online to more than 417 registered participants. That’s a total of 72 hours of training delivery and more than 1,700 hours spent in the classroom by individuals learning Drupal. And this doesn't even include all those here at FFW that provided sessions at camps and participated in community training and sprints.

We delivered training in Princeton, New York, Albany, Dallas, Orlando and Chicago and online to participants all over the US, Europe and Asia.

What’s next?

In the coming months we’ll be back to Dallas and down to Atlanta and New Orleans for Drupalcon NA where we’ll be top level Diamond sponsors for the second year in a row. We’ll have live demonstrations at our booth of the latest versions of Drupal Console and of Drude, our new container-based Continuous Development environment for all your Drupal development needs. And we'll continue our online and face to face training in New York and add more cities.

Visit our event page for more information and please take a moment to give us your comments here. Tell us what new topics you’d like us to explore and especially where you’d like us to visit next.

Keep on Drupaling.

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Features Organic Groups Roles Permissions

New Drupal Modules - 5 April 2016 - 11:53am

Adds support for exporting Organic Group roles with related permissions in features.

Module and code is based on features_og_roles_permissions.


Download, unpack and enable the module.

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Acquia Developer Center Blog: Drupal 8 Module of the Week: simpleSAMLphp Authentication

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 10:28am

Each day, more Drupal 7 modules are being migrated to Drupal 8 and new ones are being created for the Drupal community’s latest major release. In this series, the Acquia Developer Center is profiling some of the most prominent, useful modules, projects, and tools available for Drupal 8. This week: simpleSAMLphp Authentication.

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DrupalCon News: Training Courses at DrupalCon New Orleans

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 10:10am

Thirsty for Drupal knowledge? Want to dive deep into a topic and learn from the best in the field? Like to get hands-on with your learning material? We are excited to offer 15 full-day training classes at DrupalCon New Orleans that will turn you into a Drupal superhero. No matter if you are an absolute beginner or Drupal expert, our classes cover all experience levels. Our world-class Drupal trainers are eager to share their knowledge in what may be our most diverse line-up yet.

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Acquia Developer Center Blog: Drupal 8 Site Building - Modeling Data with Fields

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 9:31am

Site builders, accustomed to working with Drupal 7 or Drupal 6, are able to do much more with Drupal 8 right out of the box. There are many excellent enhancements you should know more about.

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php[architect]: Win a Free Ticket and Meet us at Drupalcon

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 8:58am

We’re going to be in New Orleans next month for DrupalCon, will you be? Heather White, Sandy Smith, and I will all be flying down the week of May 9th. Heather helped organize the PHP track for this year’s event and will be helping to make sure everything runs smoothly for the speakers. Sandy will be at our sponsor booth to chat with all of you and show off our magazine and some sample books. I’ll be at our booth with Sandy and also presenting Navigating the PHP Community.

Want to join us? We’re giving away a free ticket to DrupalCon at random. We’ll draw names from all entries on Wednesday, April 13th.

Enter to Win

Can’t make it to Drupalcon? Come meet and hang out with us at php[tek] in May or on php[cruise] this summer. Also, follow us on twitter, @phparch, or subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated.


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Commerce Cart Empty Paths

New Drupal Modules - 5 April 2016 - 7:50am
About this Module

This module allows site administrators to define multiple paths, and when a user visits a non-declared page, their shopping cart is emptied.

  1. Download and enable the module.
  2. Go to admin/commerce/config/empty-cart-paths and enter any additional paths. checkout, checkout/*, cart and cart/* are declared by default.
  3. That's it!
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Acquia Developer Center Blog: Utilizing Usability.gov to Assist Your Clients

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 6:23am

In June of 2015 I wrote a blog post on information architecture and user-centered design that discussed creating a content inventory, writing for the Web, focusing on page layouts and navigation, and conducting user testing.

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KnackForge: Chennai Drupal hosting a Drupal 8 Training on Global Drupal Training Day - 9th April 2016 at IIT

Planet Drupal - 5 April 2016 - 12:04am
Chennai Drupal hosting a Drupal 8 Training on Global Drupal Training Day - 9th April 2016 at IIT

Drupal Global Training Days is an effort by Drupal Association to take Drupal, the digital experience platform to more users. Chennai Drupal Community stands to cater a full day Drupal 8 hands-on training on 9th April at IIT Chennai. See the list of proposed sessions below,

Session Details

sivaji Tue, 04/05/2016 - 12:34
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CloudFront Purger

New Drupal Modules - 4 April 2016 - 8:21pm

You can use AWS CloudFront as a reverse proxy in front of your whole Drupal site.

This module provides a very simple AWS CloudFront Purge Purger plugin.

Required Modules

Because AWS CloudFront does not support cache tags (yet), this module depends on URLs queuer module

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Image Style Class

New Drupal Modules - 4 April 2016 - 4:38pm

Adds classes onto each rendered image showing the image style name.

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