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Late Pledges Open For Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

Tabletop Gaming News - 5 December 2017 - 9:00am
It happens to many of us. We miss out on a Kickstarter campaign. There’s many potential reasons for it. Maybe you had an unexpected charge come in. Or just too many other Kickstarters going at once. Or you just flat-out missed it was going on. Thankfully, the late-pledge time for campaigns has given many people […]
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December Releases Available For Punkapocalyptic

Tabletop Gaming News - 5 December 2017 - 8:00am
We’re just getting nicely into the groove for December. Not quite a week in, but still a good foothold going. Well, it seems a good time to have some new Punkapocalyptic releases. Still plenty of time to order them and have them as gifts for your December-based holiday season. Nice. From them to you: You […]
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Different Kinds of Difficulty: Continuous and Aspirational - by Christopher Gile Blogs - 5 December 2017 - 7:06am
With Cuphead reigniting discussions about difficult games it is worth spending some time examining all the ways in which a game can be difficult.
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SolarFlare Previews Robotech: Force of Arms Card Game

Tabletop Gaming News - 5 December 2017 - 7:00am
Robotech is a series with a rather long history. The anime has spawned numerous games. I mean… it’s giant robots. So you know my thoughts on the whole thing. Well, SolarFlare Games is looking to bring their own game to the lexicon. It’s called Robotech: Force of Arms, and it’ll be coming direct to you […]
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Ostensible Improvements: When Better Isn't - by James Margaris Blogs - 5 December 2017 - 6:26am
A look into design changes in sequels that should result in better games but don't.
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Architecture of System for Reading Input Devices (Part 2) - by Eugene Solyanov Blogs - 5 December 2017 - 6:25am
In this article we’ll consider creation of simple game Pong for 2 players. It has the option to assign to action more than one key of keyboard, and not only of keyboard. We’ll consider a mouse and several connected joysticks.
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The Love Triangle - by Sande Chen Blogs - 5 December 2017 - 6:24am
In this article, game writer Sande Chen discusses the necessity of interesting choices in the realm of romance.
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Privateer Press Previews Hooch Hauler For Hordes

Tabletop Gaming News - 5 December 2017 - 6:00am
Holy alliteration, Batman! We’ve got a double-dose of it for you in that headline. Black Anchor Industries, Privateer Press’ big-model shop, has previewed its next release. This time around, it’s a welcome sight for all you beer aficionados out there. It’s the Hooch Hauler for the Trollkin. From the preview: Last month, the Northkin stormed […]
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Here's How Audio Can Help Your Products Make More $$$ - by Kian How Yoa Blogs - 5 December 2017 - 4:25am
This article shows you what you can do with audio to help your games make more money
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Words on a Screen: Who Am I?

RPGNet - 5 December 2017 - 12:00am
Character Design for PbPs
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Warlord Games Taking Test of Honour: Dojo Assault Pre-orders

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 3:00pm
Kazmiizumi-kanchou, the famous sword master, sits in his dojo, quietly meditating. His sharp ears hear rustling outside. But it’s not simply the wind through the trees. Someone’s out there… multiple someones. He grabs his sword, ready to face whatever threat might be coming for him. That’s what’s happening in the Test of Honour: Dojo Assault […]
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Skirmisher Publishing Releases 100 Oddities For A Sewer

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 2:00pm
For those that haven’t picked up any of the previous 100 Oddities books, I can say from experience that they really help out. GMs send players all over everywhere in their games, and coming up with a full, rich world can sometimes be difficult. Players will always end up going somewhere or asking something that […]
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Drinkuisition Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 1:00pm
Gamers, in my experience, are people who enjoy their booze. They also, in my experience, tend to have lots of obscure trivia floating around in their heads. Drinkuisition brings those two concepts together in a new party card game. Players will draw cards and have to answer questions that seem like things many people should […]
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Epic Games lawsuit over Fortnite cheats ends in settlement

Social/Online Games - Gamasutra - 4 December 2017 - 12:43pm

The first of the duo of lawsuits brought against alleged Fortnite cheaters by Epic Games has been resolved. ...

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Fantasy Flight Previews Command Cards For Star Wars: Legion

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 12:00pm
Without a coherent plan and a competent commander, even the best-trained and best-equipped troops will fall in battle. So, making sure your soldiers get the intel they need to know what their objectives are on the battlefield is important. And a commander choosing the best options as the battle flows along is also important. In […]
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Monday Terrain Corner

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 11:00am
Back in the office after a busy weekend. Heck, I was just here the other day, helping to pick and pack orders (or “the ol’ P’ n’ P'” as they apparently don’t call it, much to my disappointment). But it’s back to the regular desk (at least for now), making news posts. That includes letting […]
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Word Mines Party Card Game Now Available

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 10:00am
Gamers are somewhat social creatures. Sure, we might enjoy hanging out in our dark basements, but we still like doing so with other gamers. Well, when together like this, gaming, you might want to try out Word Mines, a party card game of guessing the key word without using the forbidden words. It’s available now. […]
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IDW Posts Missile Command Preview

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 9:00am
It’s always cool when a pre-production copy of a game makes it to the office. Sure, it’s not the entirely final version of the game, but there’s still plenty going on that you can get a good feeling of what you can expect in the retail copy. IDW Games got themselves one of their pre-production […]
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Legends of the Alliance App Available For Imperial Assault

Tabletop Gaming News - 4 December 2017 - 8:00am
Apps can help make your favorite board games run smoother. They can be used to track resources or turns or health or all manner of other items. It can also turn a game from a competitive one into a cooperative one. That’s what you get with the Legends of the Alliance App for Imperial Assault. […]
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The Future of F2P: The Force Wars - by Ramin Shokrizade Blogs - 4 December 2017 - 7:05am
It's getting real over at EA with regards to consumer and regulator push back against their business models. Here Ramin Shokrizade uses Star Wars themed analogies to describe how this is a market shock, and how it will affect the entire industry.
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