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5 Interesting Crowdfunding AR/VR Projects - by Damian Wolf Blogs - 7 September 2017 - 6:25am
VR/AR startups are redefining a lot of different sectors. In this article, we discuss the five best VR/AR Crowdfunding projects.
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The Wayfarer: Greetings from the Composer! - by Jake Jollimore Blogs - 7 September 2017 - 6:22am
Meet Mika Pilke, The Wayfarer's composer, and check out one of the awesome tracks he made for the game!
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Indie Game Launch Party & Seattle Indies Expo Retrospective - by Jakub Kasztalski Blogs - 7 September 2017 - 6:21am
"Hey, sitting in the patio with a beer."  The first text I got at 4:38pm as I approached the bar. Countless thoughts and worries evaporated from my mind as I realized it was beginning. The poster almost slipped from my hands. Time to put on the game face.
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Windows 10 Mixed Reality Devices – The definitive consumer review - by Simon Jackson Blogs - 7 September 2017 - 6:20am
As a developer, I shed my cloak and put on the shoes of the consumer to review and walk-through the first experiences with the new Windows 10 Mixed Reality device and a review of what is to come!
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Tacoma critical analysis - by Andrew Haining Blogs - 7 September 2017 - 6:20am
A critical analysis of the main themes of Fullbright's Tacoma - Meaningful Decisions, Artificial Intelligence and Diversity.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

We Are About to Experience a Golden Age of Gaming - by Michael Smith Blogs - 7 September 2017 - 6:19am
We are at an exciting point in time, with games set to get bigger and better
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Brazilian Independence Day Giveaway From Corvus Belli

Tabletop Gaming News - 7 September 2017 - 6:00am
Today is Brazil’s Independence Day! As is tradition for them, Corvus Belli is giving away some figures to celebrate. You don’t have to be Brazilian to sign up. Just go put your name in the hat and you could win. From the announcement: Let´s celebrate the #BrazilIndependenceDay! We draw 1 Shock Army Of Acontecimento Panoceania […]
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Sandy's Soapbox: FanFic Writes Itself or Legal Minefield?

RPGNet - 7 September 2017 - 12:00am
The saga of Darth Amy.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

TTCombat Picks Up Relics

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 3:00pm
There’d been a lot of stories about gaming companies closing up shop recently. Many of them were looking to sell their game to other developers. Well, in the case of Tor Gaming and Relics, it has been picked up by TTCombat. They will now be the ones behind the helm of the game. From the […]
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Spy Fight Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 2:00pm
Your cover is blown. Now you’ve got to fight for your life against all the enemy spies around you. Will you be able to counter their moves and attack them in turn, letting you escape back to HQ? That’s what you’ll have to find out when you play Spy Fight, a new card game that’s […]
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Legendary Games Running Alien Bestiary Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 1:00pm
Evolution is, if nothing else, an almost magical thing. It will take whatever environment the universe might concoct and fill it with all manner of life, each one perfectly suited to conditions that we here on Earth might look at and go, “no damn way!” So, when headed out among the stars, each planet you […]
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Assault Publishing Releases Shadows in the Void Space Combat Game Rules

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 12:00pm
In space, no one can hear you scream. … But as far as I’m concerned, lasers still go “pew, pew, pew” and ships explode in fireballs. That’s just how I like it. If you’re a fan of space combat between squadrons of fighters, you might want to check out Shadows in the Void. It’s the […]
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Midweek Snippets

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 11:00am
We’re already halfway through the week. Having Monday off certainly helps with that. But as we continue our way through the week, I know I could still use a bit of a pick-me-up. So I’m going to nosh on some bite-sized gaming stories. Today on the platter we have: RPG Player Kits Up On Kickstarter, […]
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Scrooge the Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 10:00am
Charles Dickens has penned some of the most well-known stories of all time. His characters have really become a part of our everyday lives. And now they can be part of your gaming nights, too. Scrooge the Board Game, which is up on Kickstarter now, lets you play as one of Dickens’ characters and beat […]
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Steamforged Previews Ploughman For Farmer’s Guild

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 9:00am
Still rather new to the Guild Ball pitch, the Farmer’s Guild has an interesting dynamic of planters and reapers on their team. Planters set out harvest tokens that can later be used by the reapers for some sort of bonus. There’s a lot that goes into building a Farmer’s team, looking to create a balance […]
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D&D Extra Life 2017 Coming This November

Tabletop Gaming News - 6 September 2017 - 8:00am
I think we can all agree that gaming is fun and good. Well, what can be even more fun and good? Gaming for a cause, of course! Wizards of the Coast certainly thinks so, and that’s why they are participating in the Extra Life charity event to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. And you […]
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PAX West Panel 2017: The Do’s and Don’ts of VR - by Josh Chang Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:14am
What are the things you should do and don’t do when making VR applications? Find out about the do’s don’ts of VR!
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Lessons From Suzy Cube: Reinforcing Behaviours, A Look at Two Levels - by Louis-Nicolas Dozois Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:13am
In this installment we compare two boss levels and how one succeeds at teaching the player the use of the level's key power-up while the other fails and why.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

The Wacky World of Wiz 'n' Liz, a Sega Genesis Gem - by Zack Wood Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:12am
Wiz 'n' Liz was developed by Raising Hell/Bizarre Creations and released for Sega Genesis in 1993. This post analyzes how the little-known game creates a whimsical world of wizards, witches and wabbits through its rules, visuals, text, sound and controls.
Categories: Game Theory & Design

Let’s Dance: Pattern Recognition in Games - by Sicheng Hu Blogs - 6 September 2017 - 7:11am
There are two stages in pattern recognition: training and matching. Considering the interactivity of games, I prefer to add one more stage into this process – feedback.
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